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Famous Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes To Give You Power

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: November 15, 2021


Famous Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes To Give You Power

In this article, we present to you some of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes on Success, Power, Jesus, Education, History, Friendship, Leadership, War and More with their meaning.

Napoleon Bonaparte was a military leader of the French. He was known as an important leader during the time of the French revolution. He led many successful campaigns at the time of the French revolution. During 1804-1814, he was an emperor of the French. Napoleon Bonaparte was famous in the field of military. His success stories are studied in the great military schools. Napoleon Bonaparte was the most celebrated and debatable character in the human history. He was also a king of Italy and the first consul of France. His famous nickname was Little Corporal. He was a strong and leading figure in the history of the west. He was the founder of Saint-Cyr, a national military academy of France. He was fond of writing novels and wrote one novel titled as Clisson and Eugenie. One of the facts about Napoleon Bonaparte is that he discovered a Rosetta stone. He was responsible for the modernization of the French military and for the reformation of the education system with the development of civil code, also termed as Napoleonic Code. All the wars that happened during Napoleon's reign are termed the Napoleonic war of that time.

Below are some of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes.

I saw the crown of France laying on the ground, so I picked it up with my sword.

Napoleon Bonaparte has eternal love for France. He did not want to see France with a desperate and less worthy situation at the reign of other rulers. All the things were happening in front of Napoleon Bonaparte. Therefore, he decided to use the force with great leadership to take over France.

Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools. 

Napoleon Bonaparte thought that you could achieve anything based on your willpower and strong efforts in this human world. Nothing can be impossible in this life. There is no such word as impossible. We can conclude that the word impossible itself says, I Am Possible.

Victory is not always winning the battle…but rising every time you fall. 

This significant quote said that, for achieving something, you don't always need to win the battle. Even the failure has a positive outcome. When you fail, you can learn from your past mistakes. Every time you fail results in the rise higher for the next time. So, learn from your past failures and rise in the next attempt.

History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon. 

History is the story of the past. We cannot say that history is the absolute truth, but it is the subjective topic that relies on explaining people's experiences in their own minds.

Anarchy is the steppingstone to absolute power.

Imagine there is a society with no governing body. This achievement results in the progress of the society or nation where people don't need any authority to control them. You can achieve whatever you want.

Once you have made up your mind, stick to it; there is no longer any 'if' or 'but'. 

When you decide your aim in your life, the only thing left is to work for it. There are various times when you feel low, demotivated. Don't change your aim or change your path. Stick to it till the end. Hard work and dedication to your aim helps to achieve whatever you want in your life.

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A leader is a dealer in hope.

Hope is considered an essential element for success. A leader is the one who awakes himself with a ray of expectations. He always has a ray of hope, whether it was at any place in this world. Worlds rely on hopes.

We walk faster when we walk alone. 

When we work in the community or in a relationship with others, it somehow slows down our thinking process. If you want to complete your journey faster than others, always choose alone instead of together. Self-motivation helps you to complete your journey. Don't let people judgement affects your journey of life. 

Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All depends on the principles which direct them.

An ambitious person always looks like a great character. Napoleon started doing good for France, fought for equality, democracy, and other issues, but his ruling started to become tyrannical after some time. He wanted expansion in Europe which caused huge damage. Therefore, it all depends on your principles where you used the passion.

Great men are meteors designed to burn so that earth may be lighted.

Great men, philosophers, nobles sparkle in the journey of life of many people. No one can restore their memories, and no one on this earth has an example for carrying forward with different ways of life or making them role model.

If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.

When you want a perfect work with a perfect ending, you need to do your work yourself. Don't depend on others for doing your work well. A good ending of work always depends on your part.

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A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.

This quote reflects that people are manipulated easily to do any kind of terrible things in their life for the sake of just upholding others sense. They are not thinking about what is most important.

You become strong by defying defeat and by turning loss and failure into success.

For great success in your life, you need to refuse the defeated times. Learn from your failures and losses, learn what mistakes led you towards that defeat, and in the next attempt, enjoy your success.

A true man hates no one. 

A true man with a good heart and mind who believes in doing doesn't hate anyone. He has no jealousy, anger and other negative emotions that can change his mind. He only believes in doing good to others. No expectations are the result of happiness ultimately, which brings no hatred nature for anyone.

The best way to keep one's word is not to give it. 

Promises are best made with not giving attitude. You need to keep the promises of others by fulfilling them, not by giving upon them. Always make a truthful promise that serves others.

Six hours sleep for a man, seven for a woman and eight for a fool. 

Sleeping hours of our life are to give rest to the brain cells, and six hours of sleep is enough for the relaxation of the brain cells. If you are spending more time sleeping, you lose your precious time of life in an incorrect way. Be prepared for doing productive for the next day by taking six hours of sleep.

Some more Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes...

There are only two forces that unite men – fear and interest. 

The unity between men is only celebrated with the two ways either they have the same interest, or they have the same fear. All the revolutions are emerged in fear or in the interest of the community.

Victory belongs to the most persevering.

Victory only belongs to the people who can try to do something different and want to achieve something that is difficult enough. You need to maintain a persistent and keep trying attitude for achieving a great victory.

There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit. 

The two important forces are the mind and sword. We are not able to maintain anything in this world. But nothing can beat the mind because if you are able to control the people around this world, the whole power is in your hands. Military power is also not as powerful as the mind.

The amateurs discuss tactics: the professionals discuss logistics 

Amateurs are always discussing the strategies to follow for achieving a goal while professionals are talking about logics that are more sustainable in warfare.


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