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Press Freedom Day: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: February 22, 2022


Press Freedom Day: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

This article presents the Press Freedom Day quotes, wishes, messages, images, dates, history, significance, interesting facts, theme, and everything you want to know about Press Freedom Day.

Introduction of Press Freedom Day

Journalism plays a major in our day to day life by sharing current affairs and useful information for us through various channels. Being a media professional is a challenging task. It involves the presence of mind and the ability to break comfort zones to cover and report data for different circumstances from different fields; Entertainment, politics, public welfare, healthcare, and sports. Passionate and courageous individuals step into the industry for the growth of social welfare and personal growth. To protect and promote the rights of such talent, Press Freedom Day has been declared. 

History of Press Freedom Day

Following an adopted recommendation of UNESCO’s conference in 1991, the UN general assembly declared 3rd May as World Press Freedom Day. The day was announced to shed light on the rights and sacrifices of journalists for their profession.  

Press Freedom Day 2022 Date

  • When is Press Freedom Day 2022?

Press Freedom Day for the year 2022 is celebrated/observed on Tuesday, 3 May.

  • Press Freedom Day dates for the years 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2022 Tue 3 May World Press Freedom Day United Nations observance
2023 Wed 3 May World Press Freedom Day United Nations observance
2024 Fri 3 May World Press Freedom Day United Nations observance
2025 Sat 3 May World Press Freedom Day United Nations observance
2026 Sun 3 May World Press Freedom Day United Nations observance
2027 Mon 3 May World Press Freedom Day United Nations observance

Significance of Press Freedom Day

The day aims to remind everyone about the significance of rights and the sacrifices of journalists as a part of journalism. It mainly focuses on the rights that define limits and freedom of journalists for providing information to the public. It also commemorates the lives lost of media professionals in attempt to educate the public with good information. 

Though the day includes only Press in the title. The objectives of the day apply to both press and different media that distribute information to the public. Professionals from the media department own the right to freedom of expression and opinion. However, the press releases must be free from bias and any kind of influence. 

Many journalists have reported attacks and threats from political as well as social departments because of their opinions and facts released on the public platforms. World Press Freedom Day promotes the prohibition of attacks and criminal offences on media workers. It also aims to encourage Media and Information Literacy (MIL) in the publications. 

Types of Journalism

Below are types of journalism based on the kind of research.

Investigative: This is a kind of journalism that involves a collection of data for a revelation of the truth about a subject, person, or entity. The collection often revolves around people who resist revealing information. 

News: News is an overview of trending topics in the world. News is shared with a headline and brief description from the studio or through the circulation through newspapers.

Reviews: As the name suggests, it is sharing the pros and cons of using a certain product from any industry.

Feature Writing: It is one of the journalisms with the highest word count content. The authors are eligible for awards for their interest in the in-depth interpretation of topics, subjects, events and trends.

Columns: Columns are the areas that provide scope for an author to share information in a personalized style to connect with the readers.

Challenges of Media People

Let us know about the challenges of media persons.

  1. Diverse Climatic Conditions: Journalists are required to get information first hand, for which they are required to visit incident locations. Different incidents take place in different locations, and so are the weather conditions. For a journalist, it is imperative to break the comfort zone and cover the stories. 
  2. Tough People: On a daily basis, media professionals interact with various kinds of people for data and interviews. Hostile people who cross the path of journalists make it challenging and uncomfortable for obtaining full details. The press individuals have to maintain composure and face the risk of being mocked or belittled by such individuals. 
  3. Threats and Attacks: In many cases, investigative people from the media have been attacked while reporting news stories related to crime and undercover missions to reveal the truth to the general public for awareness. Also, many reporters have been attacked and killed post revelation of crimes.
  4. Facts Validation: Publishing news and information requires a lot of research, editing and releasing the end product. Therefore, Press individuals not only are patient but also work for prolonged hours than usual.
  5. Cut-Throat Deadlines: With the emerging times in the media industry, every channel is in a competition to share the information before anyone, which is why the journalists are under constant pressure with short deadlines. 
  6. Lack of Safety: Many of the journalists have been molested and ill-treated while on duty. There are records where journalists were raped and murdered while on news coverage trips.

Perks of Being a Journalist

  1. Entry Card: Media personas get the entry card for almost every venue and event without much hassle. The rights are acknowledged by the organizers and entry cards are granted.
  2. Vast Knowledge: As the people from journalism travel and cover news from different levels, they have abundant knowledge in various fields.
  3. Out of the Box: As the professionals from news channels are prone to meet and gather data for interviews and publications, they can know different perspectives, which gives them ideas to become more creative for their growth.
  4. Free Travel: One of the boons is that news reporter has the privilege to travel to different countries as a part of their profession for coverage of international news. This allows them to cover the stories and explore beautiful destinations.
  5. Opportunity to be self-employed: As the journalists acquire skills and experience in their field of expertise, they can create their own bread earning opportunity by blogging and creating sites on their own.

When is Press Freedom Day Celebrated?

World press freedom day is celebrated on the 3rd May of every year. It is celebrated to remind the world about the rights of journalists and government assurance to media people to continue their profession without fear.

How is Press Freedom Day Celebrated?

The day is celebrated by the conduct of talk shows, posts on social media by the general and media public. Also, government and media industry events are organized to honour and reward the individuals for their dedication and hard work.

World Press Freedom Day Theme for 2022

World Press Freedom Day celebrations occur with a new theme every year. The theme for 2022 is Journalism under surveillance. The theme focuses on addressing issues related to privacy and information sources of journalists. It is to track and take necessary actions about the digital spyware and malware that lead to hacking and revelations of journalists’ identity and confidential information. 

Interesting Facts

  1. According to Letter.ly, a recruitment platform for journalism states that the salary of journalists is below the national average.
  2. Estimation by Letter.ly states that a 10% fall in journalism can be observed in 2026.
  3. The analysis states that only 25% of US journalists are confident to interpret and present statistical data.
  4. Music journalism is journalism that involves reviewing and sharing feedback around arts and bands related to the music industry.
  5. The spread of fake news has increased with the increased competition in the media industry to acquire high viewership.
  6. Misbehaviour with a journalist can land individuals in prison along with other legal obligations.
  7. The media has also been known to break the stereotypes with the promotion of education and information through media channels.
  8. Most of the media channels focus on promoting fear in people to attract and retain the attention of an audience.
  9. According to an annual survey of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), there is a consistent decline in the readership and circulation of physical news articles.  


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