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Best Life Changing Quotes of Mahaveer Swami

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Best Life Changing Quotes of Mahaveer Swami

Mahaveer Swami was an essential pillar of Jainism in the religious movement of the sixth century BC. Similar to Gautama Buddha, he was not the founder of Jainism. Instead, he was the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism. That is, 23 Tirthankaras had led this religion even before them. But Mahavir Swami has been the most crucial place in the restoration of Jainism. He is believed to be the real founder of Jainism. His quotes and sayings are highly inspirational and life-changing.

Mahaveer Swami was born in Kundagram near Vaishali in 599 BC. His childhood name was Vardhaman. His mother, Trishala, was the sister of Naresh Chetak. Lord Mahaveer's father, Siddhartha was the head of the association of known Kshatriyas, one of the eight republics of the Vajji sangha. His wife's name was Yashoda (of Kundinya gotra). From whom a daughter Priyadarshana was born. Priyadarshana was married to Jamali. Jamali became Mahaveera's first disciple.

Mahaveer Swami left home at the age of 30. After a hard penance of 12 years, Kaivalya (supreme knowledge) was attained under a year tree on the banks of river Rijupalika near Jumbhik village at the age of 42 years. After the attainment of Kaivalya, they were called Kevalin, Jin (conqueror), Arrah (worthy), and Nirgrantha (bondless). At the age of 72, he died of self-fasting (authoring method) at Pavapuri on the day of Diwali in 527 BC.

Top Mahaveer Swami Quotes:

Below are some of the best quotes of Lord Mahavir. His quotes are highly motivational and inspirational:

  1. Silence and Self-control is non-violence. - Lord Mahaveer

  2. The greatest mistake of a soul is the non-recognition of its real self and can only be corrected by recognizing itself. - Lord Mahaveer

  3. Every soul is in itself absolutely omniscient and blissful. The bliss does not come from outside. - Lord Mahaveer

  4. Have compassion towards all living beings. Hatred leads to destruction. - Lord Mahaveer

  5. There is no separate existence of God. Everybody can attain God-hood by making supreme efforts in the right direction. - Lord Mahaveera

  6. Respect for all living beings is non‑violence. - Lord Mahaveera

  7. All human beings are miserable due to their own faults, and they themselves can be happy by correcting these faults. - Lord Mahaveera

  8. There is no enemy out of your soul. The real enemies live inside yourself, they are anger, pride, greed, attachments, and hate. - Lord Mahaveera

  9. It is better to win over self than to win over a million enemies. - Lord Mahaveera

  10. In happiness and suffering, in joy and grief, we should regard all creatures as we regard our own self. - Lord Mahaveer

  11. The soul comes alone and goes alone, no one companies it and no one becomes its mate. - Lord Mahaveer

  12. Fight with yourself, why fight with external foes? He, who conquers himself through himself, will obtain happiness." - Lord Mahaveer

  13. Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture, or kill any creature or living being. - Lord Mahaveer

  14. Kill not, cause no pain. Nonviolence is the greatest religion. - Lord Mahaveer


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