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The Importance of Trust: How to Build It, Restore It or Rebuild It

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: October 28, 2020


The Importance of Trust: How to Build It, Restore It or Rebuild It

Trust is the basis of every relationship, be it personal or professional. With trust, comes love and respect.

As a human being in this world, we are an outcome of a relationship. A human is born only out of love, trust and bonding of two other humans only. It is one of the characteristics which makes us humane. Trust in a relationship is the foundation which has to build strong enough to withstand several obstacles. In this article, we'll see why trust is important in life, how to create it or restore it when it is broken. 

This article will answer the following questions:

  • What is the importance of trust?
  • Importance of trust in relationships
  • Why do we need trust?
  • Reasons why trust is important
  • Why trust in business is important?
  • Why trust is important in a relationship?
  • Why is trust important in friendship?

What is Trust? 

Trust is a focal part of all human relationships. This includes both family, friends, which is a personal part of our life and the official part, which consists of work-life, relationships with health care or civil service people. Everywhere we can find trust, including our parents, neighbours, doctors, policemen, etc. Trust. overall, can be in simple terms described as the set of behaviour which makes human depend on another human. This mental attitude makes humans inter dependable, which binds several relationships. Many behavioural attributes one bestows is what makes them trustworthy or not. Therefore, trusting someone is based on how a person behaves in private, social life and the prediction of how they might behave in the future.

How important is trust in a relationship?

Trust is one of the fundamental to lead our life, and it is almost impossible to survive a normal life without it. There are many relationships from our personal which comprises of family, friends, love interests to our workspace which comprises of a boss, colleagues, our mentors etc. To build a relationship, one has to build trust. "Why trust is important in the workplace" is a question which arises repeatedly. Effects of lack of trust in the workplace include misunderstanding and doubting a person. The idea of trust is usually misunderstood. Without any trust, life will be intolerable and not bearable. Things will be chaos and there will be constant conflicts. With trust comes the faithfulness because without faith, everyone will cheat and manipulating others will be frequent. Relationships are of many types, and one facet associations are not much significant. Meaningful connections are established only because of trust. Building trust in a relationship is not a bed of roses but comes with time and patience.

Trust between parents and children

Parents give birth to children only when they trust each other because rearing a child is not an easy job. From what to dress, to education, choosing their vocation, life partner in future, everything requires a basic level of trust which will makes them dependable on each other and theen, they make the best decision for their child. The child, on the other hand, depends on the parents for emotional, physical and financial needs. The children from the age of four to twelve, wholeheartedly trusts his or her parents. They tend to talk, share, play, and the emotional connect is strong. As they grow up, there are several factors like a difference of opinion, age gap, generation gap, dependence on external comfort like friends bring trust issues between an adolescent and their parents. However, after they grow up, they realise the value of trusting parents. Similarly, parents as they get old, they trust their children for fulfilling their emotional, physical and financial needs.

Trust between love relationships

In our life, we meet many people during different stages of life. We tend to develop relationships at several distinctive levels. When you see several people few might be sexually or physically attractive, you may call them as a crush. You may fall in love and at times, even marry someone. Trust lies behind all these ideas where one individual can be comfortable to their fullest limits with the other. People in relationships must be transparent in issues. Sharing day to day life together in the same home requires immense transparency which ultimately builds love. Making another person feel secure, loved, and safe is essential. Intimate matters shared or discussed must remain with themselves instead of sharing it with others. 

Trust between siblings and friends

Siblings are said to be our close associates next to our parents as they are born and brought up with us. They are well aware of our positive and negative traits, along with our secrets. We tend to lean on them in time of distress, happiness and pleasure. The relationship depends entirely on sharing moments and keeping secrets for each other from their parents which is special for them. Friends tend to replace parents and siblings as they spend more in schools, gatherings, parties etc. Many activities like staying out, night outs and parties will not be encouraged by the parents, but these friends accompany us in fun ventures. In such intimate, happy and cheerful moments, a great amount of trust is built.                 

How to build trust

Dalai Lama, one of the famous monk still in history, quotes "To earn trust, money and power aren't enough; you have to show some concern for others. You can't buy trust in the supermarket". This quote is forever etched in the importance of trust quotes search results. Different feelings and how a person reacts to a situation helps to build trust. Being there when someone needs you, talking, spending time and very tiny moments build trust between relationships. Below are the few pointers on how to make someone trust you. 

  1. Spend some quality time with the person. Never calculate the time you spend. 
  2. Be open, transparent and talk to them about things. 
  3. Do not hide facts or lie because when the truth comes out, hearts and trust will be broken. 
  4. Be vulnerable emotionally, which will increase trust ultimately resulting in a healthy relationship. 
  5. Be polite, approachable and fair when any trouble arises.

Trust is a two-way street and doesn't come with a single person's effort. It has to be recognised, acknowledged and replicated back to build an equal, supporting relationship out of love and trust. 

How to break trust

As the saying goes, "It is easy to breake but difficult to make," anything from porcelain to love can be easily broken. Trust too, can be shattered into pieces just in a matter of seconds and it is not very difficult to do so. Below are a few examples of how trust is broken.  

  1. Going behind someone's back and talking trash about anyone will create a bad impression on you. 
  2. Revealing secrets that were meant to be private to only two people. 
  3. Hiding facts or truth, not being transparent portrays yourself as a disloyal person. 
  4. Lying constantly directly defines you as a dishonest person. 
  5. Being unsupportive and using the information someone shared to you against them as a weapon.  

How to restore the broken trust

  1. Keep reinforcing the fact and convey the truth why the trust was broken in the first place. 
  2. Be genuine and tell what happened and the incident from your perspective.
  3. Be consistent and try to undo the mistake done. 
  4. Apologise and be truthful. 
  5. Give time and space for people to forgive you because time heals better than anyone else. 

Why trust is important in a relationship, any relationship for that matter must be studied and researched as it will be helpful. Trust is a basement on with a huge skyscraper is built. If the basement is strong enough, the skyscraper will last strong forever for several generations to witness! 

Co-author:  Akshaya Saravana Kumar

Akshaya is currently pursuing Masters in English Literature. She is an avid reader, an animal lover and a movie freak. She loves to spend her past time travelling to strange places in different time zones with her imagination and fall in love with fictional characters.



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