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Zodiac Compatibility Test: Signs That You Should and Shouldn't Date

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: October 21, 2022


Zodiac Compatibility Test: Signs That You Should and Shouldn't Date

Let's see through this article which zodiac sign is compatible for you.

Any sign can have feelings for another sign. However, according to zodiac compatibility, not all love unions are written in the stars. The reality is no one knows when a certain one-of-a-kind connection will occur and what it will require for two souls to ignite. Nevertheless, astrology is intended to direct all zodiac signs along the proper route to the coming years and true love. 

So, if you're seeking a suitable romantic partner, you might want to examine what astrologers have to say about zodiac compatibility. While each zodiac sign has wonderful characteristics, not all of them complement one another.

Aquarius (20th January–18th February)

Aquarius, who despises tradition, is a free thinker who constantly strives for progress. People born within this sign are constantly on the lookout for fresh solutions to old problems, drawing inspiration from the most unlikely places. In terms of love relationships, this air sign seeks someone that can stimulate their intellectual interest. Aquarius is ideally suited to its own sign or to a Gemini, who is likewise active and quick-witted. Libra, a believer in fairness and a knowledge lover, embodies Aquarius's humanitarian tendencies.

Scorpio's thinking style can be too complex for Aquarius, who favours reasoning and open-mindedness to emotional responses and privacy. Cancer, a water sign, will also struggle due to this. A Taurus won't get along with Aquarius either, because this is a sign which enjoys turning things on its head.

Pisces (19th February–20th March)

Pisces enjoys whirling through the subconscious's more aquatic sections. They are at ease with the nebulous and intangible, such as spirituality and artistic creation. As a result, while some signs may regard them as just so out of there, supporters appreciate their seemingly casual style of being.

Scorpio and Cancer, like Pisces, place a high value on emotional bonds. Scorpio is particularly fond of Pisces' ability to think and live abstractly. Pisces needs a companion who really can traverse the globe with them while plunging profoundly into philosophical and aesthetic endeavours.  

And while this may come as a shock, Capricorn makes an excellent companion for Pisces. Outgoing signs such as Gemini, Sagittarius, and Leo don't really communicate with thoughtful Pisces, who can be kind and shy.

Aries (21st March–19th April)

Aries is an authoritative sign. People born under this sign are eager to take the initiative. Therefore, they have always been about the initiative and will address challenges head-on. When it comes to love relationships, they require someone who will not get in their way. Aries is mostly looking for a mate who would support their outside expression rather than diminish their zeal for life.

Sagittarius is an excellent mate because people born under this sign are energetic and extroverted; the two will keep each other going. For similar reasons, Gemini and Libra could form a friendship built on mutual understanding. Aries are way too bold for signs such as Cancers and Scorpios. Virgo may also be an unsuitable match because the pair would continually disagree over what was the best course of action.

Taurus (20th April–20th May)

Taurus, the immovable earth sign, is very established among its ways. They can be recalcitrant at times, but in a subconscious way, they know who they are or what they seek. Taurus is looking specifically for a companion who would value their pace, passion, and drive to maintain their internal understanding and energy.

Capricorn and Virgo complement Taurus just because they have the same fundamental character. That is the principle of zodiac compatibility. Cancer is also a wise option because they are as enthusiastic and compassionate as Taurus and take their commitment to their dear ones just as seriously.

Taurus enjoys richness and elegance, but this sign somehow doesn't tolerate show-offs when it comes to romance. Taurus, who appreciates a more anchored demeanour, dislikes Leo, Aquarius, and Sagittarius.

Gemini (21st May–20th June)

Geminis enjoy having fun and can be difficult to pin down. They follow the wind, and they want an equally flexible mate. 

Libra is an excellent match for Gemini because she can see both sides of any debate. Whereas some may consider Gemini to be two-faced, Libra recognises there is more to individuals that strikes the surface. Furthermore, Sagittarius and Aquarius possess Gemini's intellectual curiosity and urge for adventure. Capricorn and Taurus dislike this sign's unpredictable character, which they perceive as scatterbrained. Scorpio may be inherently suspicious of Gemini. 

