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Tips For Staying Positive

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: October 23, 2020


Tips For Staying Positive

Being positive should be the way of living. But it is missing these days due to the increased competition, stress and now, due to the major epidemic Covid-19. But only if one is positive, one can sail through these tough times very easily.

According to a study conducted in India, five to fifteen per cent of the general population is suffering from depression and out of these, fifteen per cent succumb to suicide. This problem has been further aggravated in the recent past due to the pandemic that has led to the loss of employment, created a lot of loneliness, and circulated loads of negative information amongst the masses.

If you have the following questions in your mind then, you are reading the right article. 

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Waking up with a smile is quite difficult in these unhappy times, so, making conscious efforts to stay positive becomes a primary motive. Here are some tips to stay positive. 

Writing down your thoughts and feelings

Writing down your thoughts is a good way to declutter the head of negativity. One should not just write bad events or comments, but also make a list of what fortunate things that emerged on that particluar day. Whenever you feel low, you try this small activity of writing done things under the following heading (on a new page):

  • What is the worst event of your life?
  • Is the current situation as bad as the former or to what degree is it bad?
  • What is the best event in your life?
  • Is there anything favourable going on right now?
  • Names of your loved ones
  • Names of your role models
  • Feasible solutions for this problem.

This is a very effective way of evading stress and panic attack and rightfully giving a positive outlook.

Call your loved ones

As we all know from the famous Hindi saying, ’sharing promotes contentment and diminishes distress.’ Remember, human beings are social animals. We certainly need other human beings, plants and animals around us to keep us going. With the city buzz and social media, we have lost the actual art of talking. Mute messages though seem convenient, but they don’t soothe the brain as much as listening to the voice of a loved one. So, try calling your parents (in case you are staying away from them) or your best friends, every day, even if it lasts for just a couple of minutes, it will ease your tension and help you in staying positive daily.

Quick run or Regular Exercise

Well, it has been scientifically proven that running (and other modes of aerobic exercises) increase the release of happy hormones in the body. Exercise/ Running is perceived as physical stress by the mind, in response to which it secretes intrinsic opioids (endorphins, beta-endorphins), cannabinoids and serotonin. All these neurotransmitters create a blissful internal environment that eludes all the negativity and makes one feel pumped up. So, whenever in stress, go for a quick run. Moreover, daily exercise promotes mental and emotional well being keeping your mind and body young and gorgeous.

Express gratitude

There are three magical words in the universe – Sorry, Please, and thank you. Irrespective of our position, age or wealth, we should always express our gratitude towards everyone and everything around us. For those who believe in God, thanking God for another day every morning is a terrific way to start. For atheists, thanking the basic elements of life like the sun, the earth, the atmosphere, the chirping birds, the water, etc., would give a great start.

Apart from this, thank all those who help you throughout the day, be it your mother who cooked a hearty breakfast, the maid who cleaned your place, the chauffeur who drove you to the school or workplace or the watchman for guarding, and so on. A smiling gratification spreads an enormous amount of joy and positivity in our surroundings, and you never know it might make someone’s day. This positivity that you create in others will leave a great impact on you too.


At times, our brain gets formatted in such a way that we start generalising everything. Practising so, positive affirmations before you sleep (or whenever you need) might not be the worst thing. Start with simple ones – I like me, I have a great family and super cool friends, I am good at (whatever suits you), I made a silly mistake and will make amends, this is going to be difficult, but I will try my best, I am a good person and will keep growing into a better version of myself every day.

Good food

A healthy diet soothes both the digestive system and the brain. Even though it is junk food that almost everyone craves for but, always try finding nutritious food recipes with a lot of aromas that stimulate the happy centres of the brain and provide solace. Oily and spicy food not only upsets the gastrointestinal tract but further makes you inactive, dull and less enthusiastic about life. Nonetheless, cooking your meal whenever you get an opportunity adds some flavour to life.

Helping Others

Some studies state that helping others for at least two hours a week creates a lot of positivity inside oneself. This is based on the notion that aiding others brings in the sense of responsibility and worthiness, which makes you appreciate the good things about yourself.

Meditation and Yoga

These are some well established ancient techniques of relaxation.

Meditation helps in rewiring the brain circuits facilitating the bad thoughts in moving out and generating space for new sparkling essence.

Yoga, a much-researched topic, brings flexibility in the body as well as credo, helping one find what is good and slowly transforming into a calm and tranquil person.

Additionally, pranayama and some cleansing breaths ease the procedure of letting the negativity go.


Good music always stands as a soothing element for the soul. Listen to some music whenever you are feeling low and need some energy.

Filter out the unpleasant stuff

With the overzealous spread of all kinds of news on the internet, it does get hard to believe that some good things can happen in this world. Well, as we know, it is easy to criticise and find flaws but all the more arduous to give a hopeful attitude. So, keep trying to find whatever good news, stories or thoughts you can. Also, keep collecting beautiful memories with your family and pals, and formulating measures to wipe out whatever provides grief and anger.

Sleep more

A peaceful sleep at the end of the day is our eternal desire. It depletes irritation and laziness and delivers a lot of freshness.

Hunting for Inspiration

Everyone needs the inspiration to keep moving towards the horizon. A few simple ways to find it is- listening to podcasts, some nerdy motivational ted talks, reading, talking to grandparents, introspection, and many more. This would inculcate a great deal of sanguinity, open the doors of numerous opportunities and prevent you from giving up on your goals.

Self-care and Self-love

Taking care of your own body is fundamental since proper hygiene and grooming boosts your self-confidence and kindle respect from others. Self-love, though difficult to nurture if embraced, would radiate positive vibes all around.

Nature love

A vacation is what everyone requires after living the same monotonous life for days. Going to some quiet, amicable destination for a few days, living in the laps of hush nature, away from noisy alleys, would provide good relaxation to the fatigued mind and soul. You can go about introspecting or maybe reflecting on the bounties of mother earth, which gives bliss to anyone who comes in her shade.


A positive perspective does not come in a day, especially in today’s society. Even though silly and childlike, but a few mantras that bring positiveness are – forgive and forget, benevolence, helping, not overthinking and being honest. Always remember – ’Each new day is a new blessing. Let go of all worries and be grateful for all the positive in your life.’

Co-author:  Paridhi Singhal

Paridhi is a budding doctor. Apart from studying medicine, she is a keen writer who believes in the thought that pen is mightier than the sword. 


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