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Tips to Avoid Sleep Deprivation Problems

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: December 15, 2020


Tips to Avoid Sleep Deprivation Problems

In this post, we discuss some common tips to avoid sleep deprivation problems.

Today, in a very fast-paced world, we do every single task in a hurry burry. We seek perfection in a very constricted time. During this process, we seem to lose many things which goes unnoticed. In the race to catching up money, time, studies and all other material wealth, we tend to neglect concerns relating to our health. One such thing is sleep. In this article, we'll see what sleep deprivation is and how to avoid sleep deprivation.

This article will provide insights into the following topics:

  • Sleeping Tips
  • How can sleep deprivation be avoided?
  • How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?
  • What are the problems of not getting enough sleep?
  • Tips For Preventing Sleep Deprivation
  • How to Fix Common Sleep Problems?
  • How can I overcome sleep deprivation naturally?
  • Best Treatments and Cures for Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation is the inability to sleep continuously for a specific duration of time. There might be a series of disturbances which will not let one sleep peacefully. There are many reasons which cause sleep deprivation. The effects of sleep deprivation can be long term. In this article, let's educate ourself with the causes, effects and the method to bounce back from sleep deprivation along with how much sleep is required to stay healthy and active. 

How much sleep does different age groups require? 

Different age group requires a different sleep schedule as the world expects various things from the varied age groups. The world around us demands different things from varied age groups. The following is the sleep schedule that is advised for all.

1. 4–12 months old babies

The babies are just out of their mother's womb, and in the womb, all they did was sleeping. Therefore to adjust to the present world, they require nearly 12–16 hours of sleep, including naps whenever possible. 

2. 1–2-year old babies

The babies by now have almost adjusted to the eating and sleeping schedule. They involve a lot of babbling and playing around. Therefore, they require solid 11–14 hours of sleep, including naps in between the playtime. 

3. 3–5-year-olds

The children of this age begin their playschool and interact well to ask their needs. They require 10–13 hours of sleep, including power naps to take the required rest.

4. 6–12-year-olds

The children would have been enrolled in schools and have a pressure to study and go good in life. They require an uninterrupted 9–12-hour sleep to concentrate in school and play.  

5. 13–18-year-olds

The adolescents in this category tend to multitask quite a lot and start finding their destiny as there are so much to do in less time. 8–10 hours per day is a must for them. 

6. 18–60-year-olds

7 is the minimum number of hours a full-grown adult must rest for in their busy schedule of running after pleasures. 7 or more hours is advised.

How much sleep does the different sex or gender group require? 

It is scientifically proven that both women and men have distinct lifestyle, works, internal clocks which ticks differently. Women tend to toil quite a lot as a mother, homemaker and even work at times. Due to this multitasking, they tend to tire their brain more than men. Therefore, women must get twenty more minutes of sleep than men. 

Symptoms of sleep deprivation

For every disease in this world, there are symptoms, causes, effects and also cure mostly. As the saying goes, "Prevention is better than Cure", it is best to know the symptoms so that it will be easier to understand the disease better. The following are the symptoms of sleep deprivation:

1. Fatigue

The tiredness feeling is anyone's body can take a toll on almost every day activities of life. Fatigue brings laziness and procrastination into the human body, and it is a great obstacle to overcome.

 2. Irritability

Everything and anything seems to annoy and get on the nerves. People who seem irritated quite a lot are asked to take a quick nap as sleep adjust our state of minds. 

3. Mood changes

From anger to happiness to sadness, moods are quick to change if a person doesn't get enough sleep. This is not a healthy characteristic and might ruin your image with others. 

4. Difficulty focusing and remembering

From school to work, everyone needs to pay attention and focus on what is happening around us. Memory power is also important when it comes to profession. 

5. A reduced sex drive

In the lack of sleep, the levels of hormones like estrogen and testosterone secreted in the body drops. When the levels are less, the sex drive is reduced to a great extent.

These are the few symptoms of sleep deprivation. If you notice one or more symptoms visit the doctor, take medications to control the indications. 

Effects of sleep deprivation

Every disease has its effects on the scale of severity is measured from 0 to 10. Sleep deprivation's effects can be measured as 4 to 5 in an earlier stage. However, if neglected can reach the scale up to 8 to 9. The following are the effects of sleep deprivation. 

1. Affects the immunity system

Only when we sleep our body produces enzymes and antibodies which safeguard us from several diseases. With less amount of sleep, there will be no less infection-fighting immunizers. Therefore, we will be more prone to get sick and even seasonal infections like cold and flu will affect us regularly.

2. Risk of diabetes

Our body secretes a hormone called as the insulin, which is a natural sugar-lowering hormone. The lack of sleep affects the secretion of this hormone which makes us prone to be affected by Diabetics type.

3. Poor coordination

Absence of the required amount of sleep affects the coordination of the body parts. The messages from the brain are delayed and the hands and legs do not balance each other. This results in tripping, dropping things, even road accidents in a worst-case scenario. 

How to deal with sleep deprivation

There are n number of tips and tricks to deal with sleep deprivation which is advised by elders and doctors. Here are the most effective methods to fight back sleep deprivation: 

1. Reduce white light exposure

White light emitted from electronic gadgets like laptop, tablets, mobile phones can keep us awake for a long time. Therefore, make sure you follow a strict no gadget rule before a minimum of one hour to a minimum of 30 minutes before bed. Use white light for studying or hall and red or dim yellow for bedroom. 

2. Limit or avoid day time naps

The famous term called power nap is popular, which lasts for nearly 15 to 20 minutes. More than that will result in deep sleep which disrupts the sleeping pattern. People who do not sleep in the daytime tend to be an early riser.

3. Consistency in going to bed

A fixed schedule of going to sleep will fix an internal clock inside our body, which will tick at the same time every day at night. This will also set a proper schedule which will turn you into an early bird.

4. Exercising and indulging in relaxation activities

Cultivate a habit of exercising which will help in tiring your muscles in the body. When you are tired, you will automatically feel sleepy. Indulge in relaxation activities like listening to music, meditation, reading a book which will tire eyes, gives a soothing effect and make anyone drowsy. 

 5. Stick to the same pattern during weekends

Weekends are meant for relaxation, and people usually tend to go loose with habits. Sticking with the regular sleep pattern on weekends will bring a significant lifestyle change.


These sleep deprivation coping strategies which people of all age and sex group can adhere to and is said to be effective in the long run too. Remember "Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep!"

Co-author:  Akshaya Saravana Kumar

Akshaya is currently pursuing Masters in English Literature. She is an avid reader, an animal lover and a movie freak. She loves to spend her past time travelling to strange places in different time zones with her imagination and fall in love with fictional characters.


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