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World White Cane Day: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: February 07, 2022


World White Cane Day: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

This article presents the World White Cane Day quotes, wishes, messages, images, dates, history, significance, interesting facts, theme, and everything you want to know about World White Cane Day.

Introduction of World White Cane Day 

What is White Cane Day? It would be the very most asked question for those who are not fond of cane that is white. The President of the United States annually comprehends White Cane Day by the Blind Americans Equality Day Proclamation on 15th October to admit the aptitudes of people who are blind and to facilitate proportional chances as any other American. The goal of White Cane Day Austin and the mission of White Cane Day is to nurture the nation about blindness and how the blind and visually harmed can live and work alone while providing back to their societies. This day is celebrated to commemorate the aptitudes and achievements accomplished by blind people in a sighted world and to honour the many offerings being made by the blind and visually harmed. 

Each year, the Austin society arrives together for an event to enjoy this exhilarating day. And now that we will be doing a live and actual event simultaneously, it guarantees to be bigger and better than ever, so inform your friends and come have some pastime. The National Federation of the Blind celebrates White Cane Awareness Day every year on 15th October. For blind civilization, the white cane is an important tool that provides us with the means to achieve a wide and autonomous life. It enables us to move willingly and safely from place to place—whether it's at the job, at college, or around our neighbourhood. We use our understanding of earshot and touch to examine and realize the world around us. The white cane, in impact, makes our hands and arm's length so that we can evaluate the problem and move rapidly and confidently. The white cane authorizes us to prevent barriers, find steps and curbs, locate and step over cracks or different places in the sidewalk, find doorways, get into automobiles and buses, and much more. White Cane Awareness Day is our means of emphasizing the significant role that this tool plays in residing the lives we like and notifying the populace about its true importance.

History of World White Cane Day 

While it was not unusual throughout history for blind people to use a bar or cane to guide, the community largely didn't ratify that blind people could roam by themselves until later. In the 1960s, the National Federation of the Blind became a governor in combating the freedoms of the blind and in initiating creative activity programs using the white cane. At our urging, the United States Congress approved a joint resolution in 1964 appointing 15th October of each year as White Cane Safety Day and comprehending that white canes enable blind people to tour safely and alone. While the white cane does protect blind people safe (because motorists and other pedestrians can handily see it), it is also equipment that blind people use to examine and guide our environment. For this reason, the priority of White Cane Safety Day has shifted over time away from security and toward sovereignty and equivalence. We speculate that it's significant to commemorate this narrative and comprehend the white cane as the equipment that enables the blind to "come and go on [our] own", as President Lyndon Johnson said back in 1964. To emphasize the shift in obsession from security to independence and to continue to use the white cane as a symbol, we have chosen to pertain to this day as White Cane Awareness Day. Anyone can motivate their local government to allocate a White Cane Awareness Day Proclamation. This is a great way to implicate your local community and teach the public about the blind. Either the White Cane Awareness Day Proclamation (HTML) or the White Cane Awareness Day Proclamation (Word) and share it with your regional government. The day intends to recognize the active participation of blind people in society and commemorate their accomplishments. It is also known as White Cane Safety Day. Former US President Barack Obama named this day Blind Americans Equality Day in 2011. The white cane is a significant mobility device that symbolizes the independence of blind people. Visually defective people have been using the canes for centuries. However, the white cane was introduced in the US in the 1930s. It enabled normal people to specify blind people walking on the streets and be more comprehensive towards them.

World White Cane Day  2022 Date

  • When is World White Cane Day 2022?

World White Cane Day for the year 2022 is celebrated/observed on Saturday, 15 October.

  • World White Cane Day dates for the years 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2022 Sat 15 Oct White Cane Safety Day Observance
2023 Sun 15 Oct White Cane Safety Day Observance
2024 Tue 15 Oct White Cane Safety Day Observance
2025 Wed 15 Oct White Cane Safety Day Observance
2026 Thu 15 Oct White Cane Safety Day Observance
2027 Fri 15 Oct White Cane Safety Day Observance

Why do we Celebrate World White Cane Day? 

To commemorate the accomplishments of people who won against their physical restrictions in sight and still attaining success, each year, on 15th October, World White Cane Day is celebrated. The white cane is the most handily recognized symbol of a visually impaired individual around the globe. The White Cane Law asserts that a motorist must come to a complete stop when a blind pedestrian is bridging a street.

How do we Celebrate World White Cane Day? 

Following a joint resolution enacted by the United States Congress, HR 753 became the law on 6th October 1964, authorizing the president to declare openly White Cane Safety Day. President Lyndon B. Johnson ratified the first declaration for White Cane Safety Day on 15th October 1964. This day was also called Blind Americans Equality Day in 2011 by President Barack Obama.

When is World White Cane Day Celebrated? 

As mentioned earlier, it is on 15th October, a wholly dedicated day for people disabled who are sightless. Seemingly appreciate what you have!.

Interesting Facts about White Cane

  1. White canes are white because of George A. Bonham. In 1930, Bonham, president of the Peoria Lions Club (Illinois), saw a man who was blind struggling to cross a street. The man's cane was black and drivers couldn't see it, so Bonham formulated dyeing the cane white with a red stripe to make it more apparent. The notion rapidly captured around the country.
  2. The standard method for using a white cane was initiated in 1944 by Richard E. Hoover, a World War II veteran rehabilitation specialist. His method of holding a long cane in the centre of the body and whirling it back and forth before each step to observe barriers is still called the "Hoover Method."
  3. Today's contemporary, lightweight canes are usually made from aluminium, fibreglass or carbon fibre and can weigh as little as seven ounces. Some white cane users choose straight canes, which are more reliable, while others choose collapsible canes, which can be folded and stored more handily.
  4. White caning can be leisure. The Braille Institute funds an annual Cane Quest, where youths aged 3-12 compete to rapidly and safely navigate a route in their society using their white canes. The contest assists kids to master proper white cane methods and encourages liberation.
  5. White canes are going high-tech. Inventors in India, Great Britain and France have prepared white canes with ultrasonic equipment that detect obstacles up to nine feet away. Vibrations in the cane's hold warn users of potential hazards in their path.
  6. American white cane users have the law on their side. Since 1964, 15th October has been declared "White Cane Safety Day." More greatly, this handy guide from the American Council of the Blind lists the relevant laws of many US states that regulate the rights of those who use canes for navigation.
  7. There are numerous types of canes. From the more normally known, long and (usually) white guide cane, to an identification or warning cane that observes the user as having a low vision but which isn't utilized for mobility, the kind and composition of cane are as unusual to a person with vision injury as a wheelchair is to a wheelchair user — including whether the cane folds or not.


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