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Songkran Water Festival: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: February 07, 2022


Songkran Water Festival: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

This article presents the Songkran Water Festival quotes, wishes, messages, images, dates, history, significance, interesting facts, theme, and everything you want to know about Songkran Water Festival.

Introduction of Songkran Water Festival

The celebration in Thailand commences on 13 April and usually lasts three days, though celebrations can turn on early or end later in some towns. The holiday's main emphasis is about striding forward—in fact, the phrase Songkran comes from a phrase in the Sanskrit language that means "passage of the sun."

Many households wake up earlier during Songkran and stop in Buddhist temples, where they procure subsidies such as food and listen to monks as they preach. (Practises are a faith practised primarily in eastern and central Asia.) Visitors moisten clean or aromatic water over sculptures of Buddha—the individual believed to have commenced Buddhism—to represent sanctification and good prosperity. Youthful people also sprinkle water into the hands of senior families and companions to show their admiration and ask for prayers in the future year.

Honouring family rituals and spiritual preparers are significant parts of Songkran, but so is having some entertainment. Outwardly, Songkran is commemorated with street parties captioning loud melodies and a giant peaceful water fight.

April is one of the pungent months of the year in Thailand! People amass water in buckets, spray guns, and anything else they can discover, then hit the parkways to drizzle each other playfully. It's good stuff.

Songkran – yet known as the Water Splashing Festival – is a festivity to signify the beginning of the Buddhist New Year. Buddha portrayals are drenched, and youthful Thais show appreciation to monks and oldsters by sprinkling water over their hands.

Processions, dancing and folk pastime mark the lunar modification too, although getting wet is what Songkran is most acclaimed for.

While the 2021 edition will be overwhelming, usually, the celebration is an all-out water war, with inexperienced sufferers and interested partakers being attacked by high powered super-soakers.

History of Songkran Water Festival 

The most well-known belief, the Songkran Water festival, originates from the Sanskrit word "Songkran", meaning to stride or ratify into. This historical festival commemorates the Thai New Year, 13 April through 15 April. The origins derive from the historical IndSankrantiival of Makar Sanskriti. The Indian interpretation comprehends the sun's celestial way, and Thai clarifies the edition of understanding the passing of an old year into a fresh one. History originates with the acceptance and devotions of Buddhist Monks. Historical Thai tradition guaranteed attending the local sanctuaries and furnishing gifts of food to the monks who inhabited there. In expansion, blessings and boons of aromatic water sprinkled over the monks during a holy purification process. The residents would receive the poured water and take it back to their adored ones and pals. The local community would then wipe and spill the water over one another as they thought the water to be adored.

Although the Songkran Water Festival is commemorated throughout the country, the biggest and lengthiest of festivals is held in Chiang Mai City. The longest-running in the country, surviving over six days in extent. The Songkran Water Festival made it into the certificate stories at the 2011 festival. The Guinness World Records Authority officially tagged the celebration "The Largest Water Gun Fight In The World."

The initial day of the festival, 13 April and which is known as Songkran Day, discerns people tidying their homes and social places like temples and universities to alleviate any poor fortune from the previous year and ready them for the new year. Following the main action is Song Nam Phra, a formal ritual that accuses them of pouring perfumed water onto a temple's sacred Buddha portrayals. It is significant to remark that the water (traditionally scented with a perfume called Nam Ob) is split not onto the head of the image but fairly the body and core.

The second day, 14 April, is referred to as Wan Nao and is when civilization prepares food and contributions to be bestowed to monks and temples the following day. It is also a moment to pay appreciation to elders, and the young community prepare, as well as Nam Op, water, as well as Nam Op, perfumed water with which to scrub their parents' feet in a ritual called Rot Nam Dam Hua. The parents, in return, give the children their boons, typically along with a jasmine floral garland. Numerous people will also make sand stupas known as Chedi Sai – on the surfaces of their provincial temple as a kind of private pagoda and a pleasant family way to make a religious contribution.

Songkran Water Festival 2022 Date

  • When is Songkran Water Festival 2022?

Songkran Water Festival for the year 2022 is celebrated/observed on Wednesday, 13 April.

  • Songkran Water Festival dates for the years 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2022 Wed 13 Apr Songkran National holiday
2023 Thu 13 Apr Songkran National holiday
2024 Sat 13 Apr Songkran National holiday
2025 Sun 13 Apr Songkran National holiday
2026 Mon 13 Apr Songkran National holiday
2027 Tue 13 Apr Songkran National holiday

How do we Celebrate Songkran Water Festival? 

The outing is known for its water festival. Major streets are shut to traffic and are used as arenas for water bottles. Celebrators, young and old, participate in this ritual by splashing water on each other. Conventional parades are held and in some platforms "Lady Songkran" or "Miss Songkran" is topped off. Songkran: The Thai Water Festival. It is a symbol of washing away the old year to prepare for the new year. Traditionally, it was formal to splash water on family members and elders as a way of seeking decent success.

Why do we Celebrate Songkran Water Festival? 

Songkran – also known as the Water Splashing Festival – is a festivity to mark the beginning of the Buddhist New Year. Buddha portrayals are bathed, and fresher Thais show regard to monks and elders by sprinkling water over their hands. Celebrations provide immensely to impressions of social cohesion. Many such festivals prioritize cultural or ethnic topics and seek to notify society members of their beliefs. They involve society elders sharing tales and experiences, setting templates for family unity.

When is Songkran Water Festival Celebrated? 

Songkran 2022 in Thailand will start on Wednesday, 13 April and end on Friday, 15 April. Curious to know what happens to save dates to remind you to travel on these dates.

Interesting Facts about Songkran 

  1. Songkran (pronounced "Sonk-kraan") is the Thai New Year festival commemorated from 13 to 15 April every year. It is the country's most valuable social festival.
  2. Various Thais will bathe their Buddha idols and sculptures with aromatic water; this cleaning tradition is to wash away the past year's nasty fate and get luck and happiness for the New Year.
  3. As part of the festivals, Thais also correlate a white pasty powder's significance to each other on the face or neck. It is a clue of insurance and pledges to ward off bad luck. The tradition of wrapping white strings to one another's wrists is a manner of good wishes. These are often left on until they fall off on their own. If somebody offers to tie a string on you, be convinced to offer your arm with the underneath of your wrist facing upwards. While wrapping the string, the individual will rehearse a short prayer of honouring directly for the individual.
  4. Keep up calm; the most important thing to do while appreciating the celebrations of Songkran is to keep up calm. You can get a lot of crowds around you, which can be annoying for you, but you have to be considerate and quiet during this situation. And do not be concerned about the coming of tankers because it is ordinary during the festivities of Songkran.
  5. Free creatures to pursue Good luck. In Thailand, you can get values such as releasing fish or birds. According to Thais, these open animals can bring good luck to them.
  6. Water battle days these three or more days, these festivities are not being held on one night, you can celebrate the New year festive cities in Thailand for more than three days (Songkran Festival in Pattaya last for a whole week!). During these three parkways of festivities, streets in Thailand can have an enormous water fight with people of water on each other.
  7. Songkran is known as an indication of Y season. People pray for the rain, and they evaluate The Songkran as an end to the dragon because for farming in Thailand, the rainy season is significant.


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