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Happy Halloween: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: October 12, 2021


Happy Halloween: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

This article presents the best Halloween quotes, wishes, messages, images, dates, history, significance, interesting facts, theme, and everything you want to know about Halloween.

Western countries celebrate a lot of unique festivals that are really interesting and fun to celebrate. People celebrate these festivities with great enthusiasm because it is a time when they can keep all the stress and deadlines aside and have fun with their family and friends. 

Introduction of Halloween

Halloween is a festival that is celebrated every year on 31st October. It is also known as All Hallows eve or Saints Eve. It is celebrated to remember the people who have passed away, saints, martyrs or other important people. 

History of Halloween

The origin of the festival arises from the Pagan tradition of Samhain, and it is believed to be the spookiest night of the year. This tradition marked the change in seasons and also a time when the realm between the living and the dead became thin or disappeared. This helped the living to contact the dead, or maybe the dead could also freely roam around in the world of the living. During this time, the people lit up bonfires and dressed up in costumes to ward off any spirits lurking around. They celebrated by organizing fests and decorating with Jack o’ lanterns. They also believed that communicating with the deaf saints might help them get some predictions about the future. They used to burn crops and even sacrifice animals for their Pagan deities. 

Gradually the Christian cultures and traditions took over, and the significance of Pagan traditions lessened, but this day is still celebrated with more or less the same customs. Halloween is now an important part of pop culture and is celebrated all over the world. The intense and magical rituals have evolved and modernized into more fun and interesting ones. 

The word Halloween was popularized by a poem with the same name, written by a Scottish poet, Robert Burns. 

The history and Origin of Jack o’ Lanterns

Jack o’ Lanterns are an important part of Halloween. It is believed that it began from an Irish Myth, which is a story about a person known as “The stingy Jack.”

It is said that Jack invited the Devil for a drink, but since he didn’t want to spend any money, he asked the Devil to be converted into a coin. When the Devil did so, he kept the coin with a cross, and hence the Devil could not go back to his original form. But then he was freed but tricked the following year again when Jack trapped the Devil in a fruit.

After Jack died, he could not go to heaven, and neither hell because the Devil promised not to take his soul. Since then, Jack has been wandering with a pile of burnt coal inside a carved-out Turnip. Eventually, the turnip was changed into a pumpkin, and this was how Jack o’ Lanterns came into being.

Halloween 2021 Date

  • When is Halloween 2021?

Halloween for the year 2021 is celebrated/observed on Sunday, 31 October.

  • Halloween dates for the years 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026

When is ...? Date Day of the week
Halloween 2021 October 31, 2021 Sunday
Halloween 2022 October 31, 2022 Monday
Halloween 2023 October 31, 2023 Tuesday
Halloween 2024 October 31, 2024 Thursday
Halloween 2025 October 31, 2025 Friday
Halloween 2026 October 31, 2026 Saturday

Significance of Halloween

Halloween plays an important role in the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. It is the time when people try to get rid of all the negative energies in their lives and welcome positive and new energy into our lives. People attend costume parties, and therefore, it acts as a stress buster for them. People celebrate this festival with great fun and excitement, dress up in their favourite costumes, and are free to be whatever they want. Basically, this festival helps add a positive entry into our lives, and the fun and joy help relieve stress and tensions for some time. It is also a day when we remember all the departed souls of our near and dear ones. Some people also take a bath in saltwater to get rid of all the toxins and negativities in life. 

How Is Halloween Celebrated?

The most famous custom of Trick or Treating. In this, the children dress up in stunning costumes and go door to door to collect candies. The owner of houses gives them chocolates or can decide not o participate by turning off their front or porch lights. It originates from All Soul’s Day when the poor would beg for food from the homes of the rich. On this day people generally party with their friends and friends, wearing wonderful costumes. They generally watch horror movies, play games or visit other haunted attractions. 

Celebrations All Around the World

  • Japan - Halloween in Japan does not include Trick or Treating. People in Japan mostly party and dress up in costumes. People also participate in parades called Kawasaki Halloween Parade. People have to register two months in advance in order to participate in this parade. 
  • Italy- Halloween in Italy is celebrated along with All Saint’s Day or Ognissanti. It is believed that the souls of the people who passed away visit their families. People decorate cemeteries with chrysanthemum flowers. They also leave some food for the spirits. Some people also give gifs to the children on behalf of the expired relatives. It is kind of like a mini-Christmas. 
  • Mexico- Halloween in Mexico is known as Dia De Los Muertos. It is a day when people remember their dead relatives. It is believed that the spirits visit the world of the living on November 1st and 2nd. People light up candles in the cemeteries and celebrate them with sweets, flowers and decorated skulls. They go out for a picnic as well. 
  • India - Halloween is getting a lot of popularity in India, especially among the youth. They visit clubs and other places for a spooky-themed party. It is celebrated with great zest in places like Delhi and Mumbai. Some people decorate their houses with spiders, bats etc., and restaurants serve Halloween themed food. 

When will be Halloween 2021 Celebrated?

It is celebrated on 31st October every year. 

Some Facts About Halloween

  • Halloween is being celebrated since two thousand years.
  • The custom of treat or tricking exists since medieval times.
  • Blobbing Apples, a custom done during Halloween, includes finding a husband.
  • Halloween got popular in other countries because of US Immigrants.
  • Jack o’ Lanterns were originally made up of potatoes, turnips and beet roots.
  • Ireland also has a traditional bread made for this occasion. 
  • Candy Corn, a famous candy distributed during Halloween, was originally known as Chicken Feed.
  • The biggest Halloween parade is held in the United States of America. 
  • Princesses and superheroes are the costumes that kids love, the most.
  • Skittles is the most consumed and popular candy during Halloween.
  • The night before the festival is known as Goosey Night or Mischief Night.
  • It is believed that dressing up in different costumes is a way of hiding from ghosts. 
  • For centuries, cats have been a part of Halloween.
  • Black and orange are the colours that define Halloween. 
  • It is the second-highest-grossing festival after Christmas.
  • Witch is a word that comes from an Old English word wicce, which means wise woman. Witches were highly respected during ancient times.
  • There are some people who are afraid of Halloween, and it is known as Samhainophobia.
  • The symbol for Halloween in Europe is an Owl.
  • The word Halloween is derived from Hallows’ Eve or Hallows’ Evening.
  • It is believed that Ireland is the place of origin of Halloween.

Ghosts, evil and the afterlife has always intrigued people, and a festival including all this is very exciting for most people and is celebrated with great fun, excitement and enthusiasm. We need more festivals of a similar kind so that our lives become more fun and exciting.


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