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Importance of Education in Life and Society

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Importance of Education in Life and Society

Education nowadays has become a necessity and human right that everyone deserves. Studies free everyone from the shackles of cruel life and uplift any socially depressed person in life. Education is an equaliser which brings all people from different strata of life together as one. In this fast-paced moving world, nearly 1 billion children pass and move on to another grade. Here in this article, let's see the advantages and importance of education in life and society.

This article covers the following topics. 

  • Role of education
  • Why education would make a better world?
  • How is education important in our society?
  • Importance of education in life
  • Why is education important?
  • Types of education

Three types of Education and its benefits:

In this world, there are three types of coaching. They are formal, informal and non-formal education. 

Formal Education

Formal education is a structured form of education which is followed unquestionably by the people. It is a set of teaching and evaluation methods which is followed uniformly without discrimination. The uniformity and fairness are what promotes formal education to everyone. One instance of formal education is the idea of preschooling to high school, which itself is hierarchical and well structured. Formal education varies from one place to another. Indian formal education system is not the same as the UK formal education system. Overall, there are two divisions in formal schooling everywhere. They are public and private instruction. 

Formal Public Instruction

When we mention any medium of instruction that is equal and open for everyone, public teaching comes into place, but in most developing countries it is not free, but there may be a concession in fees. The availability of public schooling is open to all and anyone from any strata of life can make use of it. Teachers in public schools are let to work only when they are certified by the state. The importance of education in life is valuable; therefore, the standards of teaching are high.

Formal Private Instruction 

Independent organisations which provide education services form private schooling. Long established chains of school have a better reputation. The positive aspect of private schooling is it has a wide range of academic opportunities and creates a safe environment for learning. More weightage is given to extracurricular activities, and parental involvement is in its maximum here. A large number of resources for studying is available in enormous supply here. 

Importance of Formal Education in Life and Society: 

The following are the few advantages of how formal education moulds people into perfect citizens for this world.

1. When a student receives formal schooling, then the chances of learning life-enhancing skills and putting them into use is possible.

2. Formal schooling gives the ability to improve one's social skills like learning good manners (e.g., table manners).

3. Formal education promotes healthy competition, the sense of one and friendliness at the same. 

4. Learning to agree to disagree is fundamental in a society which is encouraged informal tutoring. 

5. Different perspectives are essential for bringing diverse solutions for a problem which are promoted by the formal education system. 

6. It creates and promotes an idea of unity with diversity.

Formal schooling is preferred by roughly 70% to 80% population of the world. It is because of the democratic government. It's followed for many years now. It also promotes several other professions like teachers, school cleaners, drivers, and nurses on campus. 

Informal Education

Anything that is not certified and learned by manual experiments is termed as informal education. It is organised differently to promote getting in our hands dirty and learn instead of memorising and simply writing in answer sheets. It is more of self-directed learning to improve a single person's abilities. It doesn't come forced but only out of a person's effort. Reading a book, attending webinars, reading articles, self-studying, actively participating in forums where many people get together and share their opinions and views are few instances. Children find the informal methodology of learning very interesting as it involves many other kids of their age. Adults too, indulge in many activities like escape rooms, book clubs etc. The following are a few reasons why informal methodology is essential in society.

Importance of Informal Education in Life and Society

1. It is fundamental in a child's early development as they learn basics through toys and by imitating what adults do. 

2. This methodology promotes learning in one's own free time. A fixed schedule is not necessary as there is no one to monitor anyone.

3. There is an ideology for parents and kids that learning happens only in the school. However, it's not true. The world we live in is a classroom itself, and we can learn anything from any opportunity. 

4. Informal education is not at all times organised; therefore, it starts from a person's spontaneous decision and efforts. 

5. As there is no fixed curriculum, different methods can be used like playing a game, watching a video etc. 

6. Determination and pushing oneself to test their limits is very encouraging as such. 

The informal way of learning is often dismissed by people as it is of no use. It is because it is not easy to quantify it, and there are no proper examinations to certify it. The advantages must be thought about before passing judgement or any opinion. 

Non-Formal Education

Non-formal learning doesn't have learning has its main criteria, but to improve one's skills and knowledge. It takes place outside any properly organised system of school or colleges. Personal growth is what  is focussed here, and it will help a person to develop themselves. This will involuntarily develop the nation and takes society to the next level. Teachers are also involved in non-formal education methods, and their teaching methodology varies from person to person. It is mostly extracurricular activities where the emphasis is given. The following is the reasons why non-formal learning is vital. 

Importance of Non-Formal Education in Life and Society

1. It helps the participants in non-formal schooling to increase their cognitive skills as well as their emotional skills. 

2. It helps in the growth of a person spiritually. For example, trust in one's gut feeling while making a decision. 

3. Growth in personal level helps to become a respectable social person too. This teaching makes people mature and teaches them the importance of teamwork. 

4. Confidence, self-esteem is boosted, and stage fear, communication problems, anxiety levels of any person has reduced at a great extent. 

5. Self-motivation and the habit of being active in improving oneself will motivate or encourage others in society to develop themselves too. 

6. The freedom to learn and test what one likes or prefers is open here.

To cite a few examples of Non-formal education, swimming, seminars to improve personal development, motivation, fitness courses, sex education courses are few. This methodology exists for the past two decades and is still preferred by all because of its flexibility. Relationships are also given attention here. 


People in lower strata of life often pose a question "Why is education important in our society?" as they do not realise the fruits education bears in the future. Educating a child from a depressed part of the world is equal to planting a sapling as it will grow into a huge tree and help mankind. The need and importance of education are talked about a lot, so people are getting aware of it. I hope this article will give you a minimum of 20 reasons why education is important and the importance of education in today's society.

Co-author: Akshaya Saravana Kumar

Akshaya is currently pursuing Masters in English Literature. She is an avid reader, an animal lover and a movie freak. She loves to spend her past time travelling to strange places in different time zones with her imagination and fall in love with fictional characters.


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