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Glimpsing At The Top 10 Beautiful Countries In The World

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: December 23, 2020


Glimpsing At The Top 10 Beautiful Countries In The World

Through this article, we will check out the list of top 10 beautiful countries in the world.

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Nature comprises beauty with the aesthetic sense which rejuvenates our body and soul. Human-made constructions undeniably add an extra value to it. Tourism is one of the booming sectors in the world right now. Nowadays travelling to various places has its benefits. We always tend to research a county before visiting it. To ease you through the process, here is a list of top 10 beautiful countries in the world according to the years 2019 and 2020. 


One of the most beautiful countries in Europe suggested the maximum to visit is Italy. Well-known for its cuisine, Italy serves the best pizzas with thick tomato sauce and oozing cheese with a bite, plates of pasta with traditional tomato sauce and different flavours of wine, Tuscany being the famous. The artistic quality of Itlay is overflowing from its cup with the help of the Rennaiscne period. Italy is the proud owner of celebrated artworks of Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Caravaggio. It is the most beautiful place in Europe for nature with cities like Rome, Florence and Venice. Perfect landscapes to pose and click a picture of yourself exist only here! From mountains, vineyards in Tuscany, the coastal area in Amalfi coast to Leaning Tower of Pisa, Colleosum, Venice Canals, everything is enchanting. It is also the fashion hub with Versace and Prada ruling the fashion industry. 


"The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness", here "wilderness" refers to the Great White North, Canada. Known for maple syrup on top of tender pancakes, white chocolate and a wide range of desserts made it a place for people with a sweet tooth to visit it regularly. In the most beautiful country in the world ranking, it always sits in the top 5. Promoted as a family vacation spot, is also prefered by hikers to be a part of the breathtaking ambience. A section of Niagara Falls is in the Canada territory is named as the Horseshoe Falls. The wet ride to the falls, the cold weather with the polar bears, the atmosphere with the language of love, French, best cities Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver are bonus points to the trip. Canada has an enrich wildlife protected by the country to protect the ecosystems. The citizens are over-polite, an attribute which is welcoming for the tourists.

New Zealand 

The indigenous culture of Maori people runs deep into the lands of New Zealand. Also known as the Paradise of the Pacific is the home of active volcanos, one called as Whakaari/White Island. It tops in the list of countries with beautiful culture as they live in harmony with nature by foraging honey from Manuka trees, rearing sheep and producing Pinot Noir wine. Magnificent beaches, lakes, slopes form an integral part of the country. Be ready for the rush of adrenaline while playing sports like white lake rafting, sky diving, bungee jumping. Rugby is the national sport which is an intense rivalry played throughout the country. The team called as All Blacks represent this country and the players perform the Haka dance to express their love for their traditions. The famous movie, Hobbit and, the series Lord Of The Rings is shot here with the natural background enrich with natural habitats.


The birth of Greek mythology mixed with literature, culture, architecture is what captivates us towards the Hellenic Republic, Greece. Many brilliant philosophers like Aristotle, Plato, Socrates hail from this land of ancient history. Brimming with holistic monuments like Moni Hozoviotissis, St George's Cathedral and museums like Olympia Archaeological Museum, Heraklion Archaeological Museum these are the main tourist attractions of Greece. It is proven to be the most beautiful country in the world to live in for its glittering islands, foods and hospitality. The food here is in its simplest form yet unresistingly delicious because of the fresh vegetables with a touch of olive oil. The example of food fusion found here are pastitsio and moussaka indicate the Italian and Turkish influences on Greek cuisine. With buzzing nightlife in the bars with greek singers, in the daylight try visiting great outdoor prefered by hikers like Crete's gorges and Skopelos.

The U.S.A

The United States or just the States is the most beautiful country in the world 2020 because it is the land of opportunity. It is the all-rounder country with famous fast food, hot dogs and introduced many international celebrities to the world. Hollywood and the Great Canyon is the prized possession. The immense American culture penetrates through your soul immediate via its museums like the National Museum of the American Indian and Museum of the Cherokee Indian. Beer, wine are found plenty here in several breweries. The U.S has the best national park systems maintaining them closely. The beaches with restaurants are something I would die for daily.


