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World Oceans Day: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: January 03, 2022


World Oceans Day: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

This article presents the best World Ocean Day quotes, wishes, messages, images, dates, history, significance, interesting facts, theme, and everything you want to know about World Ocean Day.

Introduction of World Ocean Day

Can you imagine a life without a single drop of water? It would be rocks all surrounded, wither trees and lastly fade and dry lands. We cannot live without water, not for a single week, so of course, we don't save it but waste it. This day emphasizes that water is prestigious, and so is the ocean also. Knowingly water pollution is filthy for the oceans, despite the fact that we throw plastic, garbage or something unhygienic, and make oceans look infelicitous. You know the ocean produces 50% of oxygen, the essential survival tool for life. 

Everywhere the same political slogan says save water. Save Earth indirectly means if you try to save water, it will save Earth as Earth contains 70% of water. If the percentage of water declines day by day due to excess water usage, the Earth will die, and it would directly affect humans lives on the planet. Only one planet makes him unique because of humans and water, so try to make tradition until the universe is alive. 

Oceans are in need of support these days. Many people are so dependent on oceans for the economy and also increase economic growth and development in each country. However, it reduces the unemployment rate in countries. Oceans have half of the biodiversity of Earth in them, and we should preserve, protect and sustain their lives. Humans need to understand the worth of nature and make every ocean crystal clear and clean. 

History of World Ocean Day

The official announcement of the World ocean day proposal was made in 1992 at the Earth Summit. The conference was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Environment and Development. Canada's International centre of ocean development (ICOD) was a federal corporation team that first proposed global ocean day. The NGO global forum first convened it at the Earth Summit with help from the Ocean Institute of Canada. At last, the United Nations 2008 gathered all of it and declared 8th June as World Ocean Day. It happened on 5th December 2008, General Assembly of the United Nations. It was designed because we share the ocean and everyone has an equal opportunity to take up the benefits in good possible ways. We should raise awareness about it and help protect by several mechanisms as much as we can as humans. Sustainable development is one law that can be applied for good use of oceans, living and non - living present in it. The United Nations Division for ocean affairs and law of the sea (UNDOCALOS) coordinates the different activities, which basically raise awareness among the people. These also conduct the different types of events that generally spread the awareness and importance of oceans in our lives. Director general in 2021 conveyed the message that the internal team would try to develop knowledge about oceans and sustain them. In this message, the most important was if this protection and procedure would not be taken by us, we can't have seen climate control by oceans in future and might be diminished earlier. 

World Ocean Day 2022 Date

  • When is World Ocean Day 2022?

World Ocean Day for the year 2022 is celebrated/observed on Wednesday, 8 June.

  • World Ocean Day dates for the years 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2022 Wed 8 Jun World Oceans Day United Nations observance
2023 Thu 8 Jun World Oceans Day United Nations observance
2024 Sat 8 Jun World Oceans Day United Nations observance
2025 Sun 8 Jun World Oceans Day United Nations observance
2026 Mon 8 Jun World Oceans Day United Nations observance

Significance of World Ocean Day

The condition of water bodies is deteriorating day by day across the globe. This is reducing the benefits of oceans, and undoubtedly, oceans will not exist in the near future. 8th June shed light on oceans to conserve and sustain them. The negative impact of human lives on oceans is due to their actions. This is high time to prevent it from being destroyed. Oceans are also called lungs of the Earth; it provides food source and medicine. Ocean has part of the biosphere under it, and it gives a roof to more than finger count flora and fauna. This should be avoided by human activities like dumping plastic, unwanted waste and garbage disposal. That is why we should join hands for the sake of humanity to save nature and its life. We should all celebrate this day of human connection with the sea and raise awareness. Discover the more virtual ways to save and sustain the lives of animals and flowers in it. 

When is World Ocean Day Celebrated? 

There are five oceans, and the largest one is the Pacific Ocean. All of them save the Earth. Earth is covered by almost 71% of water. That's why we need to conserve the ocean to protect our Earth from destruction. 8th June is not the only day we need to take steps to conserve, but it's the day we raise awareness, showcase its importance and organize the events, and arrange activities that indirectly sustain the life of the ocean and lives in it. 

How is World Ocean Day Celebrated? 

World ocean day is celebrated by themes. We will look further into it : 

2018: The theme dedicated to the ocean was 'Clean Our Ocean ', which clearly mentions that clean the ocean and promise to yourself we would not make the ocean dirty from this day forward. 

2019: 'Gender and Ocean ' very special meaning hide under these cool words is like empower the global participants with racial discrimination, youth engagement was must and to tackle the plastic pollution was the highlight. 

2021: 'The Ocean: live & livelihood ' as it is home to many living beings. And in that year, almost 1000 organizations from 150 countries furtherly joined the campaign for nature. 

Interesting Facts

  1. 90% of volcano eruptions took place underwater. World's largest active volcanoes, with 1133 volcanoes, are in the South Pacific. 
  2. Between Greenland and Iceland, there is the largest waterfall in between due to the difference in temperature on either side of the strait. Denmark strait Cataract falls more than Niagara Falls. 
  3. The Pacific is five times in diameter than the moon, which means it's wider than the moon. The widest point from Indonesia to Colombia. 
  4. The Andes ' longest mountain range, but longer than it, is underwater mid-oceanic range, about 65001 km. 
  5. The average depth of oceans is 1200 ft. 
  6. The oceans are one of the places which absorb 30% of carbon from the atmosphere. 
  7. 1.4 billion pounds of trash enter the ocean every year, and an estimated 5.25 trillion plastic pieces disperse in the ocean. 
  8. More land-based activities cause pollution, and then pollution comes into the sea. That's why coral becomes weaker. 
  9. Coral reefs are home to 9 million species, and they are 5000 yrs oldest living animals on Earth. 
  10. Nowadays, coral reefs are a new type of medicine that cures many diseases named arthritis, cancer, infection and heart diseases. They are the source of protein to many humans. 
  11. In North America, 29 million gallons of petroleum enter ocean water each year. 
  12. Oceans play a major role to control the Earth's climate by transferring heat from tropical to polar regions. 
  13. You would not know, the ocean is the centre of the water cycle, the source of rainfall as water evaporates from the ocean to clouds and the rain begins to start. 
  14. Ocean has an unexpected number of species in it, which are unexplorable by any human being, and the rough estimate is 239,000 species. These oceans are home to that number of species. 
  15. Over 2 million jobs are connected through oceans as it is a major source of trading using sea routes for people. 


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