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Wonderful Peter Marshall Quotes and Sayings

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: November 22, 2021


Wonderful Peter Marshall Quotes and Sayings

In this article, we present to you some of the famous Peter Marshall Quotes with their meaning.

Peter Marshall was a Scottish American preacher. He was a pastor in a church in New York who was later appointed as a Chaplin in the USA. Though his nationality is American, Peter was born in Scotland and later became a citizen of America. After his death, his wife (now turned widow) wrote a biography called 'A Man called Peter' on his life which was praised by the world long after Peter died. Later on the 1955 book was adapted in a film that earned applause all over the world and won the Academy Award for the best Cinematography. 

As a pastor, Peter Marshall first worked in a small church in Georgia and later worked in Westminster Presbyterian Church in the year 1933. He wrote various books on faith in Jesus. In 1940, Peter met Catherine, who he would later marry. Peter is known for the wisdom of faith he gave people as clergy and consoled people helping them lessen their misery. On 4th January 1947, Peter died of a heart attack at the age of 46 and was buried at Ford Lincoln cementry in Brentwood, Maryland. Catherine ordered to be buried at the same site after her death and so they were buried next to each other. Below are some of the famous Peter Marshall Quotes.

A different world cannot be built by indifferent people.

The world is a big place. It contains all kinds of people who can be categorized as good or bad. While the internet and art may romanticize bad people and call them charismatic bad men, in reality, being bad should not have that kind of air. A good lasting impact on the world can only be made on the world by a man with good morals who has kindness and goodness in his heart. A disrespectful unkind is often easily forgotten. 

The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation.

Peter Mashall first was a pastor in a church who later turned into clergy and thereafter senate. He was a man of God and believed that men should perform the will of God. And thus, he encouraged people to give donations for helping churches, and these donations would make our lives more valuable. 

May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.

There are many ideas of freedom, and the common misconception is that freedom means to do whatever is comfortable and pleasing. And that thing may be good or even bad. But the true meaning of freedom is to be given equal opportunity to do what is righteous.

Most of us know perfectly well what we ought to do; our trouble is that we do not want to do it.

Everyone wants something in life. Some want power, position, fame, success, while others have a bigger dream. But nonetheless, everyone knows what they want. They are aware of what kind of future they want. However, not many people direct their actions towards the same goal, and that may be because they're lazy or lack the qualities to achieve that thing. But to do something great, one has to step out of their comfort zone.

Teach us, O Lord, the disciplines of patience, for to wait is often harder than to work.

One of the hardest qualities to master is patience. It requires patience to win at our workplace. It requires patience to build happy relations, it requires patience to love. But if we rush or avoid work instead of being patient, we are bound to be less efficient at our tasks or even fail. So Marshall prays that he and the people with him in faith should acquire patience and thus avoid the pain of being in the comfort zone, which is the pleasure of only a few moments.

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Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.

Many great ideas and big plans are often plans that stay planned and are never executed. But a perfect plan which is never brought into reality does not profit anyone. While the smallest of tasks completed holds more value. Thus, our actions are of utmost importance.

If you hug to yourself any resentment against anybody else, you destroy the bridge by which God would come to you.

Hate is the way of the devil. While all possess both the qualities of God as well as the devil, if we let hate prevail in us, we prevent the voice of God to talk to us. We prevent the love and grace of God from reaching us. Hate does us no god, and God knows that. He expects us to stay away from hate.

It is better to fail in a cause that will ultimately succeed than to succeed in a cause that will ultimately fail.

Winning and failing are all parts of life. But winning in a thing that is ultimately going to fail is a waste of energy and idea, but efforts at winning a game are always worth it. If we are to lose in the end, all our efforts do not matter. Winning in the middle and losing, in the end, does not do anyone good.

God will not permit any troubles to come upon us, unless He has a specific plan by which great blessing can come out of the difficulty.