The Land of Midnight Sun, Norway is the birthplace of Vikings, the talented explorers, craftsmen and storytellers of the world. Nature is in its purest form untouched by man with more than a thousand fjords. Some of the most famous fjords are Geirangerfjord and Hardangerfjord. We often have seen the picture of the Lofoten Islands in the computer screen saver and fail to recognise its origin. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, it makes a perfect vacation spot. The northern lights pay its visit to this place during the winter season. The capital of Norway, Oslo has the maximum number of museums like Viking Ship, Fram or Norwegian Folk embodying various information and excellent data for research.


An integral part of Europe, packed with culture and intense traditions in Spain. Football, alcohol, paella, La Tomatina festival highlights along with vast beaches. Blessed with many Mediterranean seas, the colour of the water is of different beautiful shades of blue. Clean water with vegetation and white sand is nothing but heaven on earth. One such beach is Cala Agulla, Playa De Silencio, Playa De Gulpiyuri and Playa De Ses Illetes. Barcelona is one of the top travel destinations is immense with historic architecture. Architecture being the spinal cord of Spain, one of the eminent architects is Antoni Gaudi. Carefree shopping with girls and family is something everyone loves to do here. Nightlife is the best with a few drinks and dancing. The island Mallorca's coastline is dotted with beautiful villages, resorts and restaurants.


Due to its extreme climatic conditions, it is called as the land of fire and ice, a famous tourist spot for several reasons. The contrast climatic conditions result in the formation of different kind of landscapes from waterfalls, beaches to the separated tectonic plates. The space in between broken tectonic plates form into beautiful rivers. Puffin Island there is a home puffin and other exotic wildlife. Like other countries, hiking is a famous past time here too, and Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is the best place for it. Asbyrgi Canyon is a comfortable cliff to continue the hiking. The Northern Lights in Iceland is known as Aurora Borealis. It will be very fortunate for tourists to spot them in the capital city of Reykjavik. There are numerous lakes formed out of volcanic eruptions. One such lake is Lake Myvatn formed 200 years ago. Taking bath, there will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for the tourist. The list of Iceland's beauty goes on.


The heaven on Earth, Switzerland, is the most comfortable place to visit and spend time. Known for best cheese, chocolate and watches, it is also popular for its spectacular tourist place like Zurich. The town is filled with the mightiness of Rennaissance Era which old churches Fraumünster Church with the fusion of Germany and Italy. Zentralbibliothek Zürichis one of the famous library with great cultural heritage. The Matterhorn is Switzerland's iconic pointed peak. Being one of the highest mountains in the Alps the hikers and adventure lovers try to climb the legendary peak. The foot of the hill is filled with so many restaurants which are very famous for its class. Lake Geneva, a major lake shown in English Literature, is from Switzerland surrounded by many famous landmarks like Opera House and Grand Théâtre. The balance of both man-made and natural attractions like Mountain lakes, art museums, theatres makes Switzerland the cosiest tourist spot in the world. This is what makes it the most visited country in Europe.


The underrated and most beautiful country in Asia is India, proudly beholds a wide range of wildlife including Bengal Tiger, One-Horned Rhino, Indian Bison and many more. It is architecturally unique with several fusions like Indo- Persian (Taj Mahal built by Shah Jahan in Delhi), Indo-Gothic(Chepauk Palace in Chennai) and Indo-French (Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges in Pondicherry). Kerala is also known as the own country of God blesses us with extreme monsoon climate and scenic boat houses to stay. Four metropolitan cities Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata buzzes with people from all over the world as they connect India internationally. Never forget to taste the different kinds of cuisine from Butter chicken, Naan, Pani Puri, Chole Bhature to Andra Briyani, Masala Dosa, Idli, Sambhar and Puttu. From Sahara desert to the second-largest beach in the world, Marina beach to the snowy peak of Himalayas, India has a wide variety of landscapes for you too visit and make merry.


Beauty is subjective and differs from one person to another person. On the contrary, narrowing down to tourist spot and travelling places, everyone seems to agree with the same. Therefore, these are few countries, embodied with beauty, aesthetic and artistic sense and brought in front of your eyes hoping to help you in the time you will travel with your loved ones. 

Co-author: Akshaya Saravana Kumar

Akshaya is currently pursuing a Masters in English Literature. She is an avid reader, an animal lover and a movie freak. She loves to spend her past time travelling to strange places in different time zones with her imagination and fall in love with fictional characters.


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