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How technology has changed our lives

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How technology has changed our lives

Every coin has two sides which means everything has a positive and negative side. So does technology. Being extremely powerful, it has indeed changed our lives completely. Even though it looks good, but it has several drawbacks. The new technology takes our lives to the next level and makes the normal routine different that is, much faster and at an affordable rate. It is now hard to imagine a life without electricity, automobiles, smartphones, and computers.

Before any of these technologies was introduced, life was much easier and less complex, but it wasn't easy to do many things during the daytime, which was the only source of visible light. Modern technology is fast and portable and has changed the way of interacting with others. In this article, we will learn more about how technology changed our lives.

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It was not easy to get the amount of knowledge and information within a few minutes in the past, but now technology has changed the way of our learning and teaching. Sitting far away from colleges or schools, we can attend the online lectures thoroughly. But it was not possible in the past years. From kids to seniors, anyone can do online classes and learn new things accordingly.


The beautiful memories of sending the postcards and waiting for days to receive them have lost somewhere. With the advent of technology, several gadgets are invented for communication. Now we have computers, mobile phones, social media, video conferencing applications to reach out to our loved ones within seconds. The precious moment of connecting with our loved ones that kept us waiting for many days now arrives within seconds. So undoubtedly, technology is fast and saves a lot of time.

Digital addiction

As of today, the maximum of our work is associated with the Internet so it has been a kind of digital addiction. But all addictions are bad as we know. Sitting for hours in front of computers and mobile phones gived rise to various health issues. So, one should always take precautions and spare themselves from being addicted.


Technology sometimes becomes more comparative and less productive. It is risky to take selfies in risky areas, online shopping is not good every time, and more often, we do not take out time for our families and friends. We have somewhere misunderstood the fact that technology is for saving our time and not for keeping oneself busier. Are we enjoying our lives with the family in real-time? Are we not becoming emotionless? Technology does not make you good or bad, but it depends on you how you are using it. Do not make your life fully dependent on it else you will miss the precious moments of your life.


No doubt technology has increased the pace of working and made us do more work in less time, but one thing which we are not aware of is, it is equally spoiling the health. Overusing technology in real life has led to more health-related issues. 

People in the past had less or no electric equipment for household work and fieldwork, and this was the reason for their good health and physical stamina. Moreover, they lived a long life and were less prone to diseases. But the average age is reduced today with the advent of technology.

Power of thinking

From making a science model for a 4th-grade student to solve another person's problem, everything is dependent on technology. Our thinking ability is somewhat degrading day-by-day. Just because search engines provide the results within seconds, we have been fully dependent on it. People used to work when there was no internet, and their creativity was well developed than the new generation. 

Technology indeed provides enough knowledge and information, but that is also making us addicted to the digital world. Analyzing and visualizing has become more difficult. Kids are admitted to tuitions after school, and they are not enjoying their childhood. From the very initial age, they are being pressurized to face the competition, which makes them anxious at an incredibly young age.

Business and workplace

Technology is the biggest advantage for business and productivity. As technology affects our working habits, we are much reliable on productivity, and it is the best for business. From measuring the quality of products and services to speeding up the production process, technology has been equally important. The benefits of technology in the workplace is that it reduces cost, time, labour, and increases speed. 

For small business owners, the future may become unpredictable because it is tough for them to match the speed at which technology is evolving. Moreover, people in rural areas are not that much aware of the new technologies, and their technical skills are not yet developed. Hard work, dedication, and a piece of basic knowledge can make it possible. 


Technology leads to fluctuation in behaviour within seconds. People in the past had more patience than today. The biggest impact is caused by social media. Now, what matters are the likes and comments rather than other important work. Even we are reliant on the Internet for connecting to a neighbour instead of going to their home. Patience level is decreasing day-by-day, especially among youngsters. Instead of spending time with their friends and family, they search for a new online friend and keep distance from people.

Everyone reads the motivational facts, but hardly anyone implements it. Instead of focusing upon the things that do not matter, we should utilize the time in reading the informational articles, facts, current affairs, and news, etc. 


Everyone is ready to create conflicts on social media, but when it comes to real-life, they even do not proceed to communicate. Youth is influenced the most and that too badly. They find debating more useful than finding a solution. They are more attracted to less or not so important things than useful ones. They love nature but cannot take care of that. They love animals but cannot adopt a stray. The technology was not created for contradiction; sadly, it has become one of the modes for the same. 


In the complex world, culture is seen across the boundaries, and the Internet is always ahead to bring culture close to people. It is nurturing new forms of art and knowledge. The technology is immensely beneficial for innovation, creation of new goods and services. Social networking devotes intense efforts to develop a mechanism for creating a user-friendly environment. The Internet is growing, and wherever you go, everything will be available online.


The Internet will always lie ahead of us with total connectivity. Mobile communications will be reinvented by making them more digital and innovation will be converged with mobility. Not only social media, but the general Internet will be re-shaped. The potential for the development of countries is rising globally and will continue to rise. Technology is good if we use it wisely and not misuse it. 

Make its use to gain knowledge, learn about culture, earning wealth, and helping people in solving problems. The power of technology has made the things possible which did not seem to be possible a few years back like the invention of driverless taxis, flying cars, artificial intelligence, etc. Never become so dependent on it that it starts controlling you.

Co-author: Shraddha Thuwal

Shraddha Thuwal is the author of the book “Let us Conquer over weakness”. She is a blogger and her work has been published in various anthologies. By writing, she aims to reach out to people, create awareness and create a positive impact globally.


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