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10 Early Morning Habits of Highly Successful People

Written by Dr. Pallavi Chaudhari | Updated on: October 21, 2020


10 Early Morning Habits of Highly Successful People

Mornings are the best and worthful times to plan your day. During early morning hours, you are quite enthusiastic, optimistic, and stress -free. This article explains how to be more productive, highly efficient, and flourishing like most highly successful people. In today's competing world, the way you start your day decides how brilliant the rest of your day will be. So try to encompass these early morning habits to be successful.

If you have the following questions in your mind then, you are reading the right article. 

  • How successful people start their day?
  • What are the morning habits of high performers?
  • Morning habits of billionaires
  • What successful people do in the morning?
  • What is the best early morning habit for success?
  • What billionaires do in the morning?
  • How to have a successful morning routine?

Here, are few tips which will answer all your above questions.

1. Get adequate sleep

Get adequate sleepPIN IT

Most of the successful people know that getting enough sleep is the key to success. Getting enough sleep makes us more productive, focused, and stress -free. It enhances decision-making capabilities, accuracy, and efficiency. 

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN said that - "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise".

2. Get up early - No alarm clock required

Get up earlyPIN IT

There is no one rule or path to success. But waking up and going to sleep early will help you in achieving success. You can take advantage of a few hours of solitude, fewer interruptions. Early risers are one step ahead of the crowd: calm, motivated, and accomplished. So when you wake up early, you have more time for planning, strategic thinking, and getting organized. Successful people usually do not require any alarm clock. They have a fixed routine of getting up which they follow.

Apple CEO Tim Cook wakes up at 3:45 a.m. and gets a head start on email.

3. Do exercise

Do exercisePIN IT

The Benefits of exercise are irrefutable. Besides physical benefits like increased energy levels, it also reduces stress level, increases mental toughness, improves self-discipline, and focusing too. Increased mental power will help you to maintain a high level of focus in every activity. It makes you more productive and efficient. Higher levels of physical strength enable you to stay in motion and complete chores without getting tired. So it not only makes you focused but also increases your stamina to sustain long days in and out of the office.

4.  Meditate

MeditatePIN IT

Successful business leaders take time in their busy schedule to meditate. Meditation improves learning and boosts memory. It improves overall brain health, improves concentration, and increases accuracy. While you meditate, everything around you feels soothing and peaceful. Meditation does help us in increasing our imagination, creativity, patience, and tolerance power. It keeps us aside from all the negativity that can impair our success.

5. Visualize success

Visualize successPIN IT

Visualization technique viz imagination has been used by successful people to visualize their dreams. It helps you to accomplish your goal with much focus and absolute confidence and brings a sense of positivity by producing inventive ideas in your mind. It also commands your brain to identify the sources needed to achieve your dreams.

ROBERT FOSTER BENNETT - Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose.

6. Clear your mind to bring focus

Clear your mindPIN IT

The Human Brain is full of lots of undesired stuff. To be successful, one needs to be more focused and determined. There are various ways to set your mind free:

  • You can read a motivational book.
  • Go on an outing with friends.
  • Get involved with your hobby or favorite activity.
  • Pen down your goals in a diary.
  • Make plans and strategies.
  • Listen to music or watch movies.

7. Express gratitude

Express gratitudePIN IT

The simple act of showing gratitude can play a role in becoming successful. It has been seen for years that grateful people are the most happy ones. Showing appreciation brings a sense of positivity and also keeps us away from negativity. Now gratitude can be shown in diverse ways possible:

In form of Journal

You can keep a small notebook or diary with you. Each day take a few minutes, write down your positive experiences, what good happened the whole day. This simple act brings a sense of positivity, kindness, and motivation to begin the next day and accomplish your dreams. It can also be practiced weekly, and soon it will become your habit.

Expressing Gratitude in person

They could be your friends, colleagues, or clients. It always helps you if you take the time to interact with people around you. Thanking people for small things, appreciating them for the little they do for us brings a sense of well-being and happiness.

Showing Respect for the ones who care

We should always show the same level of courtesy we expect for us. All we want is someone who understands us, listens to us.

For instance, if we are making a coffee for ourselves, we can offer it to someone else in the office, too. If you see someone besides you tensed and worried, take a few moments to show kindness.

Stop Complaining

Its human nature to complain about things if it doesn't go the way we expected. Sometimes, we become impatient and start complaining, reinforcing a negative state of mind, harming us, and our work. Learn to ignore little things and create a sense of positivity around you.

8. Spend time with your loved ones

Spend time with your loved onesPIN IT

Time is valuable, so spend it wisely. Life is short, so don't miss opportunities to spend time with your loved ones. Spending quality time with loved ones impacts our lives in many ways.

  • It helps us to cope up with stress.
  • Improves our mental health.
  • It Brings a sense of positivity.
  • It Increases our Self-Esteem.
  • It Increases our lifespan.
  • Keeps you and your family happy.

9. Accomplish the toughest first

Accomplish the toughest firstPIN IT

One of the toughest parts of working is to get started. We always choose an easy task first. Working on easy tasks requires little effort, both mentally and physically. 

Reasons Why you should complete a difficult task first?

  • It brings the impulse to work.
  • It develops a positive attitude.
  • It relaxes the mind for the whole day.
  • It helps to boost confidence.
  • Sets up free to do work that you enjoy.
  • It leaves you stress-free for the rest of the day.
  • It allows you to do things in a more organized way.
  • It's like a small win for you.

10. Remind yourself what you want to achieve - Keep track of your goals

Remind yourself what you want to achievePIN IT

To achieve your goal, you need to be very much focused. Be it early morning or a hectic day, keep asking yourself question 'What have I achieved today?'. 'What do I need to do today?'. 

Planned works always give positive results. If we keep in mind our goal and remind ourselves of these questions, we get less distracted and more focused.

Steve Jobs, the legendary innovator and founder of Apple, began each morning by asking himself one question: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today? If the answer is ‘no’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.


Through this article, we have shared some of the standard early morning habits of successful people. Their practices, routine, mantras, and so on. It's all about achieving success by adding some small tasks in your routine. We hope this article will help you in the best way possible.


Written by
Dr. Pallavi Chaudhari
Dr. Pallavi Chaudhari is a well known Dentist practicing in Ratlam, India. She loves reading and sharing her knowledge and experience by writing online. She is an excellent creative writer apart from her profession. You can follow her on Instagram at @drpallavijain.

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