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Top Grace Kelly Quotes and Sayings

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: July 29, 2021


Top Grace Kelly Quotes and Sayings

In this article, we present to you some of the famous Grace Kelly Quotes on Love, Life, Fashion, Society, Beauty and More with their meaning.

Grace Kelly, original name in full Grace Patricia Kelly, the famous 'Princess Grace of Monaco'. She was an American film actress and was famous for her alluring presence and grace. She was a shining star in the mid-1950s in the movie industry. She married Prince Rainier III in April 1956.

She was born November 12, 1929, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. Her father was a gold-medal-winning oarsman. On September 14, 1982, she died tragically in Monte Carlo, Monaco, when her car tumbled off the cliff. 

She graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1949. After that, she started to appear in New York City theatrical productions.

 In November 1949, she made her Broadway debut in August Strindberg's The Father. After a few projects, she made an appearance on the big screen by Fourteen Hours. Though the role wasn't so grand, she managed to make a mark. Finally, when she came as Gary Cooper's Quaker wife in High Noon, it made her world-famous.

She was also named in 13th among the American Film Institute's 25 Greatest Female Stars of Classical Hollywood Cinema.

Her most famous movies include DIAL M FOR MURDER and TO CATCH A THIEF.

Kelly was a talented actress and served as a princess with such efforts as well. She will always be remembered as one of the most fantastic artists of all time.

Here are some of the famous Grace Kelly Quotes and sayings that will tell you how amazing she was. 

A person has to keep something to herself or your life is just a layout in a magazine.

Being a famous icon, sometimes people's personal life becomes too much news.

Your day-to-day activities are subjected to news articles.

For someone who is on the level where they have followers, they must try keeping important private reality to themselves, or else they will only end up being the magazine cover page.

I am basically a feminist. I think that women can do anything they decide to do.

Women have suffered for a long time. They were only disposed in the houses, and they were deprived of their right to choose.

Feminism is a revolution that fought to change this mentality.

Kelly also called herself a feminist. She stood for women and her right to be anything she wanted and do anything she wanted to do.

We should try our best to help others so that we could be remembered in a good way.

If you do good things, if you make people smile, if you bring happiness to someone's life, you are remembered with love and respect even after your demise.

People like Hitler are still tormented for what he did.

Do good. Be kind. Help others.

The freedom of the press works in such a way that there is not much freedom from it.

The rights that are given to the media of the world are today misusing it. They are using it in manipulating the audience. They are invading the lives of celebrities.

Instead of spreading awareness of various causes, they are becoming blindfolded to what's right and wrong.

Press has the authority to make society know the real world. But they are not using their power to do so.

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I avoid looking back. I prefer good memories to regrets.

Your past consists of good and bad memories. Some of it makes you smile, and some of it makes you repent.

Choose to be nostalgic about the happy memories and avoid lamenting upon the gloomy ones.

Women's natural role is to be a pillar of the family.

Women have a heart of gold, and she is the strongest. She makes a mere house into a loving home.

No matter what, she is professional. She is seemed to be the base of a family. She feeds her children and takes care of the household.

It all is raw to a woman.

I've been accused of being cold, snobbish, and distant. Those who know me well know that I'm nothing of the sort.

People who don't know the real you often shape a family of opinions about you. They will judge you for only your surface. They don't seem to know a thing about your life.

Learn to ignore such conceptions about yourself. People who love you and understand you are the ones that really matter. So focus on them.

Anger and anger cannot solve any problem.

Rage is the greatest enemy a person can own. It destroys relations. It decays your heart. It fills you with nothing but negativity.

The decisions you make out of anger is always grim. It never is the solution to any problem.

Learn to practice patience. Learn to fill your heart with love and hope.

Few more Grace Kelly Quotes...

Take one step at a time.

Slow and steady do win the race. Take your first step and then next and then next.

Your journey towards your goal is gradual. Have patience and give your best efforts.

Don't overdo it. Don't overspread. Just keep walking towards it.

What they need most is the love and attention of their mother.

The most special relationship is between a mother and a child. It is pure and essential.

A kid's first guidance and teacher is her mother. They crave the fondness of their moms. They learn to feel and express themselves by their mothers.

No one should lack that maternal love. It grows a kid.

Don't be like the rest of them, darling.

Don't try to like anyone else. Don't try to 'fit' in the 'perfect' world.

If you do so, you will only end up becoming the crowd. To become a queen, a leader, you must be yourself. Your true self.

Take bold steps. Walk on the road that no one ever walked on. Be unique and be yourself.

I love being part of nature. I love walking alone.

Nature is a splendid remedy of your soul. It refreshes your mind. It blooms faith in your heart.

Try to take time out from your busy life and wander among the trees and birds, alone. It will connect you with harmony. It will make you light and free from the daily struggles of life.

I certainly don't think of my life as a fairy tale. I think of myself as a modern, contemporary woman who has had to deal with all kinds of problems that many women today have to deal with.

Spoiler Alert.

Life isn't a fairy-tale. No birds of fairies or magicians are going to deal with your problems. You have to deal it with yourself.

No matter who you or where you are, you will have to stand up to your fears. Everyone does own insecurities. And everyone has to accept that.

Life is very real.

Some more Grace Kelly Quotes...

Other women looked on me as a rival. And it pained me a great deal.

In today's world, women should stand for each other always; they should have each other's back. They should support and be kind to each other.

The 'conventions' contradicts it. The norms state that women tend to be envy other women. They are nothing but competitions. This must cease. Women should love each other. Stand united for their common rights.

As an unmarried woman, I was thought to be a danger.

Without marriage, a woman is a danger, says our tradition. After she crosses a certain age threshold, a maiden is thought to be a shame on society. The norms say that a woman is nothing without her husband, and only her spouse completes her.

It is not true. A woman is complete in herself. She is strong and passionate even without a man.

It doesn't matter who earns more in a relationship.

In today's time, women and men are equal when they are in a relationship. The conventional barriers of the gender roles are broken.

It doesn't matter who is working and who is cooking. It all is a choice now.

In a relationship, there should be equality and respect no matter what.

All people are capable of great things.

Everyone has immense competence. Everyone can be anything they want and do anything they can.

But to be able to achieve greatness, one also need to have courage and faith. Without it, they are vain. They need assistance.

We have the power. We just need to use it right.

You don't get anything for nothing. Everything has to be earned, through work, persistence, and honesty.

To be able to achieve anything, one has to work for it. Fate doesn't perform its magic unless you are passionate enough.

You have to work hard, you have to struggle, and you have to learn to fail. You have to embrace all of it before reaching the peak.

I've had happy moments in my life, but I don't think that happiness-- being happy-- is a perpetual state that anyone can be in. Life isn't that way.

You will have great days. You will be happy. You will win at times. But you will not always have great days, you will not always be happy, and you will not always win too.

Life is patterned like the top of the hills. You have both ups and downs. You must accept it and embrace it.

It is what makes life exciting, the uncertainty of it.

When I married Prince Rainier, I married the man and not what he represented or what he was. I fell in love with him without giving a thought to anything else.

When you fall in love, you don't love them for what they are but love them for who they are.

You love their soul, their heart, and their personality. A relationship that is solely based on raw fondness lasts long. No lust for any materialistic things moulds the best form of connections.


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