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Mother’s Day: Messages, Quotes, Images, Wishes, Cards, Greetings, Wallpapers, GIFs, PNG, and Pictures

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: January 07, 2022


Mother’s Day: Messages, Quotes, Images, Wishes, Cards, Greetings, Wallpapers, GIFs, PNG, and Pictures

Best Mother’s Day Messages, Quotes, Images, Wishes, Cards, Greetings, Wallpapers, GIFs, PNG, and Pictures to share with your mom this Mother's Day.

May 9 is officially celebrated as Mother’s Day as an honour to motherhood, all across the globe. It might be celebrated on different days in some parts, but usually, it is the same.

Although it is observed differently in different parts of the world, the motive is, all the same, to celebrate the love and dedication of a mother and to make them feel recognised, loved, and respected.

This article will provide insights into the following topics:

  • Mother’s Day Wallpapers, GIFs, PNG, and Pictures
  • Mother’s Day around the world in 2021
  • Mother’s Day Wishes, Cards and Greetings
  • Why is Mother’s Day celebrated?
  • What day is Mother’s Day 2021?
  • Mother’s Day Quotes and Messages

Mother’s Day 2022 Date

  • When is Mother’s Day 2022?

Mother’s Day for the year 2022 is celebrated/observed on Sunday, 8 May.

  • Mother’s Day dates for the years 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027

Year Weekday Date Name  
2021 Sun 9 May Mothers' Day  
2022 Sun 8 May Mothers' Day  
2023 Sun 14 May Mothers' Day  
2024 Sun 12 May Mothers' Day  
2025 Sun 11 May Mothers' Day  
2026 Sun 10 May Mothers' Day  
2027 Sun 9 May Mothers' Day  

Why is Mother’s Day Celebrated? 

A mother’s infinite love, affection and care are unmatched and priceless. No one and nothing can top that, and that is precisely why the celebration of Mother’s Day is carried out everywhere, to let mothers around the world know that they are appreciated for all that they do.

Moreover, it is a tribute to not just mothers, but maternal bonds all over the world, rejoicing the importance of mothers in a family and the society in general.

A mother indulges in innumerable things and works the most to provide her family with the best of everything. She works, cooks, cleans, helps her children as well as her husband, to say the least.

She will always be there for her family and friends, no matter what.

This is why it is said that a mother would be breaking from the inside, but she would still listen to others’ problems and help them out.

The least we could do in return for the unconditional love a mother pours out is appreciate it and let her know that she is valued, and so are her efforts, time, and hard work.

Reasons why this day is important

  • Mother’s Day is not just a celebration for mothers; it also allows them to take a day off, sit back, and simply relax and take time for themselves.
  • You must have looked at your mother as she works day and night and also manages to take out time for you. Well, this is the day when you take out time for her and be there for her!
  • This day also provides one with the chance of strengthening their bond with their mother more.

Different ways of marking the day in different countries

Mother’s Day is celebrated in numerous different ways in different parts of the world. Here are some instances:


Day of celebration: The second Sunday of May

In Finland, Mother’s Day is regarded as a public holiday and is commonly celebrated over coffee, cakes, gifts, and roses for the mothers.

The President of Finland presents medals and titles to those mothers who happen to have done something exceptional, every year.


Day of celebration: The second Sunday of May

People usually gift their mother roses and/or red carnations on Mother’s Day as this is the most common way of marking the day in Japan.

New Zealand

Day of celebration: The second Sunday of May

In New Zealand, mothers are given gifts and cards on this day and are traditionally served breakfast in bed, as a sign of having them take the day off and simply enjoy the day.

United Kingdom 

Day of celebration: 22nd March

The United Kingdom celebrates the day quite traditionally and differently as compared to most of the other countries. Besides the usual gifts and cards, it celebrates in the way the traditional holiday of Mothering Sunday is celebrated.

Although the day is commemorated in various ways, it is carried out in the same essence and spirit of recognising and honouring motherly love, strength, affection, and respect.

How can you make the day special? 

Mothers are wired in such a way, that they tend to remember even the smallest of gestures ever and tend to get the happiest by even the bare minimum.

But considering you have the perfect opportunity to be extra generous, here are certain simple yet highly effective ways through which you could make Mother’s Day more special:

  • Surprise your mother with breakfast in bed with her favourite food items! Starting the day bright and right is just about perfection.
  • Bake a cake. You could even bake cookies or make something else like a cheesecake or a pastry.
  • Make a handmade card for her and make sure to fill it with all your love and respect for her. You could also buy a greeting card, but the love emerging from self-made ones just hits different!
  • Get her gifts, be it a dress, accessories or even a kitchen apron, your mother is going to love it.
  • Gift her a bouquet of roses or any of her favourite flowers with a written note.
  • Use minimally pretty decorations. You could fill the house with colourful balloons or ribbons and make her feel special, just like you would on her birthday.
  • Help her with cooking and cleaning, or better yet, ask her to relax and take up those jobs for yourself for one day!
  • Gift her a booking of a spa appointment or treat her with a beauty day in the salon. She deserves it undoubtedly.
  • Organise a family lunch or dinner.
  • Sing her favourite song for her. An act this simple is also going to make her feel good.
  • Gift her something memorable.
  • Spend the day with her and only her and grow your bond with her.
  • Get a picture collage of all the pictures depicting memories and unforgettable experiences. Make the day worth remembering.
  • Plan a shopping spree with her.
  • Take her to the movies. You could also plan a movie marathon at home with some of her favourite food items and voila!
  • Play fun games and activities together with the whole family like planning a weekend picnic or simply playing board games.

No matter what the gesture is, the important aspect is that you put your efforts and time into it and make sure that your mother gets the best treatment on the day.

And you don’t have to do any of these gestures just because it is Mother’s Day; it is not necessary that you only do things like this only on that particular day. You could also randomly slip her a handmade card, cook her favourite recipe, spend quality time with her, or do any of those above on a random day too! After all, you don’t need any specific day to let your mother know how much you love and respect her right!

She works every day for 365 days without even a single complaint whatsoever; the least one could do is keep making her special time and again and let her know how much she means to them. If she can do it every single day, you can definitely do it at least once in a while!


Motherhood is a sacred art, a gift, which remains priceless.

Mother’s Day is a celebration of a mother’s unmatched and unconditional love all over the world. This Mother’s Day celebrate her happiness and love, her efforts and dedication, her strength, and her goals.

This Mother’s Day celebrate the joy of being a mother, the power of motherhood, and honour your mother and the precious bond you have with her.

On this incredibly special day, take a vow to always respect and love your mother, just as she does it without any complaints or demands.

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Khushi has just passed her school and is now studying at PDPU. Apart from writing, she likes to sketch and dance. She also has other blogs where she posts proses and poetry. 


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