Cancer (21st June–22nd July)

Cancer is a kind sign that enjoys giving, whether it's food, gifts, or attention, and they want somebody who matches their beliefs. Cancer seeks a spouse that makes them feel more comfortable and who tends after themselves. Cancer's affection and dedication will be greatly appreciated by Scorpio and Pisces, two very analytical and passionate signs. Cancer, enjoys nurturing and cherishing a dependable mate.

Signs like Leo and Sagittarius are too self-sufficient for Cancer, who wants to be loved. They aren't inherently self-centred, but they don't crave the same amount of suburban life.

Leo (23rd July–22nd August)

Leo, who is extroverted and lighthearted, desires the closest mate the same as a lover. They're vivacious people seeking a partner in adventure who shares their zest for life. For these individuals, the connection is finding someone who will not be scared or put off by their outsized demeanour.

Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Gemini all share Leo's ambitions and passion, making them excellent partners. The earth signs might be very regulated for Leo, who may feel suffocated by their restrictions. These signs often believe that this sign should mature up.

Virgo (23rd August–22nd September)

This sign goes about their business with a purpose and wants their spouse to do so as well. They can be complicated to figure out and please because of their particular standards and sometimes consider the more humorous indicators to be too reckless or, well, foolish.

Capricorn enjoys working hard. Taurus and Scorpio are ambitious and trustworthy zodiac signs. Although they may not have the same goal, Virgo appreciates the idea that each of these signs has its own set of rules to live by. Aquarius will most likely challenge Virgo's patience by acting unexpectedly or testing limits.

Libra (23rd September–22nd October)

Libras are distinguished by the principle of balance. This intellect sign loves gaining knowledge and seeks a partnership that is equitable. In addition, this zodiac sign creates the most billionaires. Because Libra is so organized, collaborating with some other Libra is definitely the best option. This zodiac sign can also get on well with an Aquarius or an Aries, who offer an interesting proposition and cognitive stimulation.

One of the things that makes love so beautiful is the initial spark, and Libra rarely feels such energy from Virgo or Capricorn. Pisces can also be a poor match because they are too detached from reality, preferring to live in a world of artistry, emotion, and fantasies.

Scorpio (23rd October–21st November)

Scorpio has a depth that, to be honest, not everyone can meet or comprehend. This sign is very private therefore, they want to be sure that anybody they invite in is worth the hazard of opening too. Scorpio may appear uninterested, but they have a great desire to meet that special someone.

Pisces and Cancer are other emotional signs that can equal Scorpio's intensity. Scorpio subconsciously desires the strong ties formed by these signs. Scorpio is a mystery that Virgo enjoys trying to unravel, and they value long-term investments. Scorpio requires a committed companion who is thoughtful and nurturing.

Just as the intellect and the emotions don't always agree, Aquarius could be too analytical for the passionate Scorpio. Scorpio is not a good match for Leo or Aries because their passion for achieving their own goals would cause conflict. 

Sagittarius (22nd November–21st December)

Sagittarius is a sign that learns about itself through experiences, which is why these people enjoy exploring and trying new things. 

Just as Leo is looking for a playmate, another Sagittarius or a Gemini would undoubtedly be able to resonate with that style of curious and lively existence. Aries, another dynamic sign, may be able to lend a firm, advising hand where one can be required. Sagittarius is too boisterous for Taurus and isn't capable enough at conveying feelings to date a Pisces.

Capricorn (22nd December–19th January)

They enjoy feeling achieved, and they desire others to acknowledge their successes. Virgos, Scorpios and other Capricorns admire and respect this sign's determination, and they identify with the desire to be flawless. Capricorn, on the other hand, is viewed as extremely serious and stodgy by Leo, Gemini, and Sagittarius.


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