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7 Health Benefits of Laughing and Smiling Daily

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: October 19, 2020


7 Health Benefits of Laughing and Smiling Daily

In this article, we put light on the seven benefits that will give you reasons to laugh and smile. We will also discuss some of the most asked questions related to laughing and smiling.

Laughter is lost somewhere in our today's hectic and stressful life. However, laughter is an essential need for us. In today's time, we have to find reasons for laughing while laughter and smiling should regularly be part of our lives. We only consider laughter as a means of happiness, but laughing is very beneficial for us. Your smile and laughter will not just make you feel happy but also, provide emotional, social and mental benefits.

If you have the following questions in your mind then, you are reading the right article. 

  • Why do I laugh when I'm stressed?
  • What are the benefits of smiling?
  • What are the benefits of smiling?
  • Can laughing cure anxiety?
  • What does laughter do to your body?
  • Can smiling make you happy?

A small smile of yours can make others feel happy, and it is also very beneficial for ourselves. Just as oxygen, good food and water are necessary for staying healthy. Similarly, your laughter also plays a vital function in maintaining you healthy and fit. If you keep a habit of laughing during morning and evening, then any disease, whether physical or mental, will not come to you. According to health experts, by laughing daily, your health will not only be perfect, but it will also keep the energy in your body.

Let us tell you about seven such tremendous benefits of laughing and smiling, knowing that you will not find excuses for laughter but will make laughter a part of your daily life.

Laughing helps in improving blood circulation

Laughing helps in improving blood circulationPIN IT

Can laughing really help in improving blood circulation?

The University of Maryland Researchers claim that laughter is related to blood circulation in the body. The research team placed the participants into two groups for their study. The first group was showed comedy programs and the second drama. The research found that the comedy program participants who were laughing openly had better blood circulation than others.

Laughing increases resistance to fight against diseases

Laughing increases resistance to fight against diseasesPIN IT

How can laugh increase resistance to fight against diseases?

Yes, laughing helps in improving the resistance of your body. In research, the fact has been proved many times that laughter increases the body's resistance, which allows the body to fight against diseases and infections. During this process, the anti-viral and illness preventing cells in the body increases. Laughter will halp you in reducing stress, which is a core reason for many disceases.

Helps in relieving pain

Helps in relieving painPIN IT

Does laughing helps in reducing pain?

It has been found in many pieces of research that laughter is a useful option for relaxing unbearable pain like spondylitis or back pain. Doctors try to provide comfort to patients in these diseases with the help of laughing therapy. Not only this, but laughter for 10 minutes can also give you pain relief or sleep for two hours.

You become more positive

It is found that during the process of laughing, a hormone called endorphin is formed in the body, which fills the whole body with a pleasant feeling and positivity. This hormone helps refresh your mood. You have a wave of optimism flowing within yourself.

You get more energy

How do you get energy or power by laughing?

Research published in the journal Lloyd has found that while laughing, we exercise deep breathing and exhaling, which circulates oxygen. Because of this, you can stay fresh and energetic for a long time.

Have an Anti-aging formula

Does laughing reduce wrinkles?

People who laugh more tend to look more youthful for longer. Laughing exercises the facial muscles so that there is no wrinkling on the face. So instead of making your hard-earned money on anti-aging products, laugh and keep yourself young.

Does laughing reduce wrinkles?PIN IT

Decreases stress 

Laughing takes out all the stress, which keeps you relaxed. Your laughter is the key to preventing mental and physical problems caused by stress in such a situation. And once your stress has decreased, you will feel relieved from a lot of problems automatically.


In this article, we have discussed the various reasons why laughing and smiling are essential for our health. We have learned how laughing helps increase resistance to fight against diseases, staying positive, getting more positive energy, anti-aging benefits, and decreasing stress. That is why, laugh more because life is too short to fret and complain.

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