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How to Fulfil Your Dreams

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: December 16, 2020


How to Fulfil Your Dreams

This has been rightly said that Dreams are something that don't let you sleep and you see them with open eyes. This article will help in achieving those dreams by providing some tips.

Most of us live in a dreary state, drifting from one moment to next in this life, which we can hardly say is ours since it was created by others. And we just live it mechanically. To be fair, we do conceive original thoughts and ideas; dream of things that are beyond mundane and make plans for a bigger life. But most of these dreams and plans die with us an unlived life.

Let's imagine our life is a movie and we are the protagonist but imagine it in reverse order. We die, we grow sickly old, we are in midlife, we have just entered adulthood with a lot of aspirations and commitment, we are young in our teenage years with a lot of big unrealistic dreams and excitement… When you replay all of it take a note of all your regrets, missed opportunities and failures. Could you have done it differently? Is it possible you could have been happier? 

Most of our regrets arise from dreams that we weren't able to live, the plans we didn't put into action, the opportunities we were too scared to grasp or we were distracted or unprepared to grab.

Dreams are an essential part of our lives; they tell us where our heart lies; they make us enthusiastic and drive us to live more deliberately. 

What if it is not as complicated as it sounds to build the life of our dreams. We can fulfil anything we want with a proper action plan.

This article will provide insights into the following topics:

  • How can I fulfill my wishes?
  • Ways to Succeed at Fulfilling Your Dream
  • How to achieve your dreams in life?
  • Are you confident that you can Fulfil your dream?
  • What efforts are you making to fulfill your dreams?

Decide Carefully

Don't choose small because you don't believe you can achieve big. It has to be big enough that it motivates you when time gets hard. It has to be glorious enough that you can drudge through day after day, hour after hour in work and not get bored. Your dream has to be justifiable enough for you to sacrifice all your comforts and securities to march with nothing into the big world and claim what is yours.

Fight the Fear

The fact that you haven't achieved much till now shows that you haven't worked hard enough. Because the truth is when first you decided to go for your dream and took the first step, you stumbled. And next time, when you should have retried the step, you didn't because fear told you you are only going to falter again. Since then, you dream every day to continue where you had left, to not give up on your dream, but you are stuck in the cage of your self-perceived failures and limitation. You started believing- maybe others are right after all- maybe I am just not meant to be this person.

Well, people don't do what is right but what is easy.

That's why you choose to accept you weren't born with the talent, with the right skills and personality. While the truth is, you are just scared that it is going to be hard, and you are only going to fail in trying to develop that talent and all those skills. And chances are you will. But failure is temporary and is not a result but a necessary ongoing practice that you have to go through. Let the fear in your head be taken care of by the faith in your heart. 

Prepare Schedules - They act as a Saviour

While you can play around telling yourself, following heart is doing what you want to do and when you want to do, truth is you are never going to get much done. At least not in current times. We are drowning in stimulations; we are perpetually surrounded by things that can provide us with instant pleasure effortlessly. It can fill up your quota by lending feelings of achievement, joy and peace. But they are all short-lived because they are not exactly yours but just imprinted on you through emotional simulations you watch in movies and shows and even in self-improvement media. 

All these distractions have rendered us incapable of thinking and feeling for ourselves. So, if you think you are going to wait around till you feel some overwhelming internal feeling of excitement or motivation that will push you to get into your work finally. You are probably going to wait around forever. As harsh as it is, you need to be tougher when it comes to your work. 

Make a schedule of when you have to start your work and how much has to be completed in a specified time and cling to it for your dear life! 

Everyday Choices

Every hour, every minute, every second, our brain is bombarded with thousands of choices, and it is consistently deciding with or without your permission. Whether to wake up now or sleep in. To pick up your phone and scroll through the messages or open your laptop and start working. To go for a movie this Sunday or catch up on that workshop. To sleep or work a little extra…

Our brain will decide for us according to our past behaviour and habits and make us run on autopilot mode, unless we decide consciously. For doing that, we need to be careful when these choices are presented in front of us. Beware of even subtlest of choices which come as mere thoughts or suggestions. And always decide in favour of your dream, something that will help you achieve it and not the easier alternative. This is where a schedule will help you from slipping. Just stick to the schedule, and all your choices are already decided for you. 

Thoughts can be misleading sometimes

As mentioned earlier, you can have creative ideas, but that's a big CAN with even bigger invisible IF following it. Yes, most of our thoughts are plagued by others' views and opinions. The worst thing is our mind is never free of them. So, whenever you do start working or decide to work, one of these tiny seamless devils will sneak into your head and whisper all the ways that your plan can go wrong, or all the better things you could do instead of working. 

Hence, you end up revisiting your plans and even dreams making changes and wasting all your time. Now, there is nothing wrong in pondering over your goals and re-aligning them according to changing times. But you have to know the difference between procrastination and strategizing. 

The best solution, you allot an hour in your everyday schedule to just think. Keep it somewhere at night time, before bed. So throughout the day whenever a thought tries to intrude and dismantle your working session, note it down on a paper and then, let it go. And all these things will get their fair share of hearing at night time to make their case. If anything turns out to be of any benefit, introduce it into your timetable from the next day. 

Follow your schedule with complete focus. The hours you have dedicated for work, they should be used only for that with complete concentration.

Simple changes that can help you build the life of your dreams

  • Meditation is not some vestige of the hippie revolution. It's a very potent tool to get your life under your control. Most of the successful people have incorporated this practice into their lifestyle as its benefits are so expansive and effective.
  • Connect with high-quality people. Take help whenever you need it. Greatest things were never achieved by a lone man; you will be surprised how much difference can be made if you just contact the right person. You can save a lot of time and gain multiple perspectives on one problem.
  • Build a comfortable environment for working. One that is fully equipped with all the tools you will need.
  • Take help of abounding resources around you to master your skill or learn a new one for that matter. 


Have a big beautiful dream that you genuinely want. Believe in your dreams with all your heart and all your might. Plan out everything and make a schedule accordingly. Follow it religiously. Take help from people and media around you. 

Most importantly, enjoy what you are doing. Work with enthusiasm and excitement. If your dream doesn't incite these emotions, then you need to re-evaluate your dream or your plan. Or you may be focusing on the difficulty you are facing today, which is making it hard to enjoy your work. In that case, you need to connect all your day-to-day activities to the bigger picture. Always keep in mind how what you are doing today is going to bring you closer to your dream. It is going to be hard as hell to decide to work every day, to choose to work every day but this decision is what will separate you from an ordinary person. So, always remember to choose your dream. 

Co-author:  Shreya Arya

A digital marketing enthusiast with experience in HR and hospital management, Shreya has wide interests ranging from philosophy, psychology to latest trends in automation. She is also a freelance content writer and loves lending beautiful words to ideas and feelings.


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