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Amazing Eckhart Tolle Quotes and Sayings on Life, Love, and The Power Of Now

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Amazing Eckhart Tolle Quotes and Sayings on Life, Love, and The Power Of Now

Check out the amazing Eckhart Tolle quotes and sayings on life, love, a new Earth, relationships, and more with meaning.

Eckhart Tolle is one of the spiritual leader and an author of some of the best- selling books. He is well known for his book- The Power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening to your Life's Purpose.

Eckhart was mostly depressed throughout his life. At the age of 29, he suddenly underwent a dramatic transformation. Before becoming a spiritual leader, he wandered for several years. 

His teachings often deny the learnings in the west. People are generally taught that one must have a goal and then work hard in order to achieve it. And that hard work will give us immense happiness. This will help us achieve success.

He instead taught that the present moment is the only thing that we have. Instead of focusing on the past and future, the present is the gift. Just focus on the present and do take one day at a time. Because life is precious, and so is everyone.

Let us look at some of the best 20 quotes that will encourage and take a step towards our bright future.

The past has no power over the present moment.

Whatever happens in your life, focus on your present. The present is what you have. Past is something which you need not agonize. Believe in yourself as a new day brings new hope.

Every day is a blessing, so just trust the process and work towards it. Even if you fail, start your new day with a smile. Because sometimes a smile can create a lot of magic in your life.

To love is to recognize yourself in another.

Love is something which always increases when you share. When you start to love you discover something new in yourself. You understand what your strength is. When you love someone, you start to care for others. A feeling of oneness develops in you. You want to do everything for them. It gives you the courage to face any situation. You realize a new person exists in you.

Life isn't serious as the mind makes it out to be.

Life is unpredictable, but not to be taken too seriously. Yes, you should be trivial about life but never consider it something to be too severe. Life truly turns out to be the way you think of it. Life is all a mind's game. So try to think positive and be cheerful as long as you can.

Life is the dancer and you are the dance.

Just consider that the life you are living is some sort of dance, and the entire life is like a dance floor where everyone else is dancing together. No two person are the same, and none of them dances like the other. Dance is something which needs to enjoyed.

So, in other words, there is no perfect way to live your life. When you leave for a vacation, somebody else will fill your spot. 

You can only loose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are.

When a person loses something precious to you, you feel a piece of heart too gets broken. You feel hollow from inside and your heart shatters. A feeling of loneliness starts to creep inside you.

Remember that you will never lose the person, you are no matter what happens in your life. Maybe you may feel sad or depressed for some time, but your character will eventually evoke within you.

Being must be felt. It can't be thought.

There are quite a few things which you need to feel inside you. The feeling of being alive must be felt by yourself. It is not something which you can learn. 

The beautiful things on the earth are always something which you cannot touch or even see. You need to feel them to get that feeling which will help you to be calm. A feeling of bliss is attained at times like these.

Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.

When people attain status in their life, they tend to become foolish. The more they achieve, the desire to gain more increases. Human beings are one of those creatures who will never be satisfied with what they have.

But once you realize that all this status and money are here to stay, your mind will become free from all the worries. When you understand that the only thing that stays with you is yourself, you will attain peace.

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If not now, when.

People tend to procrastinate things in life when they are not too serious about something. This, in turn, increases the workload, which later on causes stress. This tendency slowly develops into a habit which later on affects you the most. 

So, always try to complete your work when you can do it. Never postpone things. 

Defining yourself through thought is limiting yourself.

Nowadays, most of people have started to follow the self-analysis path. This process makes a person think how and what they approach certain things in life.

A cycle of overthinking starts which instills fear inside us. The confidence level goes down. This way of analyzing starts to create pressure on you. And you start to limit yourself as a person.

When there is anger, there is always pain underneath.

There are people who try to be strong by hiding their emotions. People have a mentality that crying defines weakness. But instead, crying is also an emotion which one needs to feel. 

So when they hide this emotion, they tend to express it in another form "anger" which gives pain to both the person who spoke angry words and the one on whom you are angry.

I'm grateful for always this moment, the now, no matter what form it takes.

This quote says that the moment we have is what needs to be treasured. No matter, whatever happens, one should never be unhappy for this moment. The now we have is what we should be happy for. 

Even if sadness creeps into, you should still appreciate that you still are alive. You should be thankful that you are still there.

Life is an adventure, it's not a package tour.

Generally, life is considered as a series with lots of twists and turns. Life is with a lot of ups and downs. It's not something which is predictable.

Life is something which does not have any guarantee. It is a roller coaster ride where you do not know what will happen next.

The more you live in the present moment, the more the fear of death disappears.

Many of them live half of their life by thinking of their past and other half by thinking about the future. The more people think about what will happen, fear starts to develop inside you.

Half of the time, people forget the moment in which they live. The more they live in the moment, the fear and worries start disappearing. Living in the moment helps us enjoy our lives by forgetting all the worries.

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You are the universe, you aren't in the universe.

Everyone should at least have one person in their life who doesn't think twice to do something for you. If you are of those, then consider yourself the luckiest in the world.

Even if you do not have such a person in your life, you should still believe that there will be a person only for you somewhere in the universe. 

And then only you will be a universe for someone, not the one in the universe.

If you are not living this moment, you are not really living.

When you forget about all your worries, you feel calmness. Try to live in the moment. Only when you start to live in the present then, you start to enjoy life.

Try to enjoy life and take as it comes. Do take one day at a time. Breathe and start your day with a smile.

You are not a problem that needs solving.

When you face a lot of difficulties in your life, you start to over-analyze. You feel that you are the root cause of every problem. You start to think about each and every step you take in your life.

You start to lose your confidence and become nervous. You feel like someone is watching your every move.

But believe me, if something ever goes wrong, it is never you. Instil this mantra in your thoughts.

Wherever you are, be there totally.

When people face constant tension and worry in today's times, you forget where you are. You feel depressed and sad, even when you are in an overwhelming situation. 

So try to forget all your problems and be involved wherever you. Do not forget the moment which you have. So, try to be where you are.

Many people identify their sense of self with the problems they have, or think they have.

In this fast pace of life, we face many problems. So we start to associate ourselves with the problems we face. The way we approach the problem is how we see ourselves.

Sometimes, even if we don't have a problem, we still consider one. So instead of focusing on those problems concentrate on ourselves. 

The only thing you ever have is now.

Remember that whatever you have now is something that needs to be taken care of. Whatever happens in the past should not affect you in the present.

So, never worry about the past and future but focus on the present moment. As what you have now will never be there again. Even if the situations are the same, you will still not be same.

This, too, will pass.

Whatever situations you do face in your life never forget that situations will change. People will also change according to the circumstances you face.

Remember that your life's problems are stepping stones that will make you strong. So, stay strong because a bright morning does occur even after the storm.

Just remember that no matter whatever happens, never ever blame yourself. Stop worrying and start to believe in yourself. Forget the past and start living. So smile and start your day.

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