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Happy Dussehra: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: October 12, 2021


Happy Dussehra: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, Date, and More

This article presents the best Happy Dussehra quotes, wishes, messages, images, dates, history, significance, interesting facts, theme, and everything you want to know about Dussehra.

We live in a world where there are many religions, traditions, beliefs and people from any strata of life celebrate every single celebration as their own. India is one of the most diverse countries ever in the world. It is part of Asia's culture, but people from all over the world celebrate many celebrations like Diwali, Holi etc. Dussehra is one of such festivals which is widely celebrated with great significance.

dussehra 2021

This article will provide insights into the following topics:

  • About Dussehra
  • When is Dussehra celebrated? 
  • Dussehra 2021 Date
  • History of Dussehra
  • Significance of Dussehra
  • How is Dussehra celebrated? 
  • Interesting facts about Dussehra
  • Dussehra 2021


Dussehra is a major festival celebrated by the people who belong to the Hindu religion. Celebrated from the different parts of the world for several reasons, Dussehra is also known as Vijayadashami, Dasara and Dashain. The spelling differs from one regional language to another. Celebrating Dussehra has a superior moral which reaches people ultimately as a message.

When is Dussehra celebrated? 

Navaratri is a Hindu festival which is celebrated once in a year. Navaratri spans for nearly nine nights which is ten days every year at the end of the autumn season. Dussehra is observed at the end of every Navaratri festival. Concerning the calendar, Dussehra is observed on the tenth day in the Hindu calendar month of Ashvin which is the seventh month of the Hindu Luni-Solar Calendar. This date falls in September and October in the Gregorian calendar.

Significance of Dussehra

The question "Why is Dussehra celebrated?" always arises and people often go check out the significance of this festival. As far as the significance of Dussehra is concerned, it lies in the moral of the story, Ramayana, the great Indian epic. Ravana is one of the most dangerous Rakshasas with ten heads. No matter what the boon he has, ultimately he failed. Dharma is a concept which means that the good has to be rewarded and the bad has to be punished no matter what. The very virtuous one is often awarded and seen as equal to God, the creator himself. Dussehra is therefore celebrated as the victory of the good against the evil. 

Dussehra 2021 Date

  • When is Dussehra 2021?

Dussehra for the year 2021 is celebrated/observed on Friday, 15 October.

Also, according to drikpanchang.com, the Vijay muhurat of Dussehra will start at 2:02 pm and continue till 2:48 pm. Moreover, Aparahna Puja Muhurat will begin at 1:16 pm and end up at 3:34 pm.

  • Dussehra dates for the years 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2021 Fri 15 Oct Dussehra Gazetted Holiday
2022 Wed 5 Oct Dussehra Gazetted Holiday
2023 Tue 24 Oct Dussehra Gazetted Holiday
2024 Sat 12 Oct Dussehra Gazetted Holiday
2025 Thu 2 Oct Dussehra Gazetted Holiday
2026 Tue 20 Oct Dussehra Gazetted Holiday

Happy Dussehra Messages

Happy Dussehra Messages

  • Sending my warm wishes for a happy Dussehra! May the day bring you good fortune and success today and forever.
  • Today is the time to celebrate. This is the time for victory of everything that is good! This is when the world will see the power of good and positive energy! Wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Dussehra 2021!
  • May the divine blessings of Goddess Durga help you achieve success in whatever you do… Happy Vijayadashami 2021.

happy dussehra

  • Everyday the sun rises to give us a message that darkness will not always stay forever. It will be beaten by light. Let us follow the same rule and enjoy the festival of ‘good defeats evil’.
  • Wishing your Dussehra be filled with fun and celebration.
  • May Maa Durga remove all the evils from your life. We wish you and your loved ones a very happy Dussehra.
  • On this auspicious day of Dussehra. I wish you every happiness.
  • May Maa Durga remove all the evils and troubles from your life. Wish you and your loved ones a very happy Dussehra!

