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20 Best Movies On Amazon Prime

Written by QuotesLyfe | Updated on: December 24, 2020


20 Best Movies On Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video is one of the largest international streaming platforms owned and operated by Amazon, which gives its subscribed users, access to more than a thousand movies and shows of every possible genre. With great audio and video quality and the wide range of choices that it provides, amazon prime has attracted a colossal audience and continues to become more and more famous.

In this article, you will find:

  • Must watch movie on Amazon Prime
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  • Best movies on amazon prime
  • Which is the best movie on Amazon prime?

Recently joined amazon prime video and worried about wasting time on picking out one movie just to find out you do not even like it? Do not worry! We are going to make it easier for you. Here are 20 best movies on amazon prime for you to watch:

1. Knives Out

Directed by - Rian Johnson

Genre - Mystery

With the best combination of mystery and comedy, spiked with the excellent acting of the perfectly picked cast, Knives Out is just the right movie to get you in the best mood. Watching a rich and dysfunctional family in the middle of a murder investigation for the death of one of their own is the best way to spend your Sunday afternoon.

Who killed Harlan, the novelist? And how is detective Blanc planning to put his tactics to use to get the truth out in the open?

Get ready to find out! For this satirical murder mystery is going to have you on your toes with all the plot twists and drama.

2. The Big Sick

Directed by - Michael Showalter

Genre - Romantic comedy

One of the best rom coms on prime video, this movie outlines the complexities of modern romance and love. Just as their relationship starts to flourish, Kunal, the male lead has a major concern on his shoulders, that of his conventional Muslim parents accepting his significant other, Emily. The movie unravels into something deep as it progresses and is guaranteed to make you emotional yet hopeful at the same time!

3. The Vast of Night

Directed by - Andrew Patterson

Genre - Sci-fi

Attention sci-fi thriller geeks for this is just what you were looking for! A 1950s film set, kids, trying to investigate a source of mysterious frequency that has befallen on their town and a thrilling secret to add more excitement, what more could one possibly ask for?

The Vast of Night is one of those movies which will have a hundred questions stir up your mind with curiosity, but which will also have you stuck in front of the screen.

4. Honey Boy

Directed by - Alma Har’el

Genre - Drama

This film is all about drama wherein Otis, a 12-year old, who starts getting fame and success through television, finds his alcoholic and abusive father coming back to him. It takes you on an interesting journey of their controversial relationship after the father takes up the responsibility of his son upon becoming his legal guardian. A unique and bold drama, Honey Boy, is a highly recommended movie.

5. Paterson

Directed by - Jim Jarmusch

Genre - Romance

One of the deepest and the most thoughtful movies on amazon prime, Paterson is based on romance and drama. It is about a simple yet beautifully deep love story which focuses on the life of a sweet couple, Paterson, and Laura. A simple bus driver, Paterson also indulges himself in writing captivating poetry and has a very deep and profound mindset, which Laura, his wife massively encourages and pushes him to write more and more.

The film is produced in such a way, that it tends to starstruck its audience by its meticulous charm and flawless storyline.

6. The Departed

Directed by - Martin Scorsese

Genre - Action

Craving excitement? And a hardcore Leonardo DiCaprio fan? The Departed is right about the perfect choice! Jam-packed with thrill, crime and action, this film is not merely about violence, but also passes a message about how it is always the insides of a particular system or society, that is corrupt.

It revolves around an undercover agent and a spy who, to save themselves, keep counter-attacking the other; and all this while they are both trying to infiltrate an Irish Gang.

7. It’s a Disaster

Directed by - Todd Berger

Genre - Comedy

This movie is the perfect anecdote of not judging a book by its cover, in this situation, the title. This dramatically hilarious film is unquestionably going to have you have fits of laughter constantly. The plot of four couples stuck inside one house while the world is ending is bound to be loaded with comedy and drama. And as the situation starts escalating and things start getting out of hand, the movie becomes interestingly funnier.

One of the best movies to put you in a light and good mood; you will see how It’s a disaster is the exact opposite of the title.

8. The Lost City of Z

Directed by - James Gray

Genre - Adventure

With all your favourite stars in one adventure laden movie, The Lost City of Z is going to be your new favourite. It has a solid and exotic sense of adventure spun around the whole plot, which makes it even more interesting. A British explorer named Percy, after being mocked by fellow scientists and explorers, does not give up his determination and continues to search for traces of the civilization that previously inhabited the Amazon forest. So, buckle up for an exciting journey awaits you!

9. Suspiria

Directed by - Luca Guadagnino

Genre - Mystery

Dark and sinister secrets are being held in the studio chambers of Helena Markos Dance Co., and as the lead dancer is replaced by a young American dancer named Susie, accusations are struck along with a web of lies spun and thrilling secrets.

Suspiria is going to give you the chills because whenever horror and suspense are brought up together, it is always a good movie!


