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World Animal Welfare Day: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: November 28, 2021


World Animal Welfare Day: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

This article presents the best World Animal Welfare Day quotes, wishes, messages, images, dates, history, significance, interesting facts, theme, and everything you want to know about World Animal Welfare Day.

Earth is not just a home for human beings but also animals. Animals do not have the thinking and speaking abilities like humans. Therefore, to understand and address the issues of the speechless being, many NGOs and other veterinary institutions have been established. Apart from treating the animals, these organizations also carry camps to promote awareness as support to such initiatives and spread awareness in the world. The government declared 4th October as International animal welfare day.   

History of World Animal Welfare Day

Animal welfare day was first celebrated on 24th March 1925 by cynologist Heinrich Zimmerman at the sports palace in Berlin. In 1931, a congress at the international animal protection congress accepted Heinrich'sHeinrich's proposal for animal's welfare day. Later from 2003, the nature watch foundation supervises the day globally. 

Naturewatch foundation

It is a registered charitable organization in England with an agenda to prevent animal cruelty and advance welfare standards. It was founded in 1991 by John Ruane. The organization carries campaigns to raise awareness and influence public opinion about the welfare of animals. Sometimes, it shows support to political campaigning if it has animal welfare promotion that can fulfil a few of the foundation's objectives. 

The organization also published a compassionate shopping guide to encourage the public to lead a cruelty-free lifestyle. The guide also throws light on the use of animals for laboratory testing by multinational companies. This welfare body also mentioned that they do request any funds from the government and completely rely on the generosity of supporters, and those funds are solely used for fulfilling its purpose.

World Animal Welfare Day 2022 Date

  • When is World Animal Welfare Day 2022?

World Animal Welfare Day for the year 2022 is celebrated/observed on Tuesday, 4 October.

  • World Animal Welfare Day dates for the years 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026

Year Weekday Date Name
2022 Tue 4 Oct World Animal Welfare Day
2023 Wed 4 Oct World Animal Welfare Day
2024 Fri 4 Oct World Animal Welfare Day
2025 Sat 4 Oct World Animal Welfare Day
2026 Sun 4 Oct World Animal Welfare Day

Significance of World Animal Welfare Day

Animals are needed to maintain ecological balance. This means these living beings co-exist to maintain nature's ecology. Therefore, it is a homo-sapiens' responsibility to recognize fauna as sentient beings and always take good actions. However, their many cases of violence and death that take place over the place these souls are killed and injured for various reasons like 

  1. Offering to God in the name of religion
  2. Food for human beings
  3. Preparation of material and accessories such as bags, jackets, cosmetics etc.,
  4. Laboratory experiments 
  5. Fun of inhuman retards  

Therefore, to ensure ethical treatment of animals and to protect them from injustices caused by human-induced climate changes and global warming, promotion is carried for peaceful co-existence on Animal welfare day on an international level.

Celebrations over the world of World Animal Welfare Day

This day is celebrated in all countries irrespective of religion, nationality, faith or political ideology. Many programmes as listed below are carried out for education as well support about the welfare of animals.

  1. Awareness and education programs for everyone to treat animals with compassion. 
  2. Conferences and workshops. 
  3. Animal blessings services
  4. Fundraising events such as concerts and sponsored walks 
  5. Veterinary treatment camps. 
  6. Rabies prevention and vaccination 

Though the day is celebrated over the globe, there are different laws and acts to support the same. Let us have a glance at a few of them.

  •  India

The animal welfare board of India (AWB) was established in 1962. It is a statutory body governing the welfare of animals in the country. It is also responsible for passing an act for the prevention of cruelty to animals act, 1960. This body recognizes animal welfare organizations, societies and provides grant-in-aid under various central schemes. In addition, it also grants permission to shoot permission (PSP) and issue certificates to films/TV serials/documentaries under animal performing rules 2001. 

It also plays a crucial role in fulfilling five freedoms which are as below.

(a) Freedom from hunger or thirst

(b) Freedom from discomfort

(c) Freedom from pain, injury or disease 

(d) Freedom to express (most) normal behaviour

(e) Freedom from fear and distress

These also provide financial support for the construction and maintenance of rescue shelters and assistance to medical expenses of animal protection and preservation such as purchase of veterinary medicine, animal birth control operations, etc. 

  • Egypt

The law of agriculture in 1966 states that it is forbidden to exercise cruelty on animals. However, it has not specified to which cases this is applied and not officially included in the law of legislation. 

Article 355 and 357 of the penal code reflect the penalties for intentionally killing or poisoning animals, riding an animal, a carrying beast, or any other type of livestock. Article 45 speaks about the protection of plants, livestock and fisheries, endangered species, and the prevention of cruelty.

Interesting Facts about Animals

  • The cow is considered an embodiment of several Gods and deities in Hindu culture. Therefore, it is worshipped at the time of festivals in India.
  • There is a separate festival for Dogs in Nepal; it is called Tihar, it is a five-day festival. Dogs are honoured with baths, garlands and special treats. 
  • This day is also known as animal lovers' day as it reflects the efforts of individuals and organizations to protect animals. In simple terms, the ones who love animals celebrate and embrace animal welfare day.
  • It is also the feast day of San Francisco of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. 
  • Panthera tigris is the scientific name for Tiger.
  • There is a popular myth that snakes can hear, but snakes only interpret the vibrations of the prey. 
  • An octopus has three hearts, and the colour of an octopus's blood is blue.
  • The maximum life span of a housefly is 30 days and a minimum of 14 days. 
  • Most birds can only fly forward, whereas a hummingbird can fly backwards too. 
  • Male seahorse gives birth, unlike other species. 
  • Butterflies taste food with their feet because of the location of the sensory buds. 
  • Reindeers grow new antlers every year. 
  • Starfishes do not have brains.
  • Giant panda babies are 900 times smaller in size than their mothers. They only weigh about 100 grams at birth.
  • Lioness is the meat earner 90% of the time, whereas lions protect their pride. 
  • Rats laugh when tickled. The laugh is usually high-pitched and loud audible to human beings.
  • Do you think only human beings are allergic to animals and insects? If so, you stepped on the wrong foot! Cats can be allergic to human beings. 
  • It'sIt's amazing to know that few of the animals possess the ability to predict change in nature! Frogs can indicate the arrival of rain through croaking. 
  • It is known that all animals have eyes. However, Star-nosed moles do not have eyes. These hunt with the help of their sense of touch. 
  • One of the ever-amusing abilities is the ability to emit light. Fireflies and glow worms possess this unique feature because of which they glow in the dark. 
  • Chameleons can change their colours to defend themselves. It is also believed that these creatures change colours as per their mood and, in a few cases, to attract mates.

Let's all make the earth a better home for animals as well human beings who are full of love and innocence. May our friends enjoy freedom as much as we do.

It's time we learn from the awareness spread by various organizations and pave a better way for co-existence. It is not necessary to participate in animal rescue operations to be a saver, but we can support by not causing any harm. Happy international animal welfare day to all of us!


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