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La Tomatina: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: March 10, 2022


La Tomatina: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

This article presents the La Tomatina quotes, wishes, messages, images, dates, history, significance, interesting facts, theme, and everything you want to know about La Tomatina.

Introduction of La Tomatina

How many times have you had pillow fights? How would the fight progress if pillows were replaced with tomatoes? 

Are you curious? Let's share about a similar tradition in Spain; La Tomatina. La Tomatina is a tradition in Spain that involves friendly tomato throws at participants for fun. It is observed on last Wednesday of August.

History of La Tomatina

In 1945, during a parade of giants and bigheads, local youth to take part tried to enter the parade, which caused an outrage between the party members and youth. The outrage leads to hitting each other with tomatoes. Police intervention ended the Tomato war. Later, the next year, the same young lads brought tomatoes from their homes and initiated the tomato war.  

It was officially banned in the early 1950s. However, its demand paved the way for continuation from the successive years.

La Tomatina 2022 Date

  • When is La Tomatina 2022?

La Tomatina for the year 2022 is celebrated/observed on Wednesday, 31 August.

  • La Tomatina dates for the years 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026

Year Weekday Date Name
2022 Wed 31 Aug La Tomatina
2023 Wed 30 Aug La Tomatina
2024 Wed 28 Aug La Tomatina
2025 Wed 27 Aug La Tomatina
2026 Wed 26 Aug La Tomatina

Significance of La Tomatina

It is held in Valencia town of Bunol town of Spain. It is a tradition since 1945. This is a fun festival, due to which tourists from all over the globe are attracted to Spain. The fun fact is the duration of the tomato pelting is 60 minutes. There are no underlying beliefs for a continuation of the ritual, and it is purely for recreation. 

Why Should La Tomatina Be Encouraged?

Though the event is for fun and social gathering, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's have a glance at them.

  1. Creates employment: La Tomatina being an internationally popular event, attracts creative people from various art industries. Movies are no exception for a display of interesting and scenic views. Therefore, filmmakers showcase the Spanish fun activity in films to grab the attention of the audience and generate more money. Cinema making involves a lot of effort and people from different departments. Therefore, La Tomatina indirectly employs crew members of Films. 
  2. Tourism: The Tomato festival is a fun and interesting event, which attracts people from all over the world. Thus keeping the tourism of Spain in line. This event is one of the means to promote tourism in Spain. An increase in tourism leads to the employment of more employees. Therefore tomato bath also facilitates employment. 
  3. Growth of Economy: Film shootings and Tourism generate money for the nation's economy. La Tomatina is one of the leading sources for the development of the Spanish economy. 
  4. Anti- war weapon: Spanish tomato war promotes harmless weapon; Tomato. As the festival is a fun fight with tomatoes as weapons, it sends an unconscious message of the promotion of peaceful practices for accomplishments.  
  5. Social connections: As La Tomatina is a festival of gathering and fun between family members and strangers. It strengthens bonds between people. Also, people whose family members are away or orphans can participate and feel included, thereby reducing the degree of loneliness.

Why Celebrations of La Tomatina Have to Be Amended?

  1. Wastage of food: There are many developing and underdeveloped countries in the world, which are starving because of food scarcity. The use of tomatoes as fun properties in such a crisis is sending wrong signals to other nations. Countries like India have adopted the Spanish festival but was soon banned because of the scarce food resources. 
  2. Injuries: Though the event involves a perishable good. Violent usage of it by certain individuals has injured a few people in the past. 
  3. Wastage of money: Tomato is a food resource. Therefore, most citizens purchase it with hard-earned money. Wastage of such economic good in one way is a devaluation of the currency. 
  4. Molestations: There is a high chance for perversion during the event. As the event is conducted in an open environment and attracts a massive crowd. This could be an opportunity for the ill-minds to invade others' privacy and cause discomfort. As a result, legal allegations may arise, and few may restrict themselves from participation. 
  5. Spread of infection; There is a high risk of spreading infections such as covid, TB. Is it a social gathering and the majority of them are strangers? It is nearly impossible to know the medical condition of others; as a result, many could be affected by contagious diseases. Also, as many tourists dive into the town for participation, one may not know the medical history of travellers. 

What Can We Do to Celebrate Effectively and Decently?

As everything has merits and demerits, even the tomato game has its pros and cons. We can reduce the wastage of the number of tomatoes in the fun game to reduce wastage of monetary sources as well as food resources. Also, a reduction in event duration to 30 minutes will save time, economic goods and cash. Another way for the ones with weak immunity is to have a tomato festival at home, which is safe and secure from infections and molestations.

Effects of Tomatoes on Skin

As the event is a tomato festival. Let's look at the benefits and side effects of Tomatoes on skin.

Bright Side of Tomato Application on Skin

Tomatoes clear the oiliness of the skin by cleansing and clearing through the element of Ph correction within. People with oil or acne-prone face are at the benefit of having clean and clear skin with the usage of tomatoes. The acne-prone skin damages face; causes acne, oiliness, pimples. Tomatoes have vitamin C, which reduces oil and reduces acne, leading to clear and bright skin.

Tomatoes are also known for healing dead cells. Open facial pores let the dirt and dust settle on the skin, causing irritation and accumulation of dead cells. Tomatoes have enzymes that exfoliate dead cells and facilitate neat skin. Tomato juice alleviates redness and inflammation when applied to sunburns on the skin, which in turn foster a soothing feel. However, a tomato paste, when taken into a diet, is much more beneficial as lycopene from Tomato develops a defensive layer to UV rays. The defensive layer reduces the effect of sun rays to some extent but not completely. Tomatoes also tighten the pores because of the vitamins they contain, preventing dirt and dust settlement in pores. Tightening of the pores prevents wrinkles and thereby reduces the skin's ageing.

How Are Tomatoes Harmful to Skin?

People with sensitive skin may be allergic to the natural acidic nature of tomatoes and develop rashes, itching and redness.

When Is La Tomatina Celebrated?

It is held on the last Wednesday of August. A week full of fun contests and parades follows La Tomatina.

Celebration of La Tomatina

La Tomatina is initiated by hanging a ham from a greased pole. It's a fun ritual to start the fest. It involves grabbing the ham from the sliding pole. The tomato festival begins at noon and ends at 13 O'clock. People make the most of the hour. Friends, family, neighbours gear up and unleash the inner children within. Most people prefer white clothes. However, many men can be seen with underpants on. 

Interesting Facts about Tomatoes

  1. Tomatoes are natural disinfectants. Therefore participation in La Tomatina cleanses the bodily impurities.
  2. The Tomatoes used in the fight are of low quality and can be not used. 
  3. Firefighters take charge of cleaning the streets post the fight. The streets become cleaner because of the acidic nature of tomatoes. 


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