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World Standard Day: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: October 09, 2022


World Standard Day: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

This article presents the best World Standard Day quotes, wishes, messages, images, dates, history, significance, interesting facts, theme, and everything you want to know about World Standard Day.

Introduction of World Standard Day 

Do you know what this standard means? Why has this day been celebrated all over the world? What do people do on a day? All these questions were meant to arise.

Standardization is the method of enforcing and formulating technological norms founded on the agreement of numerous groups that comprise corporations, users, income groups, standards associations and councils. Standardization is developing expressive equilibrium, conventional elements, a widespread closeness and a normal explanation to a theory based on real or sentimental satisfaction and acknowledgement by altering societal behaviours and improvements. The procedure of standardization can itself be formalized. There are at least four phases of standardization: compatibility, equivalence, similarity and source. These standardizations enhance and build compatibility, likeness, ratio and symbol laws. Standardization has a variety of advantages and complications for firms and consumers participating in the market and on technology and innovation. The fundamental impact of standardization on companies is that the rationale of competition is changed from incorporated networks to private factors within the system. Formerly standardization, a firm's commodity must stretch the whole system because particular components from several competitors are inappropriate, but after standardization, each organization can point to furnishing an individual element of the policy.

Standardization has a mixture of privileges for buyers, but enhanced web impacts are one of the enormous advantages. Standards boost compatibility and interoperability between commodities, authorizing data to be sorted within a bigger network and fascinating more buyers to utilize the modern technology, further enhancing network outcomes. Other usefulness of standardization to buyers have reduced tension because buyers can be more specific than they are not selecting the untrue product, and reduced lock-in, because the standard makes it extra likely that there will be playing against commodities in the expanse. Therefore, standardization has been given to the world and to honour this, it's celebrated on 14th October.

History of World Standard Day 

On 14th October 1946, representatives from 25 provinces assembled in London, England, to build a current multinational association committed to coordinating standards jobs. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was officially formed. 

A variation of unusual actions is overseen by national standardization corps and partakers in the international society to proclaim World Standards Day. SCC celebrations alternate between in-person events and online advertising, and SCC utilizes the chance to convey the significance of standardization to a larger audience. To celebrate this event, World Standards Day was primarily held on 14th October, 1970, and the essence of festivity has since broadened to comprise units of ISO, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the International Electrotechnical Commission(IEC). The Standards Council of Canada (SCC), Canada's nationwide accreditation body, commemorates World Standards Day jointly with the worldwide society by examining the day near the dates of the international ceremony. In 2012 SCC dedicated World Standards Day on 12th October, Friday.

The objective of the day is to lift attention to the significance of standardization to the entire economy among the buyers, controls and enterprise. In specific, standards are especially applicable for businesses: they enable to summarize the Sustainable Development Goals into actionable business purposes and can be used as a stand to govern sustainably. CEN and CENELEC expand European Standards that allot to the three pillars of financial, environmental and societal sustainability and give long-term outcomes to accomplish Sustainable Development goals. From the capacity to tour efficiently, to access freshwater, healthier energy and guaranteeing standard security and safety standards, the day is devoted to the implication of enactment of globally applicable specialized principles. Nevertheless, the day was introductorily commemorated in 1970 by Faruk Sunter, the again President of IES (International Organization for Standardization) to stimulate standardization in the industrial localities.

World Standard Day 2022 Date

  • When is World Standard Day 2022?

World Standard Day for the year 2022 is celebrated/observed on Friday, 14 October.

  • World Standard Day dates for the years 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025

Year Weekday Date Name
2022 Fri 14 Oct World Standard Day
2023 Sat 14 Oct World Standard Day
2024 Mon 14 Oct World Standard Day
2025 Tue 14 Oct World Standard Day
2026 Wed 14 Oct World Standard Day

World Standard Day Quotes

  • Respect and honor the joint effort between the private and public sector and ensure standardization of objects. Happy World Standards Day.
  • Mark your calendars and plan different activities selected by national authorities to celebrate the date. Happy World Standards Day.
  • Pay honor to the joint efforts of the numerous experts across the world and celebrate this occasion of World Standards Day.
  • On this occasion of World Standards Day recognize leadership skills and promote the important role of standardization in eliminating global barriers to trade.
  • Visit a reception, exhibits, dinner, and watch a presentation to educate yourself about the vital need of standardization to celebrate this occasion of World Standards Day.
  • Keep the International standards in mind and defeat technical obstructions in international commerce. Happy World Standards Day.
  • Join the race of making the world a better place to live in and celebrate this occasion of World Standards Day.
  • Quality consciousness is setting higher standards for yourself than what the world has set for you.” Happy World Standards Day.
  • Avail a civilized quality of life and stay competitive on an international level on this day. Wish you a very happy World Standards Day.
  • International Standards provide essential guidance for all characteristics of life. On this World Standards Day respect, honor and celebrate them.
  • A critical issue post-Industrial Revolution was the implementation of the world standards. Take care of them on this occasion of World Standards Day.
  • Celebrate this occasion of World Standards Day by raising awareness about the significance and importance of standardization to our global economy.
  • Create and enforce standards for construction of sustainable communities, improvement of waste management, intelligent transportation, and energy-efficient buildings, etc and make this world a better place. Happy World Standards day.
  • Standardization is the method of development and implementation of technical standards. Wish you a very happy World Standards Day.
  • Many experts spend time to voluntarily develop the technical agreements which are issued as International Standards. Respect and honor them on this occasion of World Standards Day.
  • Spread more awareness about the significance of standardization to the international economy among the industrial sectors, consumers and the regulators to celebrate this occasion of World Standards Day.
  • On this occasion of World Standards Day pay tribute to the thousands of volunteers around the world who participate in standardization activities.

