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Oktoberfest: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: March 10, 2022


Oktoberfest: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

This article presents the Oktoberfest quotes, wishes, messages, images, dates, history, significance, interesting facts, theme, and everything you want to know about Oktoberfest.

Introduction of Oktoberfest

Beer and alcohol parties are common in our homes. We celebrate with friends and family on account of good or bad news. But, have you thought about a never-ending wedding celebration that involved the consumption of beverages with separate giant tents arranged for beer and wine? 

Chill! We will help you out with the location and details so that you can try your hands on ;)

History of Oktoberfest

Prince Ludwig married Princess Teresa of Sassonia-Hildburghausen on 12 Oct 1810. The royal celebrations were held in the fields in front of the city gate in Munich. All the citizens of Munich were invited to the event. On the fields, they were known as "Theresienwiese", meaning Teresa's meadow". The naming was to honour the Princess. Horse races marked the end of the ceremony at Theresienwiese. The Horse racing was a feast for the people of Bavaria. Repetition of horse racing in the succeeding year gave rise to the "Oktoberfest" tradition.

The fest in succeeding years had horse races accompanied by the agricultural fair. The addition of food and drink serving in booths was made in 1818. The booths were upgraded as beer halls by the late 20th century. The fest also includes adventure games, music and dancing.   

Oktoberfest 2022 Date

  • When is Oktoberfest 2022?

Oktoberfest for the year 2022 will be celebrated/observed from 17 September to 3 October.

  • Oktoberfest dates for the years 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026

Year Date Name
2022 17 Sep to 3 Oct Oktoberfest
2023 16 Sep to 3 Oct Oktoberfest
2024 21 Sep to 6 Oct Oktoberfest
2025 20 Sep to 5 Oct Oktoberfest
2026 19 Sep to 4 Oct Oktoberfest

Significance of Oktoberfest

The day is to have fun and entertainment, which was earlier a celebration of Prince Ludwig wedding. The Germans wanted to continue the fest. Therefore with the support of the Bavarian agricultural association, the fest was organized. Large tents for beer lovers are arranged, and the German chicken is exclusively served along with the other German dishes.

The beer festival is known to be served with famous German beers from Munich breweries; Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu, Paulaner, and Spaten. 

Separate halls are arranged for serving countless beer pints to the customers on every day of the 16-day festival. 

People of every age group attend the festival. However, not everyone is allowed to have a beer. There are eligibility criteria to have a beer pint and alcohol. Let's look at them.

Age Criteria

Anyone who crossed the age of 16 is eligible to have a beer pint in Germany, that too without parents' supervision. However, an individual above 18 years old only has access to liquor. 

Children under the age of 6: Children are only allowed to stay close by the beer hall only in parents' presence after 8 pm, and no alcohol is served to the kids. 

Children are allowed inside the beer tent only in their parents' presence and must leave the tent at 8 pm. Also, a strict rule to not serve beer is in place. 

Children between the ages group 6-14: Children are only allowed to stay close by the beer hall only in their parents' presence after 8 pm, and no alcohol is served to the kids. 

If the child is inside the beer tent, he must be accompanied by his parents and no alcohol is served to the kid. 

Children between the age of 16-17: Children are eligible for beer drinking; however, not served any strong alcohol outside as well as inside the beer tent. 

Adults above 18 years and older: All adults are eligible to have beer and alcohol inside as well as outside the beer tent. There are no limitations set for consumption. 

One may visit the fest with family not just to have beverages but also to enjoy roller-coaster rides, bumper cars, dozens of side-shows, Ferris wheel and many games. 

Also, it is a safe event as a strong security system to curb bad behaviour is in place. Paris Hilton was banned for a lifetime for her unacceptable behaviour from the Oktoberfest.

Pros and Cons of Beer Consumption

As the festivity revolves around beer, let us look at the benefits and harmful effects of it.


  1. Healthy heart: As beer contains vitamins and antioxidants, consumption of a moderate amount of beer has proven to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Also, it is proved that beer is much healthier than wine.
  2. Healthy bones: Beer contains dietary silicon, which is essential for bone formation and development. Therefore, moderate consumption of beer will add strength to bones and prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. 
  3. Powerful Brain: Medical researchers shared that a test on cognitive abilities of low to moderate beer customers had better memory and cognitive functions compared to heavy drinkers. 
  4. Controlled Blood pressure: Studies suggest that the soluble fibre in beer reduces bad cholesterol and promotes healthy blood sugar levels. In simple words, it can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Harmful Effects

  1. Addiction: Consumption of beer at moderate levels is healthy for the body. However, if the limits are crossed, it leads to addiction. Addiction often leads to relationship problems with family, friends and employment. The addicted individual loses family, friends and even bread earning sources. A person who cannot stand the urge to drink might spend lavishly on drinks and become homeless or financially dependent. 
  2. Weight Gain: As beer contains vitamins, excessive consumption adds to the fat and turns a fit person into a Beer belly man. 
  3. Uncontrollable emotions: Heavy beer consumption leads to extreme emotions such as rage, urge for physical intimacy, anxiety, depression. 
    1. Rage: Addict may get furious and frustrated because of the loss of job, family love and support, which turns their rage buttons on and lead to committing crimes such as murder or attempts to murder. 
    2. Sexual assaults: Due to loss of control, an addict may indulge in sexual assaults as well as risky sexual activities, which may lead to violence and transmission of sexual diseases. 
    3. Anxiety: The inability to control oneself may lead to anxiety and palpitations in the addict and may even cause death or other psychological disorders such as Depression, Schizophrenia. 
  4. Liver diseases: Excessive consumption of beer damages the liver and causes liver-related diseases such as cirrhosis and fatty liver. 
  5. High blood pressure: As moderate consumption of beer can act as a controller for blood pressure, the opposite is true if excess glasses of beer is consumed. 
  6. Loss of memory: Moderate drinks are good for the maintenance of consistent cognitive functions. On the other hand, huge glasses can lead to loss of memory as well as cause hemorrhagic stroke, i.e., an effect of bleeding in the brain. 
  7. Weak immunity: Heavy consumers are at risk of a weak immune system which causes cancers, malnutrition and digestive problems.

When Is Oktoberfest Celebrated?

The fest is two weeks' celebration in Germany. The 187th fest will be held from 17 Sep and will end on 3 Oct in 2022.

Interesting Facts about Oktoberfest

  1. Beers served in Oktoberfest are the ones that are brewed within the Munich limits. 
  2. Dirndls and lederhosen are the traditional costumes worn by the participants in the Oktoberfest celebrations. 
  3. Oktoberfest is also called a "d'Wiesn" by the residents of Munich.

Andreas Michael Dall'Armi, a civil officer in Bavaria, is logically the inventor of Oktoberfest as he proposed the unique celebration idea for a wedding. The Bavarian member of the National Guard was awarded the first gold citizens medal for his invention in 1824 by Munich city officials.  


Anything in limits is good and what is beyond limits is harmful to one's lifestyle.

What are you waiting for? Grab a few bottles of beer, invite your friends and share our brewing content on beers. Cheers!!


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