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The Value of Time: How Much is Your Time Really Worth?

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: October 28, 2020


The Value of Time: How Much is Your Time Really Worth?

It is said that "Time is Money". But do people really believe in that? Can we do something to utilize time fruitfully? Read this article to answer these questions.

Utilising time in a way that involves both efficiency as well as efficacy is of utter importance because the value of time is priceless, for once it passes you by, there is nothing you can do about it.

Time stops for no one, which is why one should use one’s time in the best and the smartest way possible.

This article will provide insights into the following topics:

  • What are Time Management skills?
  • Importance of Time Management
  • What are some good time management skills?
  • What is time management and why is it important?
  • How do you use time management in life?
  • Time Management meaning
  • Time Management techniques
  • Searches related to time management
  • Time Management strategies
  • What are the key elements of time management?

But how would you know whether or not the time you are consuming is really worth all the work you’re putting? Fear not for we have just the right tips to help you out!

Time Management 

Time management is dividing and organising your time so as to provide you with a planned idea of the tasks you have to attend to. It helps you save time and invest your time in the right amount when and where it is needed. Managing your time also helps you to function more effectively and productively, thereby making your daily life stress free and helping you to face those situations involving lack of time and meeting deadlines.

Here are some useful tips for managing time:

  • Make a schedule: Develop the habit of making a proper schedule for your routine, writing down all the tasks and activities you have to tend to and crossing each as you complete them. This will help you keep track of the next task you need to work on, give you time to plan ahead or relax, and help you save as much time as possible. And here comes your to-do list to your rescue!
  • Prioritise: The next step after listing down the things you have to do is to narrow the list down to all the key tasks which you need to complete first. This way, you will have more time left, thereby avoiding a hassle. For instance, you could first finish up the tasks involving a deadline instead of saving them for later and save the smaller tasks for later.
  • Eliminate interruptions: It is of utter importance that you cut down distractions while working as much as possible for the task to be completed smoothly. But why is this a vital part of time management? That is because the more the needless distractions, the more you waste your time.
  • When to multitask and when to not: Always remember that multitasking cannot be applied for every situation. One should know when to multitask and when to not for certain situations tend to require your full concentration and patience and multitasking might not be the most viable option in such instances because the result might not be satisfactory or up-to-the-mark then.

The 4 Ds of time management

Delete, delegate, defer and do, together comprise the 4 Ds of time management.

Delete: Learn to say no to certain activities and try taking some tasks down from your to-do list. This will help you save time and make your routine less hectic too.

Delegate: Don’t think about the delegation of tasks as side-lining your responsibilities because it is not. In fact, this is one of the most important functions of time management.

Defer: This involves prioritising the tasks that are more important and need to be completed within a certain period.

Do: And don’t forget the most important of all, doing and attending to the task!

The Benefits

Time management reaps countless advantages, and that goes without saying. Some of them are:

  • Extra time: One of the obvious and best advantages is that you get more time which you could use to complete extra activities or just to relax and take a break.
  • Stress reduction: The more time you have on your hands, the less stress you have in your head! Planning and managing time reduces stress as it avoids a ruckus, thereby providing you with sound mental health as well.
  • A balanced routine: Having a work-life balance is a must and is also quite relieving.
  • Greater concentration: Time management also helps in increasing your attention span and focus, thereby bringing you closer to your goals.
  • Efficiency: Finishing tasks more efficiently and not simply for the sake of completing them is crucial. Managing time will bring more efficiency in your work.
  • Exploring: Having endless desires and activities to pursue or look into, some time in hand always helps you to explore your reach and helps you to go out of your comfort zone and if nothing, just to figure out if a certain thing is for you or not.
  • Productivity: A brain with some space left to operate is better than a full one leading to an increase in one’s productivity. If there is some free time to relax, take a break once in a while. It can be for a short duration even for as less as 5 minutes; it helps you to refresh and focus more on the subject in hand.
  • Personal relations: With urbanisation and people staying away from their home all day for work or others, it becomes easier for a person to if nothing is talking to their family members or meet them and stay in touch always. Time is one major reason leading to a lot of families falling apart due to not being able to give time to your loved ones leading them to drift apart.

One Step Closer to Your Goals 

The destination to your aim starts from small steps, and attending to trivial matters to reach to more important tasks is the same. All the factors involved in time management, such as prioritising of tasks, mapping out a task list, avoiding procrastination, etc., are exactly the ones that are the most helpful in the long run and help you bring a step ahead, towards your aims and ambitions.

The implementation of goals is vital to time management and is one of the many fruits from the same.

  • Tips to indulge in time management skills to the fullest.
  • Follow your calendar.
  • Install time-saving and journaling applications to keep track of your routine and tasks.
  • Take breaks and give time to yourself.
  • Develop healthy sleeping habits and a good sleeping schedule.
  • Get rid of unhealthy and bad habits. It could be anything such as procrastinating, sleeping late, using social media while working, etc.,
  • Strictly follow the schedule that you set for yourself.
  • Avoid running away from your responsibilities and giving up.
  • Face your failures and mistakes instead of submitting to them. After all, the path to success is never going to be free of obstacles; it is just a matter of how you face them.
  • Practice the skills you wish to inculcate on a daily basis so as to turn them into a habit and a proper routine.


Your time is precious and of important which is exactly why you need to be cautious about where you are investing it and whether or not it is for the right and adequate reasons. The value of your time is most definitely worth a lot more than you think. So always remember to utilise it to the fullest and in the best way possible, because you would not be able to bring back your valuable time. So to avoid that totally, put these amazing time management skills to use right now so that you can make use of your time wisely and fruitfully.

Co-author: Khushi Shah 

Khushi has just passed her school and is now studying at PDPU. Apart from writing, she likes to sketch and dance. She also has other blogs where she posts proses and poetry. 


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