Every trouble that we face in our life has a meaning. Nothing in life is meaningless. We may feel that our life is very difficult in which each day is a challenge, but the truth is, God has plans for all of us. If we are facing certain challenges in our life that is because those challenges have meaning and they will be the making of us. 

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When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.

We often find life very challenging. We sometimes even avoid the hard tasks and make excuses. Life is rarely a cakewalk. However, it is wrong for us to want an easy life because all strong things and people are made under pressure. So to build a stronger self, we must undertake the hard task.

Give to us clear vision that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.

God is the ultimate leader of the world. Marshall prays to God that he must show himself and all beings the ultimate right path to follow. And the correct philosophy to preach without which we cannot be assured and cannot take a stand for the right things.

Lord, where we are wrong, make us willing to change; where we are right, make us easy to live with.

Being wrong and being right are two sides of the same coin. Both things can be taken in a good or a bad way. But Marshall prays that we absorb only goodness from both phenomena; when we are wrong, we must make amends to become better, and when we are right, our ego must not consume the best in us and stay humble.

One person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who have only interests.

Belief is a powerful thing. To believe in anything means to take the chance; belief corresponds to hope. Everyone wants to win in life and its aspects. But a few believe that winning is possible. No matter how much you like something or 20 quotes by Peter Marshallwant something, your dream is unachievable if you have no belief.

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One of the most fascinating things about golf is how it reflects the cycle of life. No matter what you shoot, the next day you have to go back to the first tee and begin all over again and make yourself into something.

Golf and life are surprisingly similar if we compare. Both golf and life give us the opportunity to do our best every day. No matter how good or bad we do today in life, the next day starts from square one.

Human nature must be changed if we are ever to have an end to war or to correct the wrong situations that make our lives uneasy and our hearts sore. Now Christianity, the power of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit of God, is the only force that can change people for good.

Human beings have good as well as bad values. But our bad traits such as anger, rage and greed lead us to wars. We become unkind people with cold hearts when we are in a war. Marshall believes that from such ghastly situations, only Christianity and Jesus can save us. 

Out of profound gratitude for my adopted country, I can only say that I would like in this land to live and die, and while I live to help other people as much as possible, believing that only in service to other people can I possibly express my gratitude for all that America has done for me.

Peter Marshall was a very patriotic being with utmost respect and love for his country and land. And for love this country has shared, he wants to repay. And to repay the debt of gratitude, he believes he should do sincere service towards the American citizens. 

God hasn't given up on you. He can still do great things for you, in you, and through you. God is ready and waiting and able.

There comes a lot of hopeless days which tear us apart and shake our faith. But even on such gloomy days, we must always keep believing in the almighty because God can do exceptional things for us. And In fact, God is waiting to help us.

I know that no business contract, no order or commercial consideration can ever be worth the happiness of one's home or the peace of one's mind.

Happiness and peace of mind go hand in hand. But the modern notions of happiness are often hollow and fleeting. We, humans, feel that possessions and money will give us happiness, but these things often make us happy for a short while and then leave us wanting more, robbing our mental peace. Real happiness is mental peace while we keep searching for it in the exact opposite direction.

I could never describe it to anyone how I knew, but there was no mistaking it. One moment, I was walking along undecided - and the next moment, I knew that it was God's will for me to go to America. I don't think I could describe it any more accurately.

To know one's purpose is to know one's ultimate goal in life. In one random moment of his life, Peter Marshall realized the reason for his existence; he knew the meaning of his existence. And he felt in that moment that he must travel to America to teach God's teachings there, and he was absolutely sure of this, without a moment's pause.

Church members in too many cases are like deep sea divers, encased in the suits designed for many fathoms deep, marching bravely to pull out plugs in bathtubs.

Catharsis is what people often need. They need to vent their emotions. But not many people have true bonds with people who would listen to them. In such times Church members seem like angels who have been sent as a mercy to the soul by God. They help vent out all negativity and fill life with positivity again.


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