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Best Animation Movies Of All Time | Greatest Animated Films Ever

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: December 24, 2020


Best Animation Movies Of All Time | Greatest Animated Films Ever

The landscape of entertainment is of a wide range mainly targeted towards an audience of different age groups. Action, adult comedy is the preferred by adults, the children and young adolescents prefer animated movies with a happy ending. This genre is blooming for several decades. With the advancement in technology, Internet facilities, it has grown a lot. Within a person's grasp, tools are available. This lets anyone create a low- budget animation movie. With that note, let's take a look at the best animation movies of all times created and released by Hollywood. 

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Below is a list of the best animation movies.

Only Yesterday (1991)

Always listed in the top 20 animated movies, it is uncanny to believe that an animated film made 29 years ago is very relatable to the present. Directed by Isao Takahata, produced by Studio Ghibli, the film runs for 118 minutes. It is a romance drama with an adult woman recollecting her childhood and fighting her demons. Her method of processing her memories invokes the nostalgia of the audience too. She ultimately falls in love, decides to discard the urban lifestyle and settles. It teaches the lesson of following ones' heart instead of running behind material wealth. 

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

My Neighbor Totoro is a 86 minutes animated fantasy movie made to fit the expectation of kids. This movie is watched with family and till date is in the list best-animated movies of all time. This movie is in Japanese language,  written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Studio Ghilbi is the proud animator of the motion picture and distributed by Toho productions. The plot revolves around two sisters who move to a new place in the countryside of Japan. Their father was the sole caretaker as their mother is admitted in a hospital nearby. They discover two cute trolls like creatures in the forest, become friends too. They help the sisters in many circumstances. This movie won several awards, recognitions and people's hearts for several reasons like focusing upon living in peace, harmony with nature, the importance of sisterhood above all, it portrays the longing of leading a life in a rural place. 

Toy Story Franchise (1995,1999,2010,2019)

One of the most popular and at times considered as overrated is the Toy Story Franchise, which released a series of four movies the year 1995,1999,2010 and 2019. Toys are an integral part of children's life and imagining them having a secret life behind their backs is what made the movie to top 10 best-animated movies of all time. It covers a wide range of toys from a cowboy, animal figures to an astronaut and Barbie which attracts both girls and boys. The peculiar adventures and mishaps they face are thrilling and entertaining. There were several toys, video games, comics, television shows released after the movie's release to promote which worked quite well. 

Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

One of the Japenese Studio Ghibli movies directed by Isao Takahata deals with two children, a sister and a brother in Japan. The story backdrop is in World War II, where both children suffer a great deal of depression and malnutrition. They both die in the movie, but, the fireflies surrounding them represent hope for the future. As it is a war/animation genre movie, critics also look at this movie as an antiwar film. Then struggle is between the individual and the society or the individual with the inner self is given emphasis. Adults who are interested in war films prefer to watch this movie to check the impact it had on children. Kids, on the other hand, watch it as a usual animated movie. 

The Lion King (1994)

Based on William Shakespeare's Hamlet, The Lion King still part of the best-animated movies 2020 list's plot is known almost by everyone. Directed by Roger Aller and Rob Minkoff, the animated motion picture was another milestone of Walt Disney Pictures. The movie ran for solid 88 minutes and is very well-known for the phrase, "Hakuna-Matata". It means "do not worry or no troubles". It belongs to the language Swahili form the East of Africa. This movie also has its franchise where two films released later in the year 1998 and 2019. 2019 remake of Lion King wasn't much appreciated by the audience even though it was a 3D animated motion picture for several reasons. The baseline of the story is famous. The audience is not for the storyline, but to see the expression of emotions. The lack of feeling in the remake made it unsuccessful even though the animation was real and stunning. 

WALL·E (2008) 

The most loved and repeatedly watched by the Y generation adults is WALL-E, one of Disney's best-animated movies of all time. This motion picture is almost a prediction of the future of the planet Earth. An advanced robot in the expected future cleans up the trash on planet Earth, meets a new robot EVE, a female robot. She misses the sapling she carries and blames WALL-E. The movie ends with finding it, restoring the Earth to its form. The contrast of nature, industrialisation and the E-waste produced has let to humans vacating Earth. The running time of the movie is 97 minutes, directed by Andrew Stanton. The message of the film is we, as humans, we harm Earth and therefore must be conscious of how we treat it. The graphics of the movie is to notch with beautiful colours used to fill life. 

How to Train Your Dragon Franchise (2010, 2014, 2019)

A young boy belonging to a clan of Vikings, crushed with the expectations of his father to succeed him discovers a dragon, names it and starts a new adventure with his sweetheart finding many more dragons in long lost places. All the three movies in the franchise, directed by Dean DeBlois and produced by Bonnie Arnold and Brad Lewis is of approximately 100 minutes running time. The production company is DreamWorks Animation, however, was distributed by three different distribution companies. The movie is pretty famous among animation movie lovers as the animation, the chemistry between human and dragons is cute. Visually perfect, the film can make the audience reduce to tears, laugh heart out and make them sit at the edge of their seat. It also teaches life lessons to parents to let their children figure out their ambitions instead of thrusting them with their dreams. They must never be influenced or made to do for other's preferences, instead must be lead to-do what their heart wants. Maybe this is the reason why this movie is still on the list of animation films which is a must-watch. 


Animation movies are not meant only for children but also for adults as it is adorable, relaxing and reduces the stress we have in our day to day life. As Asa Hutchinson, American businessman, attorney, and politician said: "It is never too late to learn", there are endless morals and messages which can be taken away home by adults too. Unlike the other motion picture movies, animated movies are always for female representation. Many leadership roles given to female characters in the motion picture is encouraging. It also attracts the female audience to watch and support it. Overall, animation movies make you get in touch with your emotions and make you realise you are a human. These are a few best animation movies 2020, which can be watched and enjoyed with family. 

Co-author: Akshaya Saravana Kumar

Akshaya is currently pursuing  Masters in English Literature. She is an avid reader, an animal lover and a movie freak. She loves to spend her past time travelling to strange places in different time zones with her imagination and fall in love with fictional characters.


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