Happy Dussehra Wishes

Happy Dussehra Wishes

  • With the effigy of Ravana, burn all your worries also this Dussehra . Stay happy and make others happy.
  • As the candlelight flame, your life may always be happy, as the mountain high you move without shy, As the sunshine creates morning glory fragrance fills tears as glory, all darkness is far away as light is on its way.
  • Let’s celebrate together and believe in the blessings of God for good.
  • May this Dussehra burn all your worries with the burning of Ravana.

dussehra wishes

  • When in Satya Yug, Ram killed da great demon and king of Lanka, Ravana.
  • Fortunate is the one who has learned to admire, but not to envy.
  • An auspicious day to start with any good work, it was today that good won over bad. May this day clear all hurdles of your life and usher in a new era of well-being. Happy Dussehra 2021!
  • May your life take a new turn this Dussehra. And all your worries and sorrows get burned with the effigy of the Ravana!

happy dussehra wishes images

  • Just as Lord Ram destroyed evil from the Earth, I wish that you also successfully banish all negative thoughts from your mind. Have a happy and prosperous Dussehra!
  • May this Dussehra fill your life with happy moments, positivity and fulfill all your dreams. Happy Dussehra 2021!

Dussehra Quotes

  • There is no denying that there is evil in this world but the light will always conquer the darkness. - Idowu Koyenikan
  • Good must triumph over evil. It usually does in life and in any case it’s bad for young people to believe it doesn’t. - Barbara Cartland
  • Dushehara is a festival of victory on bad elements in our lives.

Dussehra Quotes

  • As a parent, I want my kids to have an optimistic outlook, and one that has hope, and that makes sense, where good does triumph over evil and it’s not cynical, and it’s not snarky. - Dee Bradley Baker
  • May this Dussehra burn all your worries with Ravana and bring you and your family loads of happiness.
  • I hope that real love and truth are stronger in the end than any evil or misfortune in the world. - Charles Dickens
  • May your path of success always be lit up, and hope you achieve victory in each and every phase of life. Wish you a Happy Dussehra!

quotes dussehra

  • When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. - Mahatma Gandhi
  • The important thing is to teach a child that good can always triumph over evil. - Walt Disney
  • Let’s celebrate the victory of good over evil.
  • Don’t kill, but conquer the Ravana in you.- Vikrmn, Corpkshetra
  • Light can devour the darkness but darkness cannot consume the light. - Ken Poirot

happy dussehra wishes quotes

  • I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. - Nelson Mandela
  • Shooting arrows at the multiple heads never kills the problem, one head replaces another, killing it will take just one focused shot at the heart of the problem. - Shahenshah Hafeez Khan

Happy Dussehra 2021 Wishes, Quotes, and Messages

  • On this auspicious occasion, I wish the colour, bliss, and beauty of this festival will be with you throughout the year! Happy Dussehra 2021.
  • May your troubles go up in smoke with the fireworks.
  • Bhagwan Ram Demolished the Evil Empire and Sowed the seed of Peace.

Happy Dussehra 2021 Wishes

  • Just like the colours and lights of the festival, may your life be filled with all the joy and prosperity in the world. Happy Dussehra and Vijayadashami to you!
  • Jai Siyaram, Wish u success and happiness in everything u do.
  • It’s time to commemorate the victory of good over the evil. Let’s walk ahead in life with the same spirit. Happy Dussehra 2021!
  • Long experience the convention of Hindu society,as the eras have cruised by, Hindu society is getting more grounded and more groundedlet us keep it up.
  • Let your anger and burn away today, just like the effigy of Ravana. Have an amazing Dussehra 2021!

Happy Dussehra 2021 Quotes, and Messages

  • On this special Day, As U Celebrate valour & courage, Triumph of Good over Evil,
  • Before the golden sunrises, let me decorate each of the rays with success & happiness for you and your family.