World Standard Day Wishes

  • Educate yourself and raise awareness amongst others about the need for a standard of life and celebrate this occasion of World Standards Day.
  • On this occasion of World Standards Day promote the role of international standardization and fulfilling the needs of consumers, government, industry, and business worldwide.
  • Join the celebrations with ISO and raise awareness about the vital need of international standards and celebrate this occasion of World Standards Day.
  • Celebrate and honor the vital enablers in guaranteeing the quality and performance of goods and services, standards. Happy World Standards Day.
  • Facilitate the safe and smooth functioning of things at each and every level with the help of international standards. Wish you a very happy World Standards Day.
  • Increase awareness about the significance of international standardization to the world economy and celebrate this occasion of World Standards Day.
  • Possess best practices and expert knowledge and achieve a better world with the help of standardizations and celebrate this occasion of World Standards Day.
  • Promote international standardizations and help in eradicating the global barriers to trade. Happy World Standards Day.
  • Celebrate this occasion of World Standards Day pay tribute to various volunteers globally who take part in activities related to standardization and honor them.
  • Assist the expansion of tailor-made resolutions which can be adapted to the particular situations of a given city with the help of International standards. Happy World Standards Day.

World Standard Day Messages

  • Happy World Standard Day to you…. Always set high standards because they are the road to a better life for all of us.
  • Let us make everyone aware of quality standards because they are very important for every country, every individual…. Wishing a very Happy World Standard Day to you.
  • Wishing you a very Happy World Standard Day…. Let us thank all the experts who have worked so hard to set standards for a better life.
  • The occasion of World Standard Day reminds us that quality is a concern for our today and tomorrow…. Warm wishes on this special day.
  • It is not easy to develop the method to standardize and define quality…. On World Standard Day, let us appreciate and honour the experts who are doing this job for us.
  • Wishing a warm and wonderful World Standard Day….. Let us learn about standards, their importance and their effect on our lives.
  • Warm wishes on World Standard Day…. This day is all about setting higher quality standards for a better, happier and healthier life.
  • Always keep the international standards of quality in mind to give yourself and your world a better place to live…. Happy World Standard Day.
  • Let us celebrate the occasion of World Standard Day by creating awareness in this world about the importance of standards and quality…. Happy World Standard Day.
  • There are many experts around the world who are working hard to set standards for quality and World Standard Day is just a way to honour them and celebrate their efforts.

How Should We Celebrate World Standard Day? 

The biggest way to celebrate World Standards Day is hard to put up with some moment to ponder all of the aspects in your life that are standardized and how much simpler it makes things. Standards enact the lengths, patterns, writing, regularity, and all the different fiddly whiles that make our civilization fit jointly. Guess what our energies would be without standardization.

2020: Last year, it was 'Protecting the Planet with Standards'.

2019: In the year 2019, the theme for World Standards Day was 'Video standards create a global stage'.

2021: The theme for World Standard Day 2021 is 'Standards for sustainable development goals- a shared perception for a decent fortune.

2018: A contest to dedicate World Standards Day. This year the topic is "International Standards and the Fourth Industrial Revolution", which pertains to the modern technologies that are altering how the community gives rise to and performs things. These technologies are dimming the limitations between the digital and the actual world.

Why Should We Celebrate World Standard Day? 

It enables the producers of standards, It is significant to facilitate and honour the actions of professionals who are behind the standards that we appreciate. And World Standards Day assists us to do just that.

Standards are essential. We all know that, and we're all put up with this belief, but it's fully feasible that we aren't certainly conscious of even how vitally valuable standards can be. In the days before worldwide standards and automation, there was no route to get a substitute part for an automobile or piece of device that you occupied without going to the basic manufactory. Even then, it was exclusively apparent that they'd only be able to do a 'best uniform' sort of fix. Without mechanization or a batch of standards to practice by, every article of these appliances was purpose-built, definition they were extraordinary to that tool. They are precisely built, praised through a scientific procedure of specialized documentation and approval agreements, after which they are broadcasted to the world for acclaim.

When is World Standard Day Celebrated? 

It is celebrated worldwide on 14th October, the festival of October. We should make our privacy norms and follow global standards.

Interesting Facts about World Standard Day

  1. The date is said to be selected as the anniversary of the initial pre-ISO committee for world standardization, which was carried in London on 14th October, 1946.
  2. Most civilizations take principles for approval, but many of our ordinary occasions couldn't arise without them.
  3. In the medical world, norms are even more significant. The particular surgery will implicate thousands of standards: anaesthesia, gloves, gowns, masks, implants, sterilization, preparation solutions, lighting, antibiotics and so on.
  4. The noticeable advantages of standards include nicer trait data for extra reproducible and valid outcomes for life scientists.
  5. Throughout the nation, there are a bunch of standards that have been organized that firms, associations, and businesses have all subscribed to bear up. 
  6. These standards have been ascertained by a common treaty between these associations as part of their participation in the International Organization for Standardization, ISO. It was these sorts of standards that enabled the industrial uprising, and today it drives the improvement of all technologies from automotive to telecommunications. 
  7. World Standards Day commemorates the endeavour of these men and women and the offering their job makes to the nation at vast.
  8. 1946, Delegates Meet in London, Delegates from 25 countries convene in London to convey establishing an international association concentrated on fostering world standardization.
  9. I.S.O is Created, the global association loaded with the regulatory and facilitating the duty of standardization, as a conclusion of the London conference in the earlier year in 1947.
  10. The Evolution from Technical to Process Standards, After 40 years of evolving technological standards for properties and technologies, I.S.O. modifications to refining standards, the initial of which became known as the I.S.O. 9000 Quality Management structure standards in the 1980s.


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