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Amazing Douglas MacArthur Quotes and Sayings

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: September 17, 2021


Amazing Douglas MacArthur Quotes and Sayings

In this article, we present to you some of the famous Douglas MacArthur Quotes on Leadership, Youth, Planning, War, Age, and more with their meaning.

Douglas MacArthur was an American five-star general and Field Marshal of the Philippine Army. He was an effective general, statesman, administrator, and corporate leader. He is well known for his command of Allied forces in the Pacific Theater during World War II. He was also awarded the Medal of Honor for his defense of the Philippines.

When he was scheduled to return for duty in the United States, MacArthur resigned from the military, remained in the Philippines, and served as a civilian advisor to President Manuel Quezon, who appointed him field marshal of the Philippines.

Graduating from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point to being named as MacArthur chief of staff of the Army, with the rank of general by President Herbert Hoover in 1930, he achieved many things in life.

On the outbreak of the Korean War (Jul 1950), he became commander of United Nations forces in Korea. After the Korean war, the American public welcomed him back as a hero, but Truman continued to be openly critical of his actions in the war.

A close study of World War II shows MacArthur to be the most innovative and brilliant commander of that war. His approach to modern warfare was and is still appreciated worldwide. Below are some of the best Douglas MacArthur Quotes.

In war there is no substitute for victory.

War doesn't offer an option to lose. The only way to be victorious is to not consider any other option. If you have substitutes for victory, then attaining success is very difficult. Having an option might deter your focus from victory.

Rules are mostly made to be broken and are too often for the lazy to hide behind.

MacArthur feels that rules are for the weak to hide behind. Since rules are made to confine us, then it is only liberating and challenging to break them. Rules are made to imbibe discipline in us. But too many rules will only control our lives and refrain us from taking our life decisions with the freedom we deserve.

It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it.

Only the will and confidence to win something will give you the surety of wining it. When you consider winning as the only option, you seldom don't achieve victory. 

There is no security on this earth; there is only opportunity.

Security seems to be a very safe place to be in. But being able to grab an opportunity requires risk-taking ability, which in turn requires coming out of your safe space and comfort zone. To achieve something in life, we need to take risks and grab opportunities. Success is attained only after overcoming hurdles that require you to come out of your comfort zone.

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Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul.

It is better to keep trying your whole life than to quit. Quitting degrades your focusing skills, and it gives you a negative vibe in general. Aging can be seen physically, but when you quit, it affects your soul. You start looking at yourself as a loser. Having a never to quit attitude will only clear your path toward success.

It must be of the spirit if we are to save the flesh.

To thrive in this world, it is important to keep fighting. Darwin's study suggests the survival of the fittest. If you are able to adapt to whatever you're being thrown at, only then you will be able to survive. The spirit to fight is always considered greater than victory.

The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.

War affects everyone, from citizens to soldiers to the government. When the citizens are indirectly affected,, and governments take the brunt of the responsibilities, it is the soldiers that are affected directly. 

We are not retreating - we are advancing in another direction.

When someone takes a step back, they are often confused as being a coward or a retreater. But one should keep in mind that to take a leap, people have to step back. To think of one's available options is not a sign of cowardice but intelligence. Step back and setbacks both help you to gain perspective and experiences.

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Only those are fit to live who are not afraid to die. 

Survival of the fittest is a theory very well known. But people who have the ability to adapt to any possible environment are afraid of death. To be able to live freely is a privilege only a few can have. To be mentally fit and have a strong will to live can assure a good life.

I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.

It is not the outside water that drowns a boat but the holes inside that fill p the boat. Similarly, betrayals from people you love hurt the most. For a nation, it is very easy to keep track of their outer enemies, but finding the inside forces who betray is very difficult.

Even when opportunity knocks, a man still has to get up off his seat and open the door.

Opportunity does knock on the door, but one should be smart enough to grab it. Even if things are served to you on a platter, you should be able to eat them. Having a plan to execute your opportunities will only come in handy. Working hard is the only way to preserve your opportunities.

No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation.

Someone who doesn't value freedom does not deserve it. People often do not get their freedom. So when people get their freedom served to them on a platter, they should at least be able to preserve it. Entitlement is of no use if you're not alert enough the preserve it. 

Preparedness is the key to success and victory.

Being vigilant enough to look out for threats and to be able to act on them quickly is a sign of a successful person. Being prepared will only smoothen the execution process. Vigilance helps in guarding the self against unwanted impacts and from loss of personal energy.

Optimism is denial, so face the facts and move on.

According to MacArthur being positive or optimistic is to ignore the harsh realities of the world. Even if optimism offers hope, it comes with a lot of denials itself. This denial restricts us from looking at realities and denies us a practical approach to life.

Once war is forced upon us, there is no alternative than to apply every available means to bring it to a swift end. War's very object is victory-not prolonged indecision.

Indecisiveness is the most fatal cause of wars. Its devastating effects can only be avoided by ending the war as soon as possible. Any other means will only prolong the war. Finding a middle ground when a war has started is very difficult. Indecision usually signals a lack of self-confidence. This lack of self-confidence can be a major factor in your loss. Prolonging decisions thinking about the after-effects of the future will only ruin the present chances.

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The object and practice of liberty lies in the limitation of government power.

Your liberty lies in the hands of the government. Even in a democracy, the government has a major part in controlling our liberties. The practice of our liberties depends on if the government is involved or not. 

It must be of the spirit if we are to save the flesh.

In a war zone, if you want to save yourself or anyone for that matter, you must have the spirit to fight. To attain victory, the spirit to fight is the only spirit that matters. The spirit to never give up takes you a long way in life.

Training distinguishes an army from an armed mob.

Both an army or a mob thrives on violence. The only difference is that an army is taught to control their violence and have disciplined chaos, unlike a mob. It is way easier for a mob to get out of hand. This dissipation is what is fatal for the people around the mob.

You are remembered for the rules you break.

MacArthur believes that rules are for people to hide behind. They confine us and keep us apart from our true potential. To be on the right side of history, many had to break rules that aren't practical. It also depends on what cost you are willing to pay to follow the rules.

 Never give an order that can't be obeyed.

Giving out orders which you know aren't possible to fulfill is a fool's play. Giving out orders just for the sake of asserting power or leadership over others doesn't really do the job.


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