Happy Dussehra Status For Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram

  • Before the golden sunrises, let me decorate each of the rays with success & happiness for you and your family.
  • Wish your loved ones a very Happy Dussehra and may we come over the pandemic soon so that our lives can get back to normal. 

Happy Dussehra Status For Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram

  • Let only positive and happy thoughts surround you and burn all the negativity with the effigy of Ravana. Have a great Vijayadashami!
  • Let’s start a great life by conquering our eternal 5 evils -Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankar…Let us take the oath to give a dimension to our life on this auspicious festival.
  • A time for celebration, a time for victory of good over bad, a time when the world sees the example of the power of good. Let us continue the same true spirit. Blessing of Dussehra.
  • May God bless you with all success on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra, and may you be capable of defeating all evils of your life.

Happy Dussehra Status For Facebook and Instagram

  • Good wishes for a joyous Vijayadashmi! May Goddess Durga grant all your wishes and bless you with good health, success and happiness.
  • Enjoy Dussehra with great Sprint. Spread Goodness to Conquer with this Dussehra.

Happy Dussehra Greetings and Cards

  • May this festivity brings an ocean of opportunities for you! May you always be successful and happy!
  • May the demon in you always get defeated and the angel always controls your thoughts. Happy Dussehra!

Happy Dussehra Greetings

greeting card for dussehra

greeting card of dussehra

  • May this Dussehra, light up for you. The hopes of happy times, and a year full of smiles! Wish you Happy Dussehra.
  • Celebrate The Victory of the force of good over evil. Let’s celebrate an auspicious day To begin a new thing in life.
  • Enjoy the victory of Truth over Evil Happy Dussehra.
  • Let’s make this day all the more special by removing all negativity from our lives. Happy Dussehra!
  • Wishing you all a fun-filled Dussehra.
  • Wish you success & Happiness in Everything You Do.

Happy Dussehra Greetings and Cards

happy dussehra images

dussehra image

  • Those empty spaces were my silent prayers, asking Maa Durga to guide & protect you. Always in whatever YOU do & wherever YOU are.
  • Wishing you and your Family a very Happy Dasara.
  • May Lord Rama always keep showering his blessings upon you. May your life be filled with prosperity and happiness. Happy Dussehra!

dussehra drawing

dussehra 2021

  • Wish this Dussehra bring devotion, determination, and dedication in your life.

Happy Dussehra Images

  • It’s time to celebrate the victory of good over evil. A very happy Dussehra to you and your loved ones.
  • Burn all ego, hatred and anger within you along with the effigy of Ravana on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra!
  • Lets start a great life by conquering our eternal 5 evils -Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankar. Lets take the oath to give a dimension to our life on this auspicious festival. Happy Dussehra!

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Happy Dussehra Wallpapers

Happy Dussehra Wallpapers

Happy Dussehra Wallpapers HD

Happy Dussehra PNG and GIF Images

Dussehra Wallpapers

Happy Dussehra banner

Happy Dussehra Wallpapers - Water Colour

drawing of dussehra

History of Dussehra

Dussehra or Vijayadashmi is observed for different reasons and by different parts of the world in the subcontinent of India. The east, north and south of India celebrate it without fail. The following is the historical aspect which surrounds Dussehra.

1. Ramayana

Ramayana is one of the famous Indian Epic, which is said to be old. The book is approximately dated to around 500 BCE to 100 BC and said to be written down by a sage named Valmiki. The story of this great Sanskrit epic revolves around three main characters, namely Rama, Sita and Ravana. The book is very voluminous and heavy. However, it has many interpretations, and still different perspectives of the book are rising. Rama is the son of a King of Ayodhya named Dasharatha. He grows up and wins the hands of Sita, and they both marry and live peacefully. Due to issues with throning the next King, disputes arise, and Rama, Sita along with his brother Lakshmana leave the kingdom. 

They live in the exile, in the forest, in harmony with nature. Shurpanakha, an evil creature falls for the handsomeness of the brothers, Rama and Lakshmana. She tries hard to seduce them, and in failing, she attempts to kill Sita. Lakshmana tries to save Sita and slices Shurpanakha's nose and ears. Sita is later tricked by Shurpanakha's brother Ravana, and she is kidnapped. She is kept constrained by Ravana as she refuses to marry him in the kingdom, present-day Sri Lanka. 

Rama finds his kingdom and asks him to leave his wife alone. Ravana refuses, and this leads to war between the two kings. Ravana performs several sacred rituals and fastings which impresses the Lord Brahma. According to Hindu mythology and religion, Lord Brahma is the creator god. Ravana receives a boon which makes him the most powerful demon. Anyone with ultimate power always seems to misuse it, and Ravana was no exception. When Ravana turned into a huge burden, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Rama in human form. Rama defeats the demon king, and Sita gets rescued. The evil rule was put into the end, and the good won. Ravana had ten heads, and killing one who has ten heads is called Dussehra. 

2. Mahabharata

Mahabharata is another great epic which belongs to India. This is penned down by Vyasa and belongs to the religion of Hinduism. Mahabharata was written in Sanskrit; however, it was translated into many other languages in the future. The Mahabharata could have compiled 3rd century BCE and the 3rd century CE. Dussehra is closely linked with Mahabharata for the following reasons: 

  1. Arjuna, the third son of King Pandu and one of the Pandavas, is said to be the strongest of the rest. 
  2. He is said to be the best archers in the entire dynasty and is skilled enough to kill many people at a time. 
  3. Arjuna is said to have defeated Kauravas single-handedly in the war called the Virata war. 

Therefore on the day of Dussehra, it is believed that Arjuna defeated nearly 100 Kauravas as a one-person army. 

How is Dussehra celebrated? 

Dussehra festival in India is celebrated in many parts of India, and there are different things, rituals which can be observed by all. The following are the few places where Dussehra is celebrated and where it is Dussehra. 

1. Tamil Nadu: 

Tamil Nadu is located in the south part of India, where rituals an celebrations are taken seriously. Dussehra here is celebrated around a temple called the Mutharamman Temple. People dress up as the real Ravanan and so many events like music, dancing and drama go on the entire ten days during the Dussehra. People do put up drama and many shows trying to put up the Ramayana. The beats of Thara Thappattam, which is a traditional musical instrument in Tamil Nadu, keeps beating throughout the festival and it will move your soul and body. Golu is a famous festival which is celebrated during Navratri to honour the three goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Brahmins are usually the ones who arrange different types of dolls and women, along with their children, will be invited to sing songs and share gifts. 

2. Delhi: 

Delhi is the capital of India, and it has the pride of putting up the Ramayana Epic as a drama and blesses the audience with the moral of the story. Temples are greatly decorated to celebrate the Ram Leela. The demon, Ravana along with other two demons Meghanad and Kumbhakaran are burnt in various parts of the city. Watching the theatrical experience of the grand epic is an eye-opening and surreal experience for the public. 

Overall, these are the following key facts about Dussehra and how it is celebrated all over the county of India. There are many observations one can notice on the festival and celebration method varies from one place to another. Therefore, Dussehra is a time for celebration, a time for victory of good over bad, a time when the world sees the example of the power of good. Let us continue the same true spirit and enjoy the Dussehra holiday.

Interesting facts about Dussehra

  • Dussehra comes from the Sanskrit word Dash Hara, which translates to ‘the defeat of the Sun’ in English. According to Hindu scriptures, if Lord Rama had not defeated Ravana, the Sun would have never risen again.
  • Dussehra is celebrated in Ashwin, the 10th month of the Hindu Calendar. It falls sometime around October or November.
  • In some sub-cultures of Hinduism, Dussehra is also called Vijay Dashmi, which means victory on the tenth day. It is celebrated as Vijay Dashmi to mark the victory of Goddess Durga over the Demon King Mahishasura


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