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Top Carol Burnett Quotes and Sayings

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: July 28, 2021


Top Carol Burnett Quotes and Sayings

In this article, we present to you some of the famous Carol Burnett Quotes with their meaning.

Carol Burnett is an American comedian, actress, singer, and writer. Her first-ever appearance was in the early 1950s, a small role on The Winchell-Mahoney Show, a children's show. Later she starred with Buddy Hackett on the sitcom Stanley.

Her first stable role was on The Garry Moore Show in 1959. Since then, she has won people's hearts with her versatility. She is known for her dramatic roles in television and movies.

She was born on born April 26, 1933, in San Antonio in the USA. She has always been more than passionate about acting and had worked pretty hard to achieve her dreams. She has studied acting at the University Of California.

Along with acting, she always had a vibe of making people laugh. Some even state her as the First Woman Of Comedy. The first episode of her show, The Carol Burnett Show, aired in 1967, which featured Carol talking to the audience, comedy sketches, impromptu, guest star appearance per week, musical numbers.

Her movie list includes Annie, All Together Now, Pete' n' Tillie, and many more.

She is a six times Emmy winner. She also became Golden Globe's inaugural recipient of the Carol Burnett Award, a lifetime achievement award given for "outstanding contributions to television on or off the screen."

She indeed is a thriving personality.

Now let us read some of the greatest quotes said by her.

Only I can change my life, no one can do it for me.

We all have troubles, and we all have certain things that we want to change in our lives, but nobody can do that for us. We only have that power to make our life worth living.

You cannot blame it on anyone. You cannot make people do it for you. So step up and work hard for it.

Cavort, dear, just cavort.

So many problems hover on us. It makes us feel gloomy and worthless. But Carol here makes us remember that all you have got to do is groove while fighting through various issues.

You have a life that is nothing but a gift. Live it to the fullest.

You have to go through the falling down in order to learn to walk. It helps to know that you can survive it. That's an education in itself.

When you are driven into the pit of problems, remember you will come out of it with a lesson.

You will survive, and you will learn how to survive. Your life always teaches you at different times. One must have the outsight to conceive it.

I'm not always optimistic. You wouldn't have all cylinders cooking if you were always like Mary Poppins.

In life, optimism is very necessary, but at the same time, you have to learn to be practical when it comes to basic life needs.

Where following your dream is very important, you also have to earn money for a living. You have to look out for your family, and for that, a firm, mature mind is also crucial.

Some more Carol Burnett Quotes...

Because nobody goes through life without a scar. 

Everyone in life has been through problems. We have done things that we regret. Because no one is the luckiest to be unaffected by the traumas of life. Remember that your scar is your pride. And it is your identity.

Celebrity was a long time in coming; it will go away. Everything goes away.

Your destiny will always find you, no matter what. But with time, everything fades. There was a time when you had nothing, and there will be a time you will have nothing.

Things come and go.

I never regretted turning down anything, I never regretted losing a job because I always felt something else was out there. 

When you lose a thing, be prepared to be blessed with a new thing. Everything that happens in life has a reason, be it good or bad.

So remain patient and positive for what to come.

No one ever said life was fair. Just Eventful.

Life doesn't always bless you. You will not always be happy. You will not always be successful even after working hard for it.

There will be ups and downs. That, my friend, is life.

Few more Carol Burnett Quotes...

When you have a dream, you've got to grab it and never let go. 

A dream is something that you truly own. It is your calling. So keep it close to you and give everything you got for making it come true. No matter how many times you fall, you have to get up and try again for your dream.

Once you achieve it, you will know your life has been good.

It all happened the way it was supposed to. I wouldn't change anything. I had such a great run. 

In your life, many things take place that you never expected. You have to remember that everything that happened has a meaning in your life.

Every up and down will sum up to become a good and meaningful life. Learn to accept every aspect of what you are going through.

You have to have faith that there is a reason you go through certain things. I can't say I'm glad to go through pain, but in a way one must, in order to gain courage and really feel joy.

Pain does feel bad, it does break you, but it will only set you free. It will breed courage in you.

Everything has a meaning. There is a reason why you failed. There is a reason why you lost what you lost.

Before you go to bed, write down three 'gratefuls' for the day and three 'did wells' (they can even include something as simple as doing the laundry)-the results can be amazing! 

Learning is never bounded to a certain age. So learn a new habit today. Learn to be more grateful. Every night before going to bed, recall the goods you did and how you have been privileged today.

Trust Carol and do it.

When I went to New York to try and make it, I never thought it wouldn't happen. 

Like Carol, learn to believe that you can. It is the first step in your journey towards your goal. When you know you can achieve your dream, the path will become a little easier. When there is a gleaming hope in your heart, you work even harder hence become closer to your destination.

I think the reason I was successful is that I was never cynical.

You have to learn to look at this world and see people with good hearts. Despite all the blemishes this society contains, there is hope for everyone.

To be able to make it big, you need to appreciate it. You have to learn to trust people. Give them their chances as well. You have to become kinder.

COntinue reading some more Carol Burnett Quotes...

You have to really want it, and don't take it personally if you don't get a job. Because sometimes you're not the type. And sometimes it's somebody else's turn. 

Everyone has a place in this world. It takes time for you to find it. Sometimes you don't attain something you want, maybe you don't get the person you love or the job you want, but then give yourself hope that you have a different waiting here, in this world.

Deal with patience as maybe that job belonged to another person who was maybe more deserving or that person was more suited for another person.

Just scream! You vent, and the body just feels good after a good old yell.

Everyone suffers. So there is no need to suffer in silence. Let people know that you are hurt, ask for support or assistance.

Psychologically mental health improves when you talk about your hurdles. Yell if needed, wail, don't live in a corner with a heart full of anguish.

Ask anyone who's successful how they got there, you're going to hear a different story.

There is no pre-set journey towards success. No two person does the same thing and goes to their destination.

Everyone has a personal trip. They are looking at distinct targets and working for them with different capabilities. So never compare your journey with anyone. Do it your way.

If someone tells you that you cannot do something and you believe it, they are right.

There are going to be people who will taunt you, they will tell you that you don't deserve it or that you don't have that potential to make it. If you decide to listen to them, then you make them right. You let them have want they want.

If you scoff it off and believe in yourself. Even after all the demotivating opinions, you decide to work for your dream, you prove them wrong.

It is your choice.

We don't stop going to school when we graduate.

Education is designed In every twist and turn of life. You learn at every age. If you are on a trip to Mt. Everest or are in a quilt in your bed, it doesn't matter. You have a lot to learn.

Don't confine knowledge within a college or a school. Be open to being educated at every age.

I have always grown from my challenges and problems.

People who go through various obstacles in their life and they fight it through without giving up, they become so strong that no problem can defeat them.

 You grow so much when life makes you and break into pieces. You learn so much out of it. So never give up in times of adversity. You will come out as a warrior.


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