Directed by - Ari Aster

Genre - Horror

After the passing of the matriarch of the Graham family, Annie, her daughter along with her grandchildren start to experience weirdly cryptic changes and secrets slowly start to unravel about the fate that they have inherited from their ancestry. Will they be able to outrun the petrifying inevitable? Watch Hereditary now to find out! Horror spiced with thrill and drama, this is going to give you the goosebumps!

11. Midsommar 

Directed by - Ari Aster

Genre - Horror

This is not your average horror movie for it is fused with just the right amount of drama and thrill. A couple travelling to Sweden to their best friend’s hometown for the midsummer festival, soon find themselves in a horrifying twist of events as the peaceful festivities turn into violently peculiar competition at the hands of a pagan cult.

Filled with plot twists, horror, and thrill, Midsommar is unlike any horror movie you have seen!

12. Hot Rod

Directed by - Akiva Schaffer

Genre - Comedy

Rod is an ingenuous slacker who yearns for respect from his stepfather with whom he lives along with his mother and brother. After some time, as Rod’s stepfather needs money to undergo an operation, Rod, viewing this as an opportunity to get big in his eyes and finally earn respect, decides to raise funds and plans to do so by setting a school-bus-jumping record.

Hot Rod is a heartfelt comedy and adventure filled with purity and drama, all in all, a must-watch.

13. Pathology 

Directed by - Marc Schoelermann

Genre - Suspense

The storyline of this mystery/thriller is based on crime. On the arrival of Dr Grey to an esteemed pathology programme, he is introduced to a whole new secret and a dangerous world wherein the interns led by Dr Gallo are looking for the ways to commit the perfectly faultless murder.

14. Fear and Desire

Directed by - Stanley Kubrick

Genre - War

War movies do not hit the same, anymore do they? Do not worry for prime video has an intricate collection of movies from the ‘90s and this one is about to become captivate you!

Fear and Desire is about war and involves drama and action as well in which four soldiers have their lives on line after their plane crashes behind enemy lines for they need to reach their battalion as quickly as possible. But on their way, they pass a local peasant girl due to which, the dreads of war and battle seem superficial.

15. Brawl in Cell Block 99

Directed by - S. Craig Zahler

Genre - Crime

Bradley, a former boxer is caged with problems as he loses his job as an auto-mechanic in the middle of his marriage falling apart. Exhausted and stuck in a struggle, he believes that he has no better option than that of becoming a drug courier. Caught between police gunfights and flop deals with violent allies, Bradley soon winds up into prison, where his enemies drive him into becoming more violent, turning the prison into a battlefield. This thrilling action movie is just about to get better!

15. Instant Family

Directed by - Sean Anders

Genre - Comedy

A comedy and drama, in which Pete and Ellie, a happily married couple adopt Lizzie, a teenager, get stuck in dilemmas and challenges as they get to know that Lizzie has two more siblings. With a slick and a sentimental plot and a great performance, Instant Family has won innumerable hearts and the next one is about to be yours!

17. The Report 

Directed by - Scott Z. Burns

Genre - Political/Crime

One of the best political thrillers, The Report will catch your eye instantly. It is a fact-based drama, wherein an FBI agent Daniel Jones is supposed to investigate the methods of torture operated by the CIA on suspected terrorists. This nerve-wracking movie is filled with information and important messages to the brim and offers one of the best utilisations of thrill and drama.

18. The Birdcage

Directed by - Mike Nichols

Genre - Comedy

A definite crowd-pleaser, The Birdcage is a comedy and drama showcasing aspects of the LGTBQ community wherein Arman and Albert reside happily, building the perfect life for themselves involving their glaring Miami nightclub. But a turn of events washes up inside their lives when Armand’s son decides to marry the Senator’s daughter.

An empowering and humorous film, this is going to be your new “On Repeat”.

19. The Lighthouse 

Directed by - Robert Eggers

Genre - Psychological Horror

A twisted horror, this film stars Robert Pattinson and William Dafoe as two lighthouse keepers, who try to keep their sanity from slipping while residing on a stranded and mysterious New England Island in the 1890s.

20. Rocketman 

Directed by - Dexter Fletcher

Genre - Musical/Drama

Taron Egerton’s invigorating performance as Elton John makes this musical more captivating. It showcases the journey of a student who after completing his studies, starts performing rock music at local bars and pubs and is helped by a music manager to reach a level of chaotic fame. It is a fun and charming movie, which also teaches an important lesson of never giving up and celebrating our failures to reach success.


Give yourself a rest for you would not need an hour and a half just to pick out one movie. These 20 movies are the best on amazon prime and include all the wide range of genres there is! Whether you are in the mood to watch romantic comedies, thrilling horrors or deep, thoughtful movies, we have just the right ones!

Co-author: Khushi Shah 

Khushi has just passed her school and is now studying at PDPU. Apart from writing, she likes to sketch and dance.  She also has other blogs where she posts proses and poetry. 


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