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Best Joseph Campbell Quotes and Sayings to Inspire You to Think Bigger

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: April 04, 2021


Best Joseph Campbell Quotes and Sayings to Inspire You to Think Bigger

This article is the collection of famous Joseph Campbell Quotes and Sayings. His quotes will inspire you to follow your bliss and encourage you to think bigger. We have covered Joseph Campbell quotes on love, marriage, path, life, the power of myth, and more in this single article.

Joseph Campbell was a creative writer who was known for his comparative views on both mythology and religion. He was an American professor of literature at Sarah Lawrence College. His works included a wide range of experiences human has to go through during his life.

He was well known for his books, out of which The Hero with a Thousand Faces is his best one. The book combines the perception of modern psychology with Joe's comparative mythology. It has influenced millions of readers all over the world.

A six-part interview on public television with journalist Bil Moyers made him a common figure all over. He got the acknowledgement in Hollywood when George Lucas credited Joe for inspiring the Star Wars saga.

He died at his home in Honolulu, Hawaii, on October 30, 1987, due to cancer complications. The interview with Bill Moyers was aired after his death. He was indeed an inspiring personality.

Let us look at some of his famous quotes that are sure motivation to all of us.

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.

Every person feels lost at times. At those times, find your place where you can be yourself.

The place where you can be true to yourself. The place where you can achieve peace and be calm. It should be a place where you can start anew.

If there is no place, then find one as it will help you regain you. That place is yours, a place where you can experience bliss. At that place, you can find yourself. Even if you find yourself alone on a deserted path, visit your space.

Therefore, no matter how many times you feel lost, do discover the new you.

We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, to have the life that is waiting for us.

Life is a term that is full of chaos and surprises. It is nice to plan your life but once in a while go with the flow.

If life gives you shock, take it with a pinch of salt. Always have the willingness to change according to the situations. As life never goes according to your plans.

Trust the universe at times, as sometimes better plans will be out for you. If something doesn't go according to your way, then follow life's plan. 

So, if things do not work, take one day at a time. Maybe there is a better life waiting for you.

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.

There are few times in your life where you get a chance to be you. It is not easy to have this opportunity.

Not everyone gets the benefit of being themselves. To be true to ourselves is the toughest thing. This is a blessing if you have that advantage in your life.

This entitlement is not given to each one in a lifespan. There are quite a few days when you get a chance to be the real you. Hence, if you have the fate, then consider yourself as the luckiest.

Find the place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out of the pain.

People generally have certain memories attached to places. Sometimes they make us sad and at times happy.

There are days when you face certain situations and can't be at your happy place. So find the place within you, a place where you can pour out all your sorrows. 

Discover a place where you have moments of joy, and then all your sorrows will turn into joy. Your pain will be fixed and a feeling of bliss will be experienced by you.

So, light the joy within you and drown all your sorrows into it.

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.

Life is like a rollercoaster where you cannot predict the next thing that will happen to you. It takes you on a journey full of revelation, which may amaze you at times.

It is an experience that you cannot escape from. The big question is whether a person can handle all the balls life throws at. Not many people can cope with the hurdles they stumble upon.

Be prepared for the quest called life, as it may shake you at times. Live life to the fullest and be prepared for all the stunts you have to take.

Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.

Life is surely not an easy process. There will times where you need to start from the beginning. At those times, be calm instead of worrying about what needs to be done.

Challenges are bout to occur in everyone's life. They teach us how to face them with a smile on our faces. Problems are a blessing as they bring out our inner strength. It forces us to go deeper within ourselves.

And that those times you will feel confident enough to face any challenges life provides you with. Therefore, never underestimate yourself as only when times are tough, you will find a stronger you.

Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.

Originally life has no significance until you decide to give it. We decide the value of life in our minds and it changes over time.

We bring true meaning to our journey called life. Each one of us has a certain meaning which is different from others. Everyone has a different perception of life.

As we bring meaning to our life, there is no reason to interrogate the reason. So, give your life the meaning you want to.

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

Bliss is a state where you have a feeling of completeness and wholeness within you. It feels new every time you experience it. 

This is quite a simple quote and yet a difficult one to follow. Wherever you are in this world, follow your bliss as it helps to understand our mind's condition.

In simple words, if you do what you are passionate about then, you will be breathing. And the places where you felt lost will slowly open up to you. You will find a door of hope within the closed doors.

So, follow your dreams and find the door to the right path.

You've to got to say yes to the miracle of life as it is, not on the condition that it will follow your rules.

Life always happens when you are busy making your plans. It is a journey that needs to be embraced to the fullest. 

It is something that gives you enough miracles. You will have to face life as it comes. The conditions life places on you are the toughest. Life has its conditions and rules which need to be followed.

Take life as it comes as you may never know the surprises life gives you. So, say yes to the mystery life brings to you.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

When things do not go the way you want, constant fear starts to grip you. You feel nervous and start to think about the consequences you are about to face in life.

Suddenly you become aware of the choice you need to make. The process of decision is indeed a tough nut to crack. But, if you are willing to take that one step towards darkness, then you will find your ray of hope.

The fear of not being able to do what we want makes us a loser. Take that risk and enter the cave full of gloom. You will be sure to find the thing which you cherish a lot.

Forget your fears and risk your step once in a while.

Life will always be sorrowful. We can't change it, but we can change our attitude toward it.

Life was never easy from the start. It surely is a surreal experience which you need to experience. Being unpredictable is what makes it more challenging.

We cannot change the way life approaches us, so change the way we perceive life. Be ready to accept the pain and sorrows you are about to receive. Instead of sulking, try to find what went wrong.

Start exploring the options you have got. Find enough moments to make you happy. In those moments of despair, find positivity. So, embrace life with a smile.

If you are falling, dive.

Joe often talked about the mystery of human life that lies under the ocean. It will surely be terrifying when you are put in the middle of an ocean and you don't know how to swim.

This quote simply means that if you are in the middle of problems, we need a fearless outlook. Learn to fight against dreadful situations.

Forget anger and start finding methods to overcome threats. Learn to dive under the water. Be your hero.

At the darkest moment comes the light.

Life gives you bouncers at times, and you are bound to fall. It is a journey where you will moments of darkness.

You will be engulfed in fear. You will surely feel hurt and will be lost. At those moments, you will be emotionally troubled. But do not be worry, as at those moments, a ray of hope will surely come.

During those dark moments, do not feel lonely. When you take that step of courage and move forward, light will arise.

Conquer darkness by moving with a smile.

When your heart speaks, take good notes.

Heart and mind are two complicated things that always conflicts with the other. They say listen to your heart as it never lies.

Never ignore your heart. It wants what it wants. Tend to your heart or else you will pay the price for it. Understand what your heart needs and act according to it.

Remember, when you stab the body, it heals, but if your heart is injured, the wound lasts a lifetime.

People forget facts, but they remember stories.

Facts are things that will be forgotten after a while. They do stay in your mind but eventually, it gets lost in this busy life.

Live your life in such a way that your journey turns into a story. A story that will be remembered for a long time. The one which you need to live by forgetting about the past and living in the present.

Stories will stay engraved forever. So, create your story and be remembered for ages.

If you are going to have a story, have a big story.

The decisions that we make today are the ones that will define our story. It should be something that can be retold for a lifetime.

We are all writing a story about our life, so why not write it as substantial. Our story will surely be a combination of positive and negative and both. So write your story while you are at it.

A story should be the one that will no longer need our presence. Let us make a resolution that leads to our story the way we want it to be.

Follow your inner heart and the world moves in and helps.

The heart is where everything can be healed. It is the place where you can carry joy at any moment.

Always follow your heart as it is where your true love exists. When you start listening to your inner soul, the entire universe conspires to get you together.

So, do what your heart wants and live your dreams.

Let the world be as it is and learn to rock the waves.

The world is full of complicated people. No two people are the same. Every person has a different right and wrong.

You cannot change the world. Learn to live the way the world is. Do not compromise on your values instead, make a new path. Conquer the hurdles and move ahead.

The waves can be problems, frustrations, or even certain challenging circumstances. Learn to block those waves with your determination. Be a rock to all the waves in your life.

Every hero must have the courage to be alone, to take the journey for himself.

In this journey called life, you have to walk your path alone. No one is going to be your hero and save you.

Learn to be your hero. Stand up for yourself. It takes a lot of guts to walk on a deserted path. To understand life and what we need from this life we need to walk for ourselves.

To take a journey for himself, you need to be tough. So, be a hero and discover your path.

You've got to find the force inside you.

To grow forward, you need to feel from within. The desire to learn is what allows us to grow forward.

It is important to find that strength for self-development. You need that energy because that is what helps you to move forward. Find the need to move forward.

If the force is missing, then the desire to live ends. So, try to find the vigor and bounce back to life.

Joseph Campbell was a man of his own beliefs. His every quote is an inspiration to millions of people. All his quotes taught us to believe in ourselves. It teaches us to be our heroes. Trust in your passion and work towards it. Within no time, the entire universe will make plans for you. Achieve your goal and recuperate to life.

So, what are you waiting